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Shadows of Wiccumshire - An Update

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This post isn't so much a "Hey look what I made!" thing so much as it is a "Hey I've got an announcement!" The only reason I'm telling you via a deviation and not a journal entry is I wanted some visual element to it, because you need an idea of what I'm talking about. 

But anyway, on to the announcement (well, "announcement" makes it sound like it's really important or something. It isn't really). So, this is Helrynega and her companion Logus the Language Elemental, the two main protagonists of my video game idea Shadows of Wiccumshire.

Shadows of Wiccumshire - Logo by Bradshavius

 "Why are they drawn slightly differently?" you might say. "Why have you framed them in what looks to be a comic panel, and what's with the word balloon? Video games don't have either of those." And you would be correct. That's because Shadows of Wiccumshire is no longer going to be a video game project, but a comic book project. That's right. SoW is going to become my current comic project.

Remember ages ago, after I quit working on Stone Punks I said I wanted to come up with a bunch of first issues of some comics I had ideas for and pitch them around to publishers? And remember when I said I had narrowed it down to three but couldn't decide which one to do first? Well, SoW was not included in those three ideas, but I've made up my mind. This is what I'm working on first. 

Now, I still haven't decided whether or not I want to pitch it around first, or just straight up self-publish it. I might just pitch it around for the hell of it, but not expect anyone to pick it up, and then just go ahead and self-publish it. However, I must tell you, if/when I do self-publish it, I'm not going to do it the same way I did Stone Punks. With that, I just uploaded each page to the Internet for free, giving no one any incentive to get the physical copy (which had a bonus epilogue and sneak-peak of the next episode), which is the way I would prefer people read it. I'm not doing that this time around.

Unless a publisher picks it up and prints it that way, I'm not going to upload every page of every chapter although I might just upload the first chapter for free to hook people, I don't know. Not without a small fee, that is. And I do mean small. Comics, especially ones with high production values like this one will have, take a lot of time and a lot of effort to bring into the world. Too much not to be compensated for at least a little. So what I plan to do if I go the self-publishing route is have both a print version and a digital download available for each chapter/issue. Each print comic will be about $5-$7 depending on its length, high-res digital downloads will be about $1 regardless of length, and low-res downloads at the low-low price of just 25 cents. Literally a quarter. I mean, even a homeless person could afford that. 

Obviously, since I'm going this route, I won't be uploading each page as I finish them like I did with Stone Punks. To sell them like this, I'll have to have them all done up. What that means is that you won't actually be seeing much out of it until the chapter is completed entirely. But that's not to say I won't let you know where I'm at and how much I have left to do while I'm working on them, however. I'll even upload spoiler-free, out-of-context snippets from the comics themselves to prove I'm actually working on them, and not just saying I am or wishing I was. 

Now you might be wondering "well that's all well and good, but how long will it be until we see that first chapter?" If that be the case, I'll tell you. Since this was originally an idea for a video game, not a comic, there's going to be some retooling, retweaking, and a few major overhauls of story bits I've come up with over the past couple of years since I first revealed the idea. Right now, as of this post, I've got the basic story down, most of the major characters and their relationships with each other, most of the major settings, etc. I've also got the first chapter pretty much planned out outline-wise, just need to solidify the specifics and it'll be ready to start thumbnailing. 

Anyway, as for the actual drawing up there, it's nothing special, really. Just me experimenting with how the comic will kinda-sorta look. I actually don't really like the way she came out, though. Her proportions aren't quite right. Her head needs to be slightly bigger, her body slightly smaller (and not quite so thick, she looks a tad big-boned for a 16 year old girl). But as far as the basic rendering goes, this is what the comic will most likely look like. 

For more about this whole Shadows of Wiccumshire thing, look no further than these:
Shadows of Wiccumshire - Style Change by Bradshavius The Palace of Madness by Bradshavius In the Woods by Bradshavius 
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First off, I'm just really happy that you're advancing with Shadows of Wiccumshire, regardless of form. I've always been intrigued and charmed by the project and it's great to know it won't end up on the scrap heap.

Helrynega looked fine to me until you reminded me of her age, though for the time period it wouldn't be odd for a girl to have some serious muscle simply due to the chores of living. Cute outfit, and her surprised greeting is quite nice. Logus looks a bit down about the whole thing, probably because you promised him a secret power-up in the game form and now he thinks he won't get it. ;) Anyway, keep up the great work.
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The-BradshacalypseHobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, it's been one of my favorite story ideas for a while now, not sure why I didn't transition it from video game (something I would probably never be able to actually make) to comic (something I've actually proved I can make) sooner. 

Lol, and don't worry about Logus. He's been promoted from Navi-like companion that just tells you what to do and where to go, to full on co-protagonist with a very interesting ability, namely giving anything he possesses a voice (animals, plants, inanimate objects, you name it), allowing Helrynega to communicate with literally anything.