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The fourth panel is so cute! Omg so cute 
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Is he's day off!
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Does the title have anything to do with the movie Mr.Mom which had the guy who played Batman?
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I love that fourth panel. The boys look so relaxed and casual.
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They're dressed as a traffic street light xD
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finally I Have seen Dick in a pair of Pants! lol I'm loving your gallery very much
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Man, I've been meaning to read part two. So, now that I finally have time to do so--I need to read part one again. XD

Seriously... your art and story telling plus me watching the Batman season 3 is REALLY making me want to draw Batman and his "children"... including possibly all of the Batgirls as well.
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I love that the first thing he says when he gets home is "Alfred"
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I enjoy these a lot. :} And having just read some of the Loeb and Sale stuff (finally) and hearing about some of the stuff that goes on in Year One I got a lot more of the jokes in the comics and really appreciate them. I already thought they were hilarious, but wow.

And I'm not a Morrison fan, either. He's kind of annoying.
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You're Batman comics are the best. I recently read 'Rivalry' and the holiday comics, I couldn't stop laughing.
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I like how Dick Greyson looks there. :D
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YAYY! New updates~!!! I'm just crazy ovr ur comics~!!!
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I love that the boys just sit in casual clothes and watch television... wearing their masks.
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It's because they love living the dream of every little boy~! BEING A SUPER DUPER HERO. XD

So cute. x3
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I don't know why, but Bat's just standing there asking where Alfred is is creeping me out.
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Bruce has Boomerang, he is rich.
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Dunno, have you checked the kitchen?
I think I saw him dusting something...
Sniff, track him by the scent of tea!

...sorry, random ideas that pop into my head...

Yay for Alfred plots!
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