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A Fool's Reward II

By the-boggyb
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This photo is similar to the previous "A fool's reward" that I uploaded (has since been moved to scraps). I challenge you all to guess what I manipulated, and how. I'll think of some reward later =P

Erm... I'm not actually sure how I originally created this photo. It's been manipulated, but the black background *is* original. I'm guessing that my computer monitor (on the left and slightly forward of the pedestal) supplied enough light that in my room (with the main light off) it cast a nice beam of light, creating the hard shadow at the back. Certainly the shadow caused by the pedestal is in the right direction for that.

Anyway, taken with an Olympus C-3030Z in macro mode at F3.6 with a 1/3 shutter, no flash, ISO 100 and 93mm focal length. I do like playing around with macro photograhpy, as you can do some fun things. Edited in Corel Photo-paint.
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I can see what you've changed, you've made the "gold" um gold coloured, right?
I like how the "gold" almost seems to glow compared to the other stones. I'd be tempted to put something on the base of the pedestal, some writing or something, but that's just me. Very nice pic :)
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(Sorry for not replying here earlier, forgot about it what with work and stuff.)

Not quite - the gold is unchanged. But yes, it does look more gold-coloured than it did in the original.
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That must be because of the background or something. :?
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Almost - I've darkened the pedestal so the fool's golg looks golder by comparision. I don't think I did anything to the gold, but it's been some time and I didn't save the intermediate stages.