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Bleach OCs Welcome Here
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New and active anime group! Feel free to join the fun! 
Thank you for affiliating with FindorrCaliusFC next wave remake by nillemotes

Today is the grand opening of this group, and I am very happy to announce that starting right this moment, all members of affiliates will be granted the ability to submit art - with a limit of three submissions per day - to select folders in my new Bleach-related fan club without actually having to join the group. Now isn't that pretty damn cool? GrinTard by grinclub… wanted to submit my ocs bio sheet but not sure where it goes
If it's an OC sheet you can either post it in the OC Sheet folder or the corresponding OC folder (Adjuchas OC, Shinigami OC, Bount OC, ect.)
It would be the 'OC Sheets' Folder