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Shadows of Wiccumshire - A New Accessory

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Here's some warming up before I really dive into the comic itself, to make sure things come out how I want them to. 

I've been thinking for a while now that Helrynega's outfit was lacking a little something. Her neck and shoulders seemed a bit bare, which might have come across as a tad lewd during the time period the story takes place, namely late 1500's England (or Angland rather, my fictional universe's parallel equivalent). So I gave her a scarf. I liked the idea so much that I decided to draw it out to see what it looks like, and I think it's a huge improvement. Most of my characters generally have some kind of long, flowing garment of some kind, be it a cape, cloak, skirt, or just long hair- except for Helrynega. Now that she's got a long flowing scarf trailing behind her, she looks more like an adventurer at least to me, anyway

Since this marks, what, the fourth or fifth drawing of Helrynega and Logus not really doing a whole lot, I decided to treat you all to a full background with this one. This is perhaps the closest to what the actual comic will look like. This is the look I'm going for; more of a painterly illustration style while still maintaining a warped, abstract cartroony look, as opposed to the more traditional comic book feel of Stone Punks. Believe it or not, this is actually a lot faster to do (especially drawing it in Manga Studio), which is always a plus. 
More Shadows of Wiccumshire stuff to get you up to speed if need be. 

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TheUnusualGothHobbyist Digital Artist
cute hehe
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I'm aaaalways a fan of scarves, so I agree with you that this definitely adds something much needed~
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It's a pretty sweet look for her, and from her expression I'd say she really appreciates it too. It has a nice flow to it and adds a dramatic feel, plus a touch of wisdom to her appearance too. Helrynega and Logus both look cute in the way they're touching it to enjoy how it feels. Sweet job on the woman herself, and nice representation of dense forest with the breaks here and there too.