Another cunning plan, perchance?

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(partially x-posted from Another cunning plan, perchance? at boggyb)

It lives! Since I'm actually updating this account these days (shock! horror!), I ought to have a more recent journal entry than the comment on the spyed/jark drama from 2006. As I've said before, my real journal is on LiveJournal at boggyb so go there for actual updates - this one is limited to purely dA stuff.

Anyway while searching through a crate of stuff the other day I came up with another plan entirely. I realised that although I take an awful lot of photos, very few of them make it beyond a folder on my computer.

Or, in this case, a box full of negatives and prints. See, every once in a while I try my hand at old-school photography with The Gnu's Nikon F-301 and a fistful of 35mm film.

So my new plan is to every so often pick a set of prints, scan the negatives (pleaseremove regularly mocks the fact that I have a SCSI card of all things in this computer, so I ought to at least make use of the film scanner it's attached to - a Nikon Coolscan III), and post the best ones to LiveJournal and a few of those here as well.

How long will this last? Who knows. You never know, I may keep up with this plan long enough to run out of 35mm negatives and dig out the disc films from the distant past...
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