A Princess a Day: Snow White

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Snow White


As the sun slowly rose over England, its rays glowed down onto the ground and started to light things up, causing those who had set their blinds or curtains incorrectly to be abruptly and rather rudely awoken. In the current environment, even with restrictions on what you could and could not do being lifted, many people didn't see the point of waking up early and having little to do.

Tom Haddington was not one of those people. With a yawn and a quick stretch, he climbed out of bed and wandered over to the window to open it, getting a whiff of the morning air mercifully not polluted with the sound of car horns or exhaust fumes, although cars were rolling back onto the roads as workplaces reopened.

He sighed, turned, and walked out of his door to knock on the door to his spare room. He reached up and knocked on it. "Kat? You awake?"

"I am now," said a voice, slightly muffled and sounding rather annoyed. "What is it?"

"I'll just whizz through the shower and put some breakfast one, alongside some clothes," Tom replied. "That sound OK?"

"Sure thing!"

Tom whizzed through the shower, got dressed, and headed downstairs to start preparing the morning meal. University work had dried up over the summer, and although travel restrictions were slowly being lifted, he was reluctant to go anywhere until things were back to normal. It was Katrina Miller, the girl staying with him, he felt especially sorry for. She couldn't return home, as not only had the travel ban imposed in April prevented her from going back to the US, she also daren't go back for fear she'd never get out again, as many European states had issued further bans on Americans travelling to Europe. It can't have been easy, being a foreigner stuck long term in somebody else's land, but at least she had Tom, who had decided to take her in to give her somewhere to live.

He was still in thought, but had just finished prepping the food, when Katrina wandered in, still needing to comb her hair, but otherwise everything was present and correct. She walked past and sat down, where coffee, brewed the way she liked it, was sitting and ready to be drunk. "Morning Tom!"

"Morning," Tom replied, taking the two sandwiches off the grill, depositing them onto a plate, and then carrying them over to be eaten. The sandwiches. Not the plate. "How'd you sleep?"

"I've had better nights," Katrina admitted, her bleary eyes betraying this fact somewhat. "You?"

"Some idiot with his car alarm," Tom replied. "I had to head down there at ridiculous o'clock and tell him to turn it off. Doesn't he understand people are trying to sleep?"

"I know the feeling."

"The noisiest night ever was when I stayed in a town called Essex, in Montana. The property in question was right next to a BNSF yard-"


"Burlington Northern Santa Fe. Anyways, the area was home to a marshalling yard, and the depot crews would often be assembling trains in the middle of the night, or failing that goods trains would be blasting through constantly."

"That sounds rough," Katrina replied, taking a swig from her mug and waiting for the caffeine to kick in.

"It was. Those yards are always incredibly noisy, especially when they honk their horns incessently." Tom moved a curtain to reveal a fresh burst of sunlight in the air. "What a lovely morning. I must remember to thank Celestia."

"She didn't move it."

"Who says? Luna can manipulate our world's moon, after all, according to Jimmy."

"Fair enough. Magic is making our world a wierder place, after all."

"It sure is." Tom got up and cleared his plate. As he moved it to one side, he had an idea. "I think I'll head out for a walk now and soak up the sunlight of the early morning. Would you like to come along?"

"No thanks," Katrina groaned. "I'm still feeling pretty beat. Like jetlag combined with a terrible hangover. Hopefully this'll give me a boost."

Tom opened the door. "I'll wash up when I get back. See you later!" And then he closed it.

Katrina smiled. "As a nice gesture to a friend, I'll clean them for him."

Tom enjoyed doing things in the morning. Unlike his friend across the pond, Jimmy, he was very much a morning person, rising early and going to bed late in the day as he could rest well on very little sleep. And what the late risers were missing out on!

The sun's golden beams reached through the skies and over to the ground, lighting it up in a marvellous kaleidoscope of colour and light. The sky was blue, and there were still hints of golden beams in the air as he walked along, taking it in and breathing in the cool air. He was wearing shorts today, which was not his usual custom, but this was not on his mind at the moment as he continued walking along to his destination. He had a place he liked going on these strolls, and it was to this place he was headed right now.

On the University of Nottingham's Campus, there is a nice, secluded place called the Secret Garden, which has benches, trees, and a lot of slabs bearing the names of students who had sadly passed away either in the line of duty or subsequent. Tom liked going here. It was very quiet, and he liked it when things were quiet. Mind, he didn't mind preserved lines making noise, as that was part of the fun. He walked slowly inwards, his shoes squeaking as he did so, until he spotted something on the ground. He bent down to pick it up.

It was an apple, an apple that somebody had took and dropped. As he examined it closely, it suddenly shocked him with a powerful electric blast. "What the? What sort of apple does that?"

