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Battlecast Kog'Maw

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hi are you one of the character designer of league of legends

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I saw this. I fell out of my chair. y u do dis rito
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Beautiful! I love the shading of his metal. When I first saw this image I thought it was a 3D model ;p
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And here I'm still waiting for a new skin for Garen and/or Irelia.
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just need battlcast anivia and the lineup from battlecast cho's teaser will be complete!
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there will be no battlecast anivia
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says who you? who are you to say that? Battlecast Cho says otherwise. There will be a battlecast ANV it might not be anivia but no one else in league right now could fit that. Every other prediction from the cho blueprints has come true though so I think you're in denial.
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A Riotler said that.
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unless you can link to proof i dont believe it.
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that was just talking about at that time. some stuff for blackfrost anivia was leaked and people thought it was battlecast since we know thats happening eventually. hes just clearing up that they hadnt been making one (yet)
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I guess some people are just ignorant
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Amazing work !!
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He's exactly like how I imagined him to be. Nice! So I'm guessing the cannon on his back would be his W or ult?
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