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Kiki Banana and her Parrots

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Here’s a fairly recent character that’s washed up on the shores of my Imagination. Her name is Kiki Banana,</span> a goofy pirate girl who uses her trickster-like wits and supernatural dominion over bananas (aka “Banagic” or “Bananamancy”) to find and attain treasure that she is just as willing to give away as she is to take (which often causes just as much trouble either way). Her parrot companions are the perpetually angry Capt. Petey and the brain-dead Re-Petey. 

I kinda wanted to reveal her in a more interesting way, such as with a little animated short or comic out of the blue, but I got impatient, so here’s an uninspired pin up and a description instead. 

But regardless, I’ve already got a slew of story ideas for her, so just you wait. Expect tons of zany characters, absurd adventures, and cringe-inducing banana puns (or should I say, “punanas?”). 

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I really like how much energy is in your characters!