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St Patrick's Day

My tribute to Jeph Loeb & Tim Sale continues...

Until Fool's Day...
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Ears? Bat wings? Can he be more conspicuous?
Batman needs no ring foolish Lantern.
Pokespecshipper's avatar
Looking at that last panel is so sweet
warrior-prince's avatar
If I remember correctly rainbow Batman happened because he was fighting some type of color-themed villain and the suit provided him with protection.
warrior-prince's avatar
I just scrolled down and saw that foxmaster55 already said this. Sorry.
The rainbow suit XD
fangirlArima's avatar
I can't help but wonder... Why would he need a rainbow suit??
I wonder the same ...
Darkmaster006's avatar
The rainbow suit xD. I love the silver age ajaj.
LaynaFeynreique's avatar
their faces are priceless!
sapphire1126's avatar
Really? We're trusting the safety of the universe to beings who were fooled by *that* disguise?
ImdaBatman's avatar
What, nothing with rubber nipples? :sarcasm: (please don't get any ideas)
Nattryon's avatar
Is that C'hp I see? (Please tell me if I got the spelling right)
mojo4's avatar
5015682's avatar
What the hell is that rainbow suit for?
ImdaBatman's avatar
I think it's a Silver Age thing. You know how things were then.
I think he was going up against a villain who attacked with colors. He had to switch to a different color costume every night because the lasers the villain was using didn't work on a suit of the same color. eventually Bats got the better of him with the rainbow suit
MagicDetective's avatar
That's the Brave and The Bold explanation. In the original comic story, Dick Grayson was in the news because he saved a little girl. Since he broke his hand, Batman didn't
want any of the news reporters to notice Robin's broken hand and placed two and together. So Batman kept changing the color of his suit every night to get the public looking at Batman and not Robin.
ImdaBatman's avatar
Yeah, something like that. It was the early nowhere-near-as-cool Firefly, right?
TheEternalDarkKnight's avatar
What did the boys think it was for? I have an idea, but I'm looking for a second opinion.
ImdaBatman's avatar
Are they even old enough to know about LGBT stuff? I mean, Dick is the oldest, and he's 12.
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