He knew what was coming, but was somewhat confused when he suddenly felt something appear in his hair. He reached up to feel it, and found he now had a hairband up there. That didn't really give him any clues though, as he tried to find his way to a secluded spot so nobody could see what was going on. Mercifully, campus was quiet.

Next on the list, the collar on his shirt flipped upwards, and grew taller until it was at least level with the back of his head before curling back slightly. The front of the collar also pulled back by a few inches as it turned white. Moments later, his sleeves pulled backwards up his arms as different fabric stretched forward. The part that had moved backwards suddenly began to inflate, the sleeves puffing up fairly quickly until two large orbs were attached to his arms. Parts of the orbs sank inwards, and the sunken areas were filled with red fabric in a teardrop shape. The front of his shirt dropped forward quite suddenly until it was about inline with the top of his chest, leaving a fair bit at the top exposed to the world, and a yellow line ran down the front as the rest of the garment, barring the existing red infills on the sleeves, turned dark blue, apart from the sleeves which were a lighter blue.

"Now who could this be?" Tom asked, glancing down, having a fairly good idea of what was coming. His shorts lost their zip and button, the missing areas being filled in by fabric and stitching appearing from nowhere, but before they could fall down they attached themselves to his shirt, or should I say now bodice. The legs suddenly switched themselves together, and the divide between them vanished, shrinking back into the legs to create a skirt. Tom's face went red with embarassment as the skirt began to grow longer, growing downwards to his ankles and them stopping, before expanding outwards slightly as a white petticoat floated down his legs, giving the skirt extra volume. Moments later, his socks vanished as the laces, frontplate, and most of his trainers melted away, reducing his shoes to being open and revealing the tops of his feet. They turned gold as golden bows attached themselves to the front, and a small heel pushed out of the bottom, nearly throwing Tom off balance.

"Looks like I've been afflicted now as well!" Tom clicked. "I'm turning into Snow White!"

Indeed he was. As he processed this information, he looked down and saw his feet begin to shrink in size, the heels doing the same as well. His legs got thinner, and his calves and thighs narrowed as his muscle began to fade away. He grimaced, knowing what was coming next, the bones in his mid area starting to ache as his hips began to widen. Seconds after that, his manhood was pulled into his body as her waist narrowed. The bodice shrank to compensate for the reduced body size, and her shoulders were pulled inwards too as his chest began to expand, a pair of breasts filling out the bodice of the dress quite nicely.

Her lips reddened slightly, and her eyes remained their usual brown as her face shifted, her eyes moving position and her nose shrinking. Her head felt like it was being compressed. Her eyebrows turned black, followed by her hair, which pulled itself into a much shorter, neater haircut, partially done up around the back, before suddenly increasing in volume as more hair grew, more than filling up the hairband and increasing the weight on her head. Finally, her height decreased till she was about 16 years old, her clothes shrinking with her in the process.

With that, it seemed to be over. Tom (or should I say Snow White) looked at her new form with a mixture of confusion and shock. "How am I going to get home dressed like this?" she asked. "People will start asking questions!" Bearing no heed to the fact her voice was now identical to that which the character had in the animated film, she started off on her way, finding walking in heels difficult, not to mention finding the sensation of a skirt brushing against her legs odd.

Katrina was waiting when she suddenly got a knock on the door. She opened it, and her jaw dropped when she saw who was on the other side. "Tom?" she asked. "You've changed into a Disney Princess!"

"I know! I have no idea what set this one off. There was a piece of fruit on the floor, but-"

"You picked up a red apple, didn't you?"

Snow White stopped. "Erm, yes?" She stepped inside, no longer wanting to dodge pedestrians. "It's lucky the streets are so quiet at the moment, or else I'd have found finding my way back incredibly difficult. I now know how you felt when you were Rapunzel, though, so I guess that makes us even?"

"You don't have magic hair. I'd give you some tips on walking around in that, but you already know a fair bit about that from Jimmy, so there's no concerns there. Speaking of which, we'd probably best give him a call for advice. After all, he's been Snow White before, right?"

Snow White nodded. She only hoped this was a one off occurance.

This story is the first entry in a new series I'm releasing this week, inspired by the works of jimmyhook19202122. In this first entry, Tom Haddington is turned into Snow White.

Next time; Be careful when cutting hedges...
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Heh, well.... it's safe to say that the core 3 (what i mean by that: It's whenever the rest of our group isn't around. ^^'), aka me... Tom... and Katrina.. have each transformed into Disney Princesses :3

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That is indeed the case.

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jimmyhook19202122Student General Artist

Heh =3

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Which ones do you think will be in this set?