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Update: The Herald Profile PSD has been updated to include the following species:

Shards Solscian
Shards Luminara

The instructions for Herald Profile submissions have been clarified!

Adventures - Turn-In by The-Book-of-Aether

There seems to be a long line of hopefuls gathered at the hodge-podge tent set up at the Heralds' new stronghold. Across the canvas flap door is a banner reading, "Enchanted Scroll Registration".

Inside the tent, it appears that an office has been dragged in, bookcases and all. Two Sylori are hard at work, with the small Planetari jotting down names and taking stock of all the adventurers who seek their fortunes with the Heralds.

The Gladiatori is reading a book upside-down. He's doing his best.

Player Scrolls

Player Scrolls are account-wide trackers that log a list of your characters and all treasure that is not character-bound.
You do not need an approved Aetherion character to register for a player scroll, but you will need one to receive a Character Scroll.

Here is what a Player Scroll looks like:


Register Your Player Scroll

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To register for a player scroll, fill out the form and reply here: Player Scroll Registrations

Username: (dA username)
Prior Rewards: (link all rewards you previously acquired via Minigames, etc!)
Mogiland legacy user?: Yes/No. If yes, link or mention your Mogiland Trove so we may add any applicable legacy items.

Updating Your Player Scroll

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To request a player scroll update, fill out the form and reply here: Player Scroll Updates

Player Scroll: (link your Scroll)
Update: (Username Change, Add Missing Info, etc)
Description: Describe what change is needed.

*This request should only be for account information updates or mistakes; your Scroll is normally updated as you receive rewards.
*Please wait a week before requesting a missing item, as our team may be working on it.

Character Scrolls

Character Scrolls are trackers that log each character's story progress, stats, and bound items.
You must have an approved Aetherion character to receive a Character Scroll.

Here is what a Character Scroll looks like:

Karl's Character Scroll

Voidstar Register Your Character Scroll Voidstar 

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To register for a character scroll, fill out the form and reply here: Character Scroll Registrations

Character Name: (Your character's name)
Masterlist Entry: (Your character's entry on The-Book-of-Aether's masterlist)
Prior Rewards: (Mention any rewards the character has previously acquired via Minigames, etc. If the character has any soulbound Enchanted Items or Gizmos, mention them here.)

Voidstar  Updating Your Character Scroll Voidstar

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To update your character scroll details, fill out the form and reply here: Character Scroll Updates

Character Scroll: (link)
Update: (Username Change, Character Name Change, Transfer Character, Add Missing Info, etc.)
Description: Describe what change is needed. If your character is being transferred, link the proof of trade via the Masterlist.

*Please wait a week before requesting missing items, as our team may already be working on it.

Herald Profiles

The Herald Profile is a visual reference of your character for artistic purposes.
You may also include a bio of your character in the description, so that other players may get to know them!

Here is an example of a Herald Profile:

Herald Profile Example by The-Book-of-Aether

Submitting Your Herald Profile

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To create your Herald Profile, follow the instructions and then submit your image to the Herald Profiles gallery folder.


Shards First, you must have a registered Player and Character Scroll, and you must complete the Main Story Quest "The First Calling".

Shards Draw or paste your character's image into the circle like shown. (It can go out of bounds, but do not obscure the name so that it's unreadable!)
        - If the artwork belongs to anyone but you or an official Aetherion designer, you must receive permission to do this first.
        - You may use a version with or without accessories. If you use a version with accessories, please provide a secondary reference without them in the description.
        - You may include multiple reference images in the Profile if you like.
        - You may include alternate forms for your character, such as Aethrin, Mogirin, and Nebulon human forms. (Make sure to include both versions either in the image or description).

Shards Select the circle that corresponds to your character's species. (They are labeled in the PSD). Then write or type your character's name in the nametag like shown.

Shards Select the default background frame, "Aether". Other frames are unlockable later on.

Shards Feel free to include a bio, introduction, short story, description, or any other details about your character that you'd like, in the description of the deviation. Don't put them in the Herald Profile image.

Shards Title the deviation "Herald Profile: Your Character's Name" with your character's name filled in.

Shards Submit the image at the same resolution as the PSD (don't resize or crop it). 

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If you have an approved Aetherion character and wish to sign up for both a Player and Character Scroll, please reply to both threads at the same time! (There is no need to wait until the Player Scroll is made to apply for a Character Scroll, the admins can do both at the same time!)