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What if Death Mountain from Ocarina of Time isn't actually a volcano, but a giant chamber pot for Biggoron? Maybe that hot glowing stuff isn't lava... or maybe it is? I guess goron diarrhea would be lava, what with their rock diet and all.  

I just took several hours out of my day to draw a giant fictional being taking a shit in a volcano like it's a toilet and decided to share said drawing with the world. What has my life come to?

If drawings of giant fictional beings taking shits in volcanoes isn't your thing (and dear god why would it? But hey, this is deviantART...) here are some alternatives: 

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Biggoron has to shit somewhere...
I'm sure the villagers of Kakariko wouldn't appreciate giant Goron turds rolling down Death Mountain and into the village.
For Link's sake, I sure how he isn't inside the Death Mountain Crater when nature calls for Biggoron. 
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Oh my God, that is so clever. That is also very funny.
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Oh noes! The volcano is erupting!  Everyone grab your nose plugs!
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Well that... would been interesting. XD  I like it, well done!