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Tatl the Fairy

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Hey, remember that drawing of Navi I made that no one seems to like? 

Navi the Fairy by Bradshavius 

Well I made another one, this time of Tatl from Majora's Mask. Maybe people might actually like this one, seeing it's of a much more liked fairy companion. I mean, not only is she not nearly as obnoxious and hand-holdy as Navi, but she's an actual character with her own personality and motives. You might could say she is "best fairy". 

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Ahh, Tatl, or Navi if she was a mute.
I appreciated Tatl's sass, she wasn't taking Link's sometimes dull wittedness and slow reaction time as an excuse to not and save Termina.
But, as the repeated time passed, I do like how Tatl did kinda grow to see Link as a hero and not some stupid kid she had to guide along the adventure.

Her expression is perfect man, I love that annoyed look as I feel like she is looking at Link doing something stupid not too far away.
She has a very stark contrast to the Navi picture you drew as she has more stylized hair and accessories unlink Navi did.
Not to mention Tatl's body is more shapely as Navi was less defined.