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Muna The Huntress

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I was doodling my character Muna the Huntress from my comic Stone Punks and it insisted on becoming more than just a doodle, so I granted it's wish and made it something more than just a doodle. 

I know some of you prefer the old vanilla Muna design to this newer chocolate one, and I get it. After all, it was vanilla Muna who you got to see talk and act and otherwise come to life in the comic, whereas chocolate Muna's still only a kind of abstraction waiting to be truly brought to life. However, that being said, I still think this design's more unique and interesting (as far as my work goes, anyway), and she's visually contrasted better with the rest of the Punks.

As for this particular rendition, I tweaked a few things. I made her skin a touch darker, changed the color of her lips and eyes (I like the otherworldy blue contrasted with her more earth-toned color scheme, makes her look more mysterious, as I originally intended her to be), added little fancy doodads to the ends of her dreads, and shrunk the crescent stone on her spear (to make it easier to stab things with). I know her outfit here's rather skimpy, but that's only because I wanted to invoke some Frank Frazetta vibes, who was a partial inspiration for Stone Punks to begin with, and he tends to draw his ladies in impossibly skimpy outfits assuming he even puts them in outfits to begin with, making this look tame by comparison. 

I normally don't stray too far from initial character designs, but I think Muna takes the cake as the one who's gone through the most change. I mean, compare her evolution to one of my other characters (Sir Dufius in this case) who hasn't really changed since initial inception, and see what I mean:

'Stone Punks' Concept Art by Bradshavius < old Muna --- new Muna > Stone Punks - Muna ReDesign by Bradshavius
Character Concept: Sir Dufius by Bradshavius < Sir Dufius, circa 2008 --- Sir Dufius, circa 2015 > Art Test - Sir Dufius and The Fairy by Bradshavius

If you have no idea what Stone Punks is, look no further than here: 

'Stone Punks' Episode 1 - Cover Page by Bradshavius 
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KingOfWarlocksHobbyist General Artist
heh, i like how she's leaning against a wall while looking so relaxed. everyone should do that in the first place. Also, i like those rings in her hair. it looks interesting. i don't like skimpy wear in general, though. still, it's a neat doodle. 

that aside, i think that big crescent moon stone actually made the spear more dangerous when bigger. at least, if it's sharp. i believe that such a thing would make some nasty cuts! heck, i should know that as an Orc!
then again, maybe it wasn't your intention to make it look dangerous. 

and to say it simply: good job :)
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Hello sexy. :)
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I have to say, she seems to have lost a bit of her uniqueness.  She just looks like a standard amazon warrioress now.  Not that I've got anything against the complexion, though, it's more of the stylistic change.
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The-BradshacalypseHobbyist Digital Artist
That's interesting. I try to go for something more unique, end up with something less so. What does that say about me as a storyteller, or my grasp of my own characters...? That's something to chew on for a while...

I think I see what you mean, though. This particular drawing doesn't quite capture her personality. In fact, it really doesn't say much at all about anything normally that'd be unacceptable, but I'll let it slide in this case since it was originally just a mindless doodle. Perhaps it was this and my going for a Frazetta style pin up that gives off the "standard amazon warrioress" vibe that you mentioned. I wasn't going for anything specific, just something pleasant to look at.

Speaking of which, I personally never saw Muna as being particularly unique anyway (as far as her appearance goes, that is). I thought she always looked like a typical neolithic warrioress/huntress, and the only real difference between these two designs is the first one's more European and the second one more African, but still the same basic visual archetype. Now, I'm not exactly a connoisseur of these types of stories, so I don't really have a good grasp of what's the standard as far as the depiction of the Warrioress or Huntress archetype goes. 

Also, like I mentioned in the description, it could just be that we haven't seen this version in action yet, so it doesn't feel quite like the same character. I know I'm like that when a character in a story changes appearance (like Yoshikage Kira in JJBA: Diamond is Unbreakable, for example... sorry, that's the only example I can think of at the moment), it's hard to see them as the same character. Maaaaaaybe that has something to do with it, too? Maybe...?

Or perhaps I'm just making excuses for a poor decision, I dunno. If you could elaborate a little on what uniqueness you felt was lost in this redesign, that would be tremendously helpful :D
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Well let me first say I hope I haven't offended you, that wasn't my intention.  And I don't think it says anything unflattering about you as a writer.  Everyone has bad, or less stellar ideas sometimes.  I have terrible ideas all the time.

Anyway, when I picture a huntress, the first image that pops into mind is basically this version Muna, but maybe with a bow.  I'm not really saying there's anything wrong with this idea, far from it, but she falls much more cleanly into the typical image now, at least from my perspective.  The original Muna was much different than I'd have expected a huntress to be.  

A lot of this also has to do with personality.  Muna was a little arrogant (maybe that's too strong a word, maybe self-assured is better), and had an air of fun about her.  When I think of a huntress, I think along the path of the wise ranger, in tune with nature.  Again this idea was challenged by the original Muna.  Obviously, as you said we haven't seen this new Muna in action, but I think something in this picture made me think of her in the more 'standard' light.  I think it largely has to do with the expression.  Still, I can't say this is the case for sure, but it certainly shouldn't be.  Why shouldn't a huntress be fun and cocky, after all?  Who says they have to be extremely serious, after all.

At the end of the day, however, this is just my opinion.  I just felt the need to express it.
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The-BradshacalypseHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh no, not at all! You haven't offended me in the least! Quite the opposite, really. I appreciate any and all feedback, positive and negative. It's the fastest path to growth as an artist, and I'm eternally grateful to anyone who takes the time to express their opinions in regards to my work. Judging by your signature, I'm sure you can relate to that sentiment. 

I think I have a better understanding of your thoughts here. From what I gather, you saw Muna as challenging your idea of what a huntress is generally depicted as. That's something I'd never thought of before, something I wasn't even aware I was doing. And with this depiction, you see it as kind of reverting back to that generalized depiction of a huntress. Now that I know exactly what you think about the huntress archetype, I totally get where you're coming  from. This particular drawing, I have to admit, does not reflect her personality well at all. The cocksure fun has been replaced with a more serious "grown-up-ness" perhaps this is an older, more mature Muna? That's my fault. I should have paid more attention to bringing out her personality more, rather than just focusing on making a pretty picture. 

But rest assured, assuming I return to Stone Punks (which I have every intention to at a later date), Muna will still be Muna. The only real change is to her outfit and ethnicity, her personality will remain as it was. I apologize for not making that clear here. And I'll be sure to remember that whenever I decide to draw her (or anyone else, for that matter) again. 

Now, had you not brought that to my attention, I would have never thought about seriously paying more attention to how I draw my characters, making sure they're personalities are clearly evident to the audience. I learned something new to work toward improving upon, and for that, I thank you! :TipOfTheHat: 
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Thank you.  I think it's been ages since anyone noticed my signature.  And thank you for the stimulating conversation.  It's hard to get a good talk going.
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