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Wolf Couple Lineart - FREE

EDIT 2: THIS [link] Is my favourite of the versions I've seen of this line art lol They're so pretty~! <3<3<3

..::EDIT::.. I have finished fixing this one up so it should now be MS Paint friendly. Again as with the others I have fixed if there is something wrong with it please let me know via comment and I'll try my best to fix it :D

WOOt! First free line art xD -laughs- Hopefully I can get some more up soonish =w=

..:: || Wolf couple lineart guide || ::..

Download for higher res

The eye is blank to allow people to change the direction the wolf is looking. You DO NOT need to ask me if you can use it, this is free I just want the proper credit and to see what you have done with it ^^

Here's a collection of other Free Line Art I've done: [link]

1.) This lineart is free for anyone to use as a ref or colour but credit MUST be given to me for the original lines or I'll be forced to take it down completely. Sorry guys, but come on. It's not that hard to credit someone for using their lineart as a ref or to colour right? ^^ That's all I'm asking for but other then that have fun with it ;3

2.) My signature may be removed but please link back to my original piece somewhere in your artists comments ^^

3.) You may modify this as you see fit, i.e. change the gender of the wolves, add wings, scars ect. It does not need to be a wolf COUPLE

4.) Don't forget to leave me a link to your work I'd love to see what everyone can do with this ^^

Many thanks to !XGhostBloodRoseWolfX for pointing out the previous problems with the line art in MS Paint ;D She had fixed it up for me as seen here before I fixed it myself: [link]


(c) Line art copyright to Amber Peckham but may be used as reference or coloured.

Photograph Used As Ref Found Here: [link]
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used it sorry i write a wrong word  she is never get a nightmare as longguard her by Anindya-EasternWolf
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Er, the signature got a bit blurred... It's still there, and I'm definitely leaving it, but do you mind if beside it or something I write Lineart made by The-Bone-Snatcher?
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Lol That's okay xD As long as somewhere it says I did the lines it's fine ;D It's more about allowing others to find my work so they can use it if they want as well ^^
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Awesome, thanks!!!!
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Beautiful lineart, by the way!
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Am I able to use it on my profile for the website Wolf-Haven?
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As long as I'm credited somewhere for the ĺines in some way you can do what you want with it ^^
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I love your work it's all beautiful 
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Here is the direct link to what I did to the linework, it isn't great...Still learning :)

and it is being used here
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Great, thanks for showing me hun :D
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