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Storygirl000's avatar
Batman, you hypocrite. XD
MilkBing's avatar
I see part of Beastboy
AWWW Grumpy dad!!
xenitha's avatar
You asked about the story line with Two-Face and Dick Grayson (Robin). It's in Robin Year One, a trade paperback.
Meppikk's avatar
so are children :)
EdwardX1's avatar
God I love Jason
GhostDog401's avatar
Is it bad if I was WAY more excited to see Kid Flash in the crowd instead of the Robins? XD
(not that the comic isn't great I just LOVE Kid Flash)
Anodite's avatar
hey at the first scene it looks like the kids came from teen titans.
Griever4Leon's avatar
MoonFox13's avatar
Ha, I love the looks on Batmans face in all the panels, you can really see his emotion and picture what he's thinking about.
kaileyrox's avatar
danis58's avatar
Oh, my God, this is so funny and cute at the same time!!
Love it!
xxxwhateverxxx11's avatar
when i was reading this i was drinking soda and it made me laugh so hard it came outta my nose and onto my brand new shirt :P
ImaWriter's avatar
Cute STRip LOVE thevtimy Details What Appears To Be Sidestick Croosing Sign And cammos. The Batkids Seem So much like Real kids :}
Long live Jason Todd!
ImElectrica's avatar
N'aww. Bat-Family Moments.

And In The First Panel, Is That Roy A.k.a Speedy A.k.a Red Arrow A.k.a Arsenal A.k.a Kim Possible Waiting For The Bus?
Firehound237's avatar
Dude, I love your comics, they're awesome
starwarsgal12's avatar that Beast Boy in the corner of the first panel? O.O

Either way, this is HILARIOUS!! :D
MissAnteater's avatar
O.O Dude...I love it....
cakesicles's avatar
wish they would continue batman beyond ;c
Oh by the way, who is Terry? Is he batmans real son to like Damian or something? Or did you make him up, or what I dont know/get it?
JacquelynNightmare's avatar
Terry is from the Batman Beyond cartoon.

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