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How Do I Ocarina

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Here's some more goofiness. This time we have Link from Ocarina of Time trying to learn the art of ocarina playing from Saria, who looks like she regrets trying to teach him. 

This was also originally a sketch in my physical sketch-pad, like my previous silly drawing below: 
New Age Retro Hippie Brushed its Teeth by Bradshavius


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TheGrumpiestPandaHobbyist Traditional Artist
The idea of Link being some inept little turd is always a hilarious concept to me.
Seeing how Link didn't have an ocarina before Saria gave him one, I imagine that he'd haven't the slighty idea to play it.
Saria is trying so hard to be encouraging while Link blows sour notes, and Navi is just questioning why the Deku Tree entrusted Hyrule's fate into this kid...  
The funniest thing to be in this picture is how Link's fingers are bending into impossible ways trying to hold and play the Fairy Ocarina.
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Llama-BeanStudent Digital Artist
This is funny as fuck, makes me thing twice about buying one off eBay.... Coz ya know the whole "your ass is cleaner then your mouth thing"
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DarkJesterFoxHobbyist Artisan Crafter
There are no words to describe how accurate this is.  I've met people who knew next to nothing about ocarinas, and one guy got one just to spite me, but he couldn't play worth crap, so jokes on him.