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Note: As of the posting of this page, the Aetherion ARPG is now OPEN!


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"14th of Evensong, Year 5019.

I cannot say when, or whom, first described the whispers of Her calling. It is elusive as the aether itself - is it a song, a voice, or the vaporous feeling of half-remembrance one experiences when waking from a dream? I do not know how I first felt it, either. It was an intuition...a warning of something dark that stirs in the far reaches of my mind, and that something must be done before it spreads, like the ever-grasping tendrils of the Void.

I must not be alone in this experience. The others who have joined ranks with me - they have felt it, too. It is this feeling that rallies us together under the resurrected banner of the Heralds. We will reach out to all who have felt in their heartshards the reverberations of this calling. We must -- we have no other choice.

I believe that one by one, those whose spirits are strong will sense Her whispers, too. I only wonder how they will answer.


Welcome to the Aetherion, a magical Sky teeming with stories that intertwine to weave the tapestry of fate.

Below is a guide on how to begin your adventure.

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What is the Aetherion?

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The Aetherion is the fantasy universe in which this RPG is set. It is a cloudy realm dotted with microcosms called Pearls on which most creatures live. It is home to the following species of characters by Alkemistry and prince-corvidae: Aetherlings, Mogi, Nebulon, Sylori, Sacred Taurians, Daimons, Solscian, Luminara, and many other races and creatures!

Most of these are closed species, which means that creation is restricted. Sacred Taurians and Daimons are available for one Free Make-Your-Own character.

For more information about the worlds and species, refer to the Aetherion website:



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The Aetherion RPG tells the story of your characters through past and present. This is done via art or writing prompts and other activities that unlock new stories, discover treasures, and advance your character's body, spirit, and personal relationships.

Shards The present-day story is told via Adventure Quests and Main Story Quests. Partake in Adventure Quests as your character explores the Pearls, or micro-worlds, of the Aetherion.

Shards Chronicles are prompts that delve into the personal history and ongoing spiritual development of your character. Many are exclusive to certain species or characters with certain lore-related traits.

Shards Explorations are open-ended exploration missions to collect crafting ingredients, other trinkets, or take a chance at baiting and catching an elusive Pet.

Shards Gardening and Fishing are obtainable through story progression and give access to exclusive Pets and ingredients for crafting.

Shards Your character may build dynamic relationships with the NPC inhabitants of the aether through the Threads of Fate, a system of favor and respect gained through questing, roleplay, and gift-giving.

Shards Limited-time Events are occasional special quests that have a set end date. They grant exclusive rewards that may not be obtained once the Event ends.

Shards Every other week, RP Minigames are pop-up events in which you can gain relationship status and small goodies from the various NPCs! Some Minigames drop hints to new lore or upcoming features of the RPG.

More features are to be announced with version updates, which are released every 4-8 weeks.

Beginning Your Adventure

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  • Once this quest is complete, you may create your Herald Profile (on the Registry page)
  • Then, you may select which Pearl (see Pearls) you would like your character to start on. You have access to the Adventure Quests and may start going on Explorations for the first location of your starting Pearl.
  • Have fun!!

 Go here for the Registry page.

Go here for the Quest and Activity hub.

Main Story Quest

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The Main Story Quest is a sequential, ongoing plot that unfolds as the RPG progresses. This is a series of more involved one-time prompts. Once per month, a new chapter of the Main Story Quest is revealed. They do not have a time limit and may be completed at your own pace, but further chapters may have prerequisites that must be met first.

Adventure Quests

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Once you have selected your first Pearl, you will have access to a series of Adventure Quests. These are one-time prompts that offer EXP, item and currency rewards, Threads of Fate relationships, and further story content. Normal adventure quests do not have a time limit and may be completed at your own pace.

The Adventure Quests for each Pearl culminate in a Trial, which is a special prompt that puts your character's strength and spirit to the test. Passing the Trial completes that region of the Pearl and unlocks the ability to undertake Explorations out into the wilderness of that area to search for treasures.

When you choose your first Pearl, you may undertake Explorations into its first location without needing to complete the Trial.


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Chronicles are one-time, open-ended prompts that delve into the background and personal development of your character. Your list of available Chronicles is determined by your character's species, traits, story progression, and other factors. Chronicles do not have a time limit and may be completed at your own pace.

Chronicles are sequential and completing one unlocks the next Chronicle in the same story or branches into other stories. Later Chronicles may have prerequisites before they may be completed, but a special reward waits at the end of each Chronicle series. Chronicles are updated regularly.


Explorations are smaller repeatable prompts that describe your character's forays into the undiscovered wilderness of the Pearls. They are unlocked by completing Trials. Explorations earn a variety of loot depending on the region explored, consumable items used, and other factors. They do not have a time limit but have weekly submission caps per character.

Your first Pearl grants you access to Explorations in its starting location for free.

Other Activities

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Special activities become available with story completion. These include Gardening and Fishing!

With Gardening, your character tends the land in one of three locations upon the Pearl of Avalyr. Each location features a variety of native flora and fauna, different climate conditions, and a special NPC. Gardening involves a series of prompts completed throughout a month. At the end of the month, the garden's harvest is revealed. The bounty of your harvest is affected by factors such as soil, seeds, and fertilizer used, the current season in the real-time Aetherion year, as well as the tending done by your character through prompt completion.

With Fishing, your character forays into the Forgotten Grotto, a realm controlled by the Daimon of Dark and Lonely Waters. With different bait and fishing equipment, adventurers may test the luck of the deep and search for the elusive creatures below...

Future activities will become available with upcoming updates, including the shops of Cor Ionas's Crystal Bazaar and joinable Factions who feature their own exclusive quests and membership perks.

Roleplaying Minigames

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These are events that pop up every other Wednesday. They are open-ended opportunities to roleplay with NPCs by selecting different multiple-choice responses and then adding your own flavor in-character. They do not have any prerequisites and may be completed by any Aetherion character, regardless of registration or story progression. Even if you miss out, check them regularly for hints at future lore, upcoming design sales, and other tidbits!

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