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Kalista, The Spear of Vengeance

Some concept work I was fortunate to help with the champion team with. Kalista, I will give more insight soon to the process on her, stay tuned. 

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an edgy undyne? yawn. 
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fav champ, i wonder, who is behind illustrations of kali in main game?
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wow you have been so active lately :D suddenly 3 posts. Liking kalista, rather special^^
Thekawaiiod's avatar
the art style is amazing
zkylon's avatar
i love her design, a very striking pose and a very non sexualized design while actually looking definitely femenine (and spooky!)

she's just so cool! one of my favorite champion designs in a long time, great work!
Grave-Rogue's avatar
Awesome looking champion.  It's too bad the translucent flesh idea didn't make it.  Was this ditched due to technical issues, visual clutter, or "cultural sensibilities" because to the visible bones? Just the same, she turned out great.

Also, it's nice to see an undead female character that isn't all sexed up but is actually authentically creepy.  Keep up the good work!
lexsparda's avatar
Not sexed up?? I find her pretty sexy o.o
DwarvenGiant's avatar
When I saw it first on the champ reveal page, I knew you made it. Your style is so awesome and unique! I love it!
Keep up the SUPER AWESOME work! ;D
(I really love dem Battlecast Koggy and Skarner- so epic!)
AyrinSiverna's avatar
Why I don't play adc?????
Need to learn, she's awesome
BrokenGlassOfVoice's avatar
IO from Dota 2 + Nidalee + Pantheon = this. Very original. Riot plz...
KareauxLine's avatar
I really love her design. Was she supposed to be part of the Rakkor during her living time? She certainly looks inspired by ancient Greek warriors. :) Are the spears in her body reminders of how she was killed? I really like how her design raises some questions regarding her lore. (something that I don't always see in champions, or not right away at least) Great job!
The-Bravo-Ray's avatar
Many things will be told, but for now, yes, she is an acient warrior, from a long time ago. 
Yesss! She looks amazing! Please share as much as you can, I'd love to cosplay her! <3
IFMComics's avatar
that third ability silhouette... WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
Levyathyn's avatar
Ahahaha, cannot unsee. Thanks for pointing it out. ^_^
Rus-ka's avatar
Nice work. I want this champ.
Fortified-Ace's avatar
plot twist its lucians wife
tonipenttila's avatar
His wife's name is Senna tho... :D
TeslaEffect's avatar
She looks like her birthplace was Mount Targon, Im interested on who killed her (damn it Diana). 
ZombieCeli's avatar
Wonderful work! I really love how you see the skeleton through the skin :) Excited for her skin too <3
Osjey's avatar
oh man finally another female champ :)
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Eeeee I'm so excited! I've been stalking the internet waiting for more info on Kalista! This just totally made my day, I cannot wait for her release!
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