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windows 7 metro wall+usr icon

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windows 7 metro style wallpaper's and user icons in 1600x900 (diffrent colors and styles included in the pack) (had no time to do a proper privew)

update 5th October : sorry folks i can't do any other image sizes as i have just broke my pc and stuff so i have lost all of the stuff (wiped my windows 7 got ubuntu 11.04 insted!!!) just updating this now as the schools internet is all unblocked

(my college is being a doshe as they have bloked everything appart from microsoft office.). XC
update v2.0: been able to add some new walls and icons over to the file in a clear style and a clear glass style. XD!!!!!!!

Edit: 21/05/12

New black style up here on this link [link]

Edit:pack 2 part one will be up shortly. (cba dnf)

YAYAYAYAY only 405 downloads left till i hit 10'000 didnt think i would get that far with this XDXDXDXD. :P:P:P:P:P:P.

Edit: 393 now 22/05/12 09:06 AM GMT

wooop woops 117 downloads left till the bit 10'000

15:10 pm GMT 11/06/2012

yayayayya i got over 10'000 downloads tanks guys XDXDXD :D:D:D:D:D

P.s. if you see a comment about cats that was my friend trolling when i went to the loo
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hey nice work! can i request a black one?
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sorry for the late finish but i have bee busy with my education stuff but please re check the description there is a link to the black edition XD.
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Thanks a lot!
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np hope you like!!!
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sure i have been making a v.2.0 version verry slowley!!! XD but i sill get onto it.
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great wallpapers <3 metro
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27.0mb of no regrets! :DD
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P.s. i might re look at them and add some more reworks and some new ones, any ideas that i could use for a background behind the clear wallpapers?
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how i can reside to 1366x768 ??
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I don't understabnd what you mean?
is the problem that when you apply the wallpaper it goes pixelated and loses quality? if so what you could do is get the glass wallpaper and apply it but change the stock theme background or alternatly open it up into your photo editor and make your own
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Decent pack you've got here. Any chance of a 1080p wall in the future?
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will try but my pc is broke and my colleges computers are just a bit too old for making hd images (slow graphics on large images) plus i have lost the source of the image but if you want to make it and put it on your profile then be my guest
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Thanks for the share
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Can you make for 1366x768 resolution???
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need more screenshot ! :)
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