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Shadows of Wiccumshire - Style Change

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Hey, does anyone remember this idea for an adventure/horror Zelda-like game I came up with almost two years ago called Shadows of Wiccumshire? No? Here are some previous character concepts to jog your memory (a more detailed description of the game concept is in the first one): 

Concept Art -- Helrynega and Logus by Bradshavius Style Experiment - MM Style Helrynega by Bradshavius Helrynega Sprite [Animated] by Bradshavius 

But anyway, I'm sure you noticed the pretty drastic change in this particular rendition of the main character, Helrynega. Recently I had an impulse to take this basic game concept and give it a massive aesthetic overhaul, as well as rethinking exactly how the game will look and play. Before, I wanted it to be a 3D adventure game that borrows a lot of the aesthetics from the N64 Zeldas, particularly Majora's Mask. Only problem there is that that would almost guarantee that the game will never see the light of day, what with my inexperience with game design, scripting and programming, and 3D modeling. 

So very recently I thought, "Well, what if I go back to the very original idea of having the game be a 2D top-down adventure game more like ALttP or the Oracle Zeldas?" That gave me a little more hope that it might actually come to be someday, but something was still missing. Then it clicked. What if, instead of pixel art, the game was done entirely in a hand-drawn style and set it at an isometric angle? Using one large image for maps rather than tile-sets allowing for more rich and detailed scenery, characters could be more expressive and animated, and it would stand out from the myriad 16-bit indie games that are out there. Think of it almost like an interactive cartoon. 

Shadows of Wiccumshire - Mock up Screenshot by Bradshavius <-- Here's a mock-up screenshot of what the game could look like. 

Then that got me thinking "Well, the current semi-realistic style I'm going for probably wouldn't quite work in this style of graphics, so what would?" And that's when I came up with the sort of style you see here. Instead of being derived from one particular source (namely the N64 Zeldas), I've mixed and matched a variety of things: the playful proportions of The Wind Waker, the deep, shadowy look of Majora's Mask, the craze-tinged warped look of German Expressionism (particularly the film The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari), and an overall fun cartoony look from various cartoons, among others. It's a style I like to call "Dark Wacky". 

Now I know this particular concept art is just yet another pin-up of this same character not really doing anything, but that was just to illustrate this new style real quick. I intend on doing more, with more characters, locations, set pieces, etc. that aren't just boring pin-up shots, but that are of characters interacting and actually doing things, and reveal a little more about this game concept and story. I'll probably even do some mock-up screenshots to give you all a feel for what the game would look like. 

Y'know, for a while now I've been trying to come up with some kind of a game-type project that I could cut my game-developer teeth on, seeing as I've wanted to make games most all my life, and I might have found it with this one. Mechanics-wise, it doesn't seem like it'd be too terribly difficult to pull off (probably nothing more complex than the Oracle Zeldas), and I've got the graphics and (at least most of the) music covered, so I'll see what I can do. Whether or not I go anywhere with this project, it's still something I really want to do, and I've never been more excited about an idea for something as I am with this, so who knows where it'll go? 

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Non-sprite isometric sounds really neat
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I'd definitely like to see where this goes in the future.