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Shadows of Wiccumshire - Chapter 1 - Front Cover

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It's finally happening, folks. Production of Shadows of Wiccumshire has offically begun!

Like I said in my last update (Shadows of Wiccumshire - An UpdateShadows of Wiccumshire has been changed from a video game project to a comic book project, and here's the cover page for the first chapter, The Living Word. It's a little, erm, weird, but I wanted something that actually represented the story inside rather than some generic pose or something, like I kinda did with my previous comic project Stone Punks, as you can see- 
'Stone Punks' Episode 1 - Cover Page by Bradshavius

So here's what I'm gonna do. Also as previously stated in my last update, I'm not going to release every page of this comic for free online. This is going to be a high-quality comic that'll make Stone Punks look amateurish by comparison, which means it's gonna take a hell of a lot of effort to produce; too much not to be compensated for at least some. So it'll be available at different tiers for different prices. Printed comic books will be anywhere between $5 and $7 depending on the length of the chapter, with exclusive bonus material (like side stories, extra artwork, and other fun stuff like that). High-res digital downloads will be only $1 regardless of length, only without the bonus stuff from the printed version. And lastly, for cheapskates, there'll be a low-res digital download for only $0.25, literally a quarter. 

With that said, what I think I'll do is upload the first few pages of Chapter 1 (anywhere between 5 and 10, depending on how long the first and second scenes are) to let people know kinda what to expect, and perhaps hook some potential readers. And I'll be uploading them as I finish them. After that, though, no more until the entire chapter's complete, and then you'll have to pay.

As for the synopsis for this chapter: 

On the eve of her generational journey across the Angland province of Wiccumshire to renew the agreements with the spirits that keep an unspeakable reality-warping entity magically bound, young Helrynega is plagued with nightmares and hallucinations of voices telling her that it needs her help in rescuing its master from the very same eldritch location the entity is sealed within; the Palace of Madness. 

More Shadows of Wiccumshire stuff right over this way: 

Shadows of Wiccumshire - An Update by Bradshavius The Palace of Madness by Bradshavius In the Woods by Bradshavius
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KingOfWarlocksHobbyist General Artist
the cover looks really nice, and i'm certain the comic also is. i'm still hoping that you will be able to make the game later on, though. but that's entirely your choice.
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It's definitely mysterious, creepy, and beautifully done. I like how you lit up Helrynega to put the focus on her yet the other witches still stand out in the shadows. I'm guessing that this scene is Logus' origin story…? It's just gross enough to be cool, and her horrified expression is priceless, especially contrasted to the women supporting her as she goes through the process. The logo looks great, and using The Palace of Madness motif for the remaining background keeps the creepy factor strong. Nice job with the glyphs/runes outlining the torn-out page too. Excellent job.
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The-BradshacalypseHobbyist Digital Artist
You guessed right, this is something of an origin story for Logus (the eponymous "Living Word"), here depicted being "spoken" into physical manifestation by Helrynega (it's no coincidence Logus kinda sorta resembles a word balloon). The two other ladies there are her mother and grandmother. 

And thanks for the feedback, I always appreciate it :D