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Voice o' the Fae - Character Concept Art

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Hey look! Yet another idea for something... 

So, another idea's been a-brewing in my brain recently. It's an idea for a very simple action RPG to kinda chew on a while to cut my game developer teeth on called Voice o' the Fae, which (so far) is about a girl who is thrust into adventure in a highly fantasized ancient Celtic Ireland (in the same universe as Sir Dufius and Shadows of Wiccumshire). As for the plot, I've not developed much since, for one, it's a very fresh idea (only about a week-and-a-half old) and two, I don't want to come up with some crazy complex plot calling for game mechanics I don't have the expertise to pull off, so I'm letting what I learn as I mess around in GameMaker guide the plot. I can say, though, that the plot will involve all sorts of Irish mythology, investigating fairy sanctuaries to solve a mystery, and a slew of weird characters and places. 

Now, for those of you who follow my doings, you might be wondering "well, isn't that exactly what Shadows of Wiccumshire was supposed to be?" and you would be correct. However, after making those sprites for the main character, I realized just how crazy long it would take to get anything done, going with a completely hand-drawn style of graphics. If I'm to have any chance of making any sort of game by myself within a reasonable amount of time, it's graphics can't be so complex that it takes me hours to draw up a single character's standing sprites (let alone animate them). It's not that I couldn't do it, it's just that it'd take forever to do. To remedy this, Voice o' the Fae will have simple 16-bit style graphics, think A Link to the Past meets EarthBound or MOTHER 3. I know the whole pixel-art indie game thing has been done to death at this point, but I see why that is; it's quick and easy to do

One other reason I decided to change course is that I had come up with the plot and everything for Shadows of Wiccumshire well before I started even working on the actual game itself, which is not the best idea for someone just learning game design. So instead of having a preplanned concept take me into game design waters I daren't tread as a novice, I'll build a game around game mechanics that I can actually do, and let that guide the plot, items, locations, etc. 

And that's not to say I've abandoned Shadows of Wiccumshire, not at all. I'm still very much interested in bringing that to life in the future, but I just feel like I don't have the resources at this time to really do that. That's not to say I still won't develop the concept further so until that day comes, everything will be planned out and ready to go. 

So anyway, if I don't get distracted by some other something-or-other, you'll be seeing more Voice o' the Fae stuff in the near future. 

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Shadows of Wiccumshire- Helrynega Sprite Turnabout by Bradshavius Voice o' the Fae - Concept Art 2 by BradshaviusVoice o' the Fae - Sprite Animation by Bradshavius  

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It's a cute and interesting design. She looks so lithe and adorable that I bet it's rather disarming for her opponents. Nice work on the all the Celtic ink, though the swirls below her eyes make me think a little of a pencil moustache a little. Other inks look like armor joints too though, which is actually extra cute. Also, the sense of youth and uncertainty make for additional charm, as we see a character who is just beginning and will truly be tested.


Sorry to hear that Shadows of Wiccumshire has to take a back seat (especially after I even added it to my custom spelling dictionary ;)), but you're doing the right thing in admitting that it's too much for one person to do as a starter project. If your hard work and learning go well with this idea and SoW can maintain some traction then hopefully that will get others interested (and perhaps attract some financial backing as well). In the meantime though, it'll be fun to see where this takes you.
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Yeah, even if I'm not working on the game, per se, I can still crank out all the concept art and mock-up screenshots I want of Shadows of Wiccumshire. And the experience I'll gain from working on this project will only make SoW all the better when I get around to it.