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Helrynega and Logus -- Shadows of Wiccumshire

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Just another pinup of Helrynega and Logus for my comic story idea Shadows of Wiccumshire. I think I'm getting closer to perfecting their design. 

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It's great to see that Shadows of Wiccumshire is still in the works. This is a nice balance, with the lines showing your unique style while also giving her face a little more character in a cartoon style, like the polished picture of her with her friends. Nice work on the details and texturing along with good depth. I've always preferred this more-ethereal style for Logus. (Are his runes from previous pictures still going to be a thing? That's a ton of work, but if they only appear when he's in certain modes that's a cool treat.) Anyway, best of luck as you continue to develop the tale.

Heh, and I can't believe it took me fifteen months to notice the shapely totem on her broom. :)