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Character Concept: Sir Dufius

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Just a fairly quick concept sketch of the main character for a Flash cartoon series that I've come up with and am currently working on (thought something of my own creation would be better recieved than just another parody of someone else's creation).

Anyway, the plot of this Flash toon is about this dumb-ass knight named Sir Dufius who rescues this little group of misfit fairy-people (a leprachan, a gnome, an elf-human hybrid, a pixie and a fairy) and they hang around him, often attempting to save him from his own stupidity. He and the rest of the "Knights of the Unecessarily Trapezoid Table" go on quests to do stuff, and hilarity issues.

It'll probably be a while before I get the first episode done. I do have the script complete, so I can start animating. I hope it'll be something people get a few good laughs out of.
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It certainly sounds promising.
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Knights of the Unecessarily Trapezoid Table? I'm in! Sounds like a neat cartoon series. I hope you finish that first episode soon!