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Jojo-Style Kumatora

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Well, it's been quite a while since I've drawn anything even remotely realistic, but here's proof that I still have that ability... somewhat. 

This is Kumatora from MOTHER 3 rendered in the style of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, particularly the more recent ones. I really like the style, it's a lot different from your typical moe blob and other anatomical atrocities you often find in the wild world of anime. You can tell the guy's actually looked at a real human being before. Even though it's grounded in realism, it still manages to be weird and interesting, what with the outlandish fashion and posing and all. 

Oh, also this was whipped up real quick for's MOTHER 3 10th Anniversery Funfest, in case you're wondering why I just drew a character from MOTHER 3 out of the blue. 

Is this perceived positively by your perceptual apparatus? Perhaps other works of mine might have a similar effect: 

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Mister-23 Digital Artist
This is quite the appropriate Jojo design.
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kamikazejumbocockHobbyist General Artist
My favorite RPG of all time crossed over with my favorite manga of all time.

This pleases me.

A lot.
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The JoJo style works very well with Kumatora's design.
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HashSlashHobbyist Digital Artist
Seriously the best thing I've seen all week, amazing work, dude :D
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Keytee-chanHobbyist Digital Artist
JoJo Style is the best semi-realistic style ^__^
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TheGrumpiestPandaHobbyist Traditional Artist
I gotta say, that's a pretty spot on rendition of the Jojo style for Kumatora.
If you told me this was an actually character from the manga and I didn't already know about Mother 3 I'd probably believe you.
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