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A Justice Thanksgiving

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Batman: Why did you give me the Indian headdress?
Flimflanboy's avatar
John with Oreos, I see what you did there!
JuliusdiBalthazard's avatar
Wahaha. The face Batman's making, he must so have lost a bet and wear the feather-hat. (Or is it just because he's the guy with wings?)
MaryKelly10's avatar
I'm Loving this :D
Batman's face XD
IronBatMaiden91's avatar
Lol Diana has some large pumpkins
JeanZedlav's avatar
Aquaman: -has just discovered a new food group-
Batman: -was talked into this by Diana-
Wait0wat's avatar
Apparently, Oreos were part of the Thanksgiving offering, back in the day!
ramirogalletti's avatar
kinda like BATMAN Flash and GL are the ONLY AMERICANS there
LoreMaster01's avatar
Thank you so much for giving Bats the Head-dress.
PhantomGirl's avatar
He's the only Native American.
CherryVanilla13's avatar
Haha! I love this! I just notced the Atom on Batman's shoulder.
BurnedSmackdown's avatar
Nice positioning of the pumpkins Wonder Woman
Callie24's avatar
Can you please make these into greeting cards?
ImdaBatman's avatar
It's the Great Pumpkins, Batma...oh, wait, wrong holiday

(Insert your own 'Power Girl has bigger pumpkins' joke here)
LoreMaster01's avatar
Love the headdress on Bats.
LoreMaster01's avatar
weredrago2's avatar
Chief Sitting Bat.
Excuse the pun.
charla316's avatar
batman's the only indian...
good drawing
arcanineryu's avatar
no, these are my Oreo's!!!
Kerevon's avatar
And it came to pass that Batman realized that he should just plan the next holiday party, before Clark did something like this again.
Hobbit-Babe's avatar
:XD: Green Lantern and flash are all "Oooo oreos!" and Martian Manhunter is all "don't even think it"
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