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MST 3K - free vector

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Who doesn't love Mystery Science Theater 3000? I know I sure do! :thumbsup::)

Well, I figured I'd throw together a vector everyone can download to turn their favorite pics into scenes from MST3K! If you are one of the unfortunate souls who isn't familiar with this hilarious show, go Google it right now. Definitely in my top 3 shows to watch while I was growing up. A lot of good times...

Also, I don't mind anyone using this for whatever they want (obviously), but please don't claim the work as your own!
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Bravo! Thanks for making this available. I placed it in front of one of Trumps Coronavirus task force briefings. ;P

MST3K Covfefe-20
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Now what? Signed up but can't figure out how to download the theatre guys
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How do you operate a vector?
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Ok...(more frustrated then when Gypsy gets mad)...Got the Vector Magic program. How do I do it? It seems soooooo simple and yet. Sorry. I bet t's easy but can someone please show me how?
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foreverkingProfessional Interface Designer
I saw something on Hacked IRL with the MST guys sitting behind a couch. I said to myself "I can do that", and that leads me to downloading your vector file. Thanks for doing this, saves me from having to do it myself!
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God, was the best show. My favorite episode was Mr. B-Natural.
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beatlechikHobbyist General Artist
LOL... God I loved that show. I wish they would bring it back.
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Tell me about it! Perhaps the greatest of all cult shows. Plus, it was a litmus test that showed you who was really cool.

"Hey, dude, did you see this week's episode of MST3K?"
"Forget it, lame-o."

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kristasketchProfessional Digital Artist
I love MST3K! In fact, I'm watching it right now. Watching the show takes me back to being a wee one and watching it with my dad. Ah, memories. =)
Anywho, this is pretty helpful! I wish I had this when I was making bookmarks in high school printing class though. They would have printed out a lot nicer. =/
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Ahhh...fond memories of Tom Servo and Crow and Joel...

That's great that you and your dad could watch it together. I don't think my dad would have been able to stand it! :lol:
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