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The big Bat thought of using this as his Christmas card but...
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Why Does robin remind me of the picture of the guy in fallout 3?
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Awesome.  I like the retro sort of feel to it, and the cartooning style.  Nice work!
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In addition, I just love this pic.
The boys are all holding their signature weapons. Charging into action. Such a good pic.
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When is the next arc?
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I'm working on it. :)
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All I need to hear :D
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this is just so cute lol. 
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AWW! (I'm sorry, I'm just so in love with how you draw Terry! Every time I see that little grin, I smile! :giggle:))
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Love how you gave Dick his escrima sticks and Tim his bo staff
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Looks like the boys are back in action, and having a great time off screen XD Jason especially seems to be loving every Robin moment.
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I thought Terry was too young to go into battle.
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Do you want to be the one to tell him that?

Besides this is the Batclan, they probably look like this when they hear Alfred ringing the dinner bell. :)
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Meh, I think Joker and Harley remind him enough.

Depends on what's for dinner though. I wonder what their favorite is. Tim seems like a Mac' n' cheese kid, though.
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He's gotta start sometime
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Do more comics please!!!!!!!!
LordVaderNihilus's avatar
are you gonna make more comics??
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Is the youngest supposed to be Damian or Terry from Beyond?
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