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Vampire jokes II

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I dedicate this to all the hypersensitive people who claim the count as a pedo, which he is NOT! I'm just taking the wind out of those people's sails.
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I can't stop laughing :D I would advise you to read a few more such funny jokes here - it just made my day today, the main thing is that your boss does not see what you are doing at work When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon)

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Dewani90Hobbyist General Artist
i would feel sorry for count chocula... if only his chin didn't looked like a butt in his commercials (thank you NC)
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ImdaBatmanHobbyist Traditional Artist
Drac, pedo jokes are Freddy Krueger's shtick
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this is so wrong yet I can't stop laughing XD
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haha the best pedo-joke!
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irkangirlq1516Hobbyist Artist
As spoken in the words of one of my best friends.... "If you have ANY vampire human love story where the human is under 18 then it's automatically pedophilia"... I just choose to ignore stuff like that.
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Yes, but Mina is 7 in the shorts and, to quote Count Vlad directly from an episode, "So what if I like one human? That doesn't mean I have to be restrained!"
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Wow OMG xD

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*processing joke*

*face palm*
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LMFAO!!!! *DIES LAUGHING* OMG xDDDD The expression in the last panel ROFL
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that's vial man VIAL still good art work
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SherbertTCatHobbyist Digital Artist
Thats nothing compared to the filthy shit Chocula and Booberry do.
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It's paedogeddon!
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I could not breath after reading that!!!!!!
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guardhero17Hobbyist General Artist
i hate that ppl call him a pedo i hate it DX lol
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caroll-inHobbyist General Artist
Awesome! :D
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JaimepHobbyist General Artist
XD that is wrong, dude!
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HAHAHAHA! That's a good one!
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Skoshi8Hobbyist Photographer
Nobody seems to have a problem with Herbert on "The Family Guy", so don't worry about it, unless you're offended by being lumped in with that show.
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Actually there are plenty of people who not only have a problem with Herbert, but outright hate the character.
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LOL at Count Chocula's expression.
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That's just WRONG...
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