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In the Woods

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Here's yet more Shadows of Wiccumshire concept art, this time featuring the protagonist Helrynega and her companion Logus the Language Elemental traversing a think wood populated by sentient trees and god knows what else. 

In this game, the broom you are given at the start of your journey is really a magic wand in disguise. You use it to perform various spells, including turning it into a torch to light your path in dark areas like you see here. The broom will be your most versatile tool, especially after collecting the various spells and augmentations for it on your journey. Some spells help you fight, some help defend against certain attacks like fire or ice, some help you get to places you couldn't before. You'll even be able to fly to places on it after augmenting it. 

So anyway, what I want to do right now is, while I continue to brainstorm and flesh out this game concept more, I want to make more concept art like this and the previous one that actually tell a story somewhat. And by that, I just mean concept art that draws you into the world, where something is actually happening, rather than just me continuing to crank out bland character pin-ups as I am oft to do. I don't know how far I'll run with this idea, but while I am, I'll give you stuff to look at in the meantime, so expect more engaging Shadows of Wiccumshire artwork in the near future. 

Here's some more Shadows of Wiccumshire concept art in case you're new to this thing and are completely lost: 

Shadows of Wiccumshire - Style Change by Bradshavius The Palace of Madness by Bradshavius Style Experiment - MM Style Helrynega by Bradshavius 
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Poor Helrynega looks a bit lost, maybe even creeped out by all the scary looking trees. The sense of her taking a moment to really study them is quite good, and Logus' is cute as he shows more intrigue. Lovely job on the "simple" costume, and I like the jewelry & decorations too. The fiery broom is awesome, especially with its own image emerging from the flames; its lighting all around is perfectly eerie.