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Lucas's Romantic Fantasy

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Lo and behold, Lucas's romantic fantasy... Is it romantic, or lustful? Meh, there's not really a lot of differences between the two...
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Luigismasher Digital Artist
Wait a minute...
Lucas x Kumatora = Luigi x Daisy
Why didn't i realise earlier?! O_o
KingBooKirby's avatar
KingBooKirbyStudent Artist
Looks like the Flint Norris inside Lucas may well have awoken...
Also, most couples aren't the same age, people. Stop being stupid.
flyboy178's avatar
Hm, Lucas must be a early bloomer then.
sparknumbertwo's avatar
sparknumbertwoStudent General Artist
Lucas: *dreaming* Heheheee……

Kumatora: OMFG!!!!! :icongwahplz:

Duster: Hmm?
greyfirefox's avatar
greyfirefoxStudent General Artist
da fuq is wrong wit u Lucas?

Lucas: 11

Kumatora: 17

KingBooKirby's avatar
KingBooKirbyStudent Artist
I don't see much wrong with it... He's at that pervy age, after all... XD
greyfirefox's avatar
greyfirefoxStudent General Artist
i thought that was 12, eh, must be an early bloomer~
Scorcher9009's avatar
Scorcher9009Student Artist
I thought Lucas was 13 :/
greyfirefox's avatar
greyfirefoxStudent General Artist
Oh yeaaaah. 

Stupid past me is REAALLY stupid....
Chuckotiy's avatar
ChuckotiyHobbyist Artist
HAHAHA! Awesome!
JettaVroomVroom's avatar
JettaVroomVroomHobbyist General Artist
This is hilarious!
Wonderful work!
GIRLYGAMER1998's avatar
GIRLYGAMER1998Student General Artist
:iconwhatplz: XD
Backflip-Pizza's avatar
Backflip-PizzaHobbyist General Artist
Well, the fourth wall has once again broke.
ToadisRules's avatar
Kumatora is like two or three years older than him!!! EWWWW
pkstarstorm1up's avatar
Lucas being buff and with Chest hair? Okay that's not only disturbing but a bit discusting.
JimDig97's avatar
I think lucas just hit puberty lol
EeveelutionLova's avatar
EeveelutionLovaStudent Digital Artist
Oh Lucas! XD You know Kumatora loves you! XD
XxxOceanXSapphirexxX's avatar
Lmao xD a bikkini... No Lucas, not even in the dreams of your dreams |D
GupPup's avatar
GupPupStudent Traditional Artist
I'd prefer Lucas x his hallucination of Mixolydia "Missy".
ZeniTheWonder's avatar
Hahahaha!:giggle: Lucas might look like that in a few years thanks to Flint's manliness genes, but Kuma in a bikini? In your dreams, Lucas.
pikachugirl2's avatar
Hahahahahaha, I don't have any problems with KumatoraxDuster or LucasxKumatora, but I don't support either.

But just seeing a picture with Lucas having muscles rather than the oh-so-abundant pictures of Lucas being small and cute got so many lawlz out of me it can't be legal.
Dracozorack's avatar
Lucas used: PK Daydream!
Kumatora wasn't too happy with that.......
Kumatora used:PK Bitch slap
Lucas took mortal damage.
sparknumbertwo's avatar
sparknumbertwoStudent General Artist
Lucas's Mind became tame

Kumatora gained OVER 9000 Exp.

Kumatora Learned PK Pwn!
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