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Voice o' the Fae - Concept Art 2

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Hey look! Yet another idea for something... 

So, another idea's been a-brewing in my brain recently. It's an idea for a very simple action RPG to kinda chew on a while to cut my game developer teeth on called Voice o' the Fae, which (so far) is about a girl who is thrust into adventure in a highly fantasized ancient Celtic Ireland (in the same universe as Sir Dufius and Shadows of Wiccumshire). As for the plot, I've not developed much since, for one, it's a very fresh idea (only about a week-and-a-half old) and two, I don't want to come up with some crazy complex plot calling for game mechanics I don't have the expertise to pull off, so I'm letting what I learn as I mess around in GameMaker guide the plot. I can say, though, that the plot will involve all sorts of Irish mythology, investigating fairy sanctuaries to solve a mystery, and a slew of weird characters and places. 

So anyway, to spare you yet more boring pin-up shots of characters you know nothing about, I've decided to depict them actually doing something. Here's the player character (still haven't quite decide a name for her yet) reluctantly trying to fend off some kind of slime creature, perhaps a fiend from the Nether Fae, the dark side of the fairy world? I haven't quite decided that, either. 

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I think the nether beast is nearly as scared of Faye* as she is of it, though her freaking out is priceless. Great work on the exaggerated body language and freaked-out expression, along with the lovely detailing, depth, and dynamics. Cute choice of a background through the mist too. Too bad there are more of these creatures to gang up on her because I'm sure some of them are a bit more fierce (or just hungry!).

* Until you give her a real name this will be easier for me. :)
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Funny you mentioned that name, that's actually one I considered, as either her first or last name. I still haven't quite decided yet, but so far I'm leaning towards Bree. Bree O'[insert old Irish name/word significant to the plot here]. 
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How about Bree O' Hannigan?