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Concept Art -- Helrynega and Logus

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Guess what? It's yet another idea for something I'll probably never actually get around to doing (at least not for a long time), but whatever. 

This is a bit of concept art for the two main characters for a kind of retraux, Link's Awakening-style adventure game with the working title Shadows of Wiccumshire. It's about a young witch named Helrynega who lives in the gloomy Angland province of Wiccumshire (the game takes place in the Sir Dufius universe, about a hundred years after Sir Dufius's adventures). What makes this province so gloomy is the presence of a large, dark castle that's used as a kind of prison or asylum to seal away the most dangerous foes of the world, particularly those that use magic. Every generation or so, a town of witches is responsible for recharging the magic seal on the place, and Helrynega is chosen to take on the task. However, she encounters Logus the Language Elemental (not a ghost), who claims that his master was unjustly sealed away in there and wishes to break him out. 

And that's all I have so far, the idea is still very new. 
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You make funny cartoony art! XD
I mean that in a good way btw.
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venomraptorHobbyist Digital Artist
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The-BradshacalypseHobbyist Digital Artist
Lol, looks like I just inadvertently invented a new thing... Maybe... Well, probably not. Surely brooms with tits is somebody's thing.
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venomraptorHobbyist Digital Artist
And that somebody is me...maybe...