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Predator Portrait - Black Leopard by mwilneff1954
Ghost of the Blackland Prairie by Siarczek
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The room goes dark. Distant jungle noises can be heard, and "Walt Disney production presents" gets visible and it goes dark again.
The sun rises out of the black and turns the sky blood red and a manís voice can be heard crying out: Nants ingonyama bagathi baba!
And so, The Circle of Life begins!
Stay Low to the Ground
The Lion King is the most bellowed Disney 2D animated movie. It was released in 1994, with an initial worldwide gross of $763†million when it finished theatrical run. After that comes the VHS (precursor to DVD if youíre that young) selling, which it came to sell over 30 million copies.
Simba and Kimba _ We are One
The movie follows Simba the young lion prince who sadly is forced to leave his home due to one of the most tragic and saddest death in animated history.
The movie also has some controversial, being similar to the Japanese anime series: Kimba the White Lion, having sort of the same plot and characters. But Simba means lion in Swahili, so it canít be lazy job with switching the letter K with an S.
As the popularity of the movie grew, it also got a straight to DVD sequel. The Lion King 2 Simbaís Pride, focusing on Kiara, Simba and Nalaís cub, and heir to the throne. Like the Lion King was based on Hamlet, this movie is inspired by Romeo and Juliet, just having a happier ending.
The Lion King also has following TV shows, one only starring Timon and Pumba, because who can get enough of that classic duo. They also were the main characters in The Lion King 3 called The Lion King 1Ĺ.
Pressures of a King
Inktober 2019 Ring
Another TV show that was released in 2016 was The Lion Guard, focusing on the protectors of the Pride Lands. The Guard consist of The Fiercest, who is Kion, son of Simba and nala, for some reason he didnít appear in TLK 2, but that season 3 tried to explain. Then there is Fuli, The Fastest, Bunga The Bravest, Ono Keenest of Sight and Beshte The Strongest. The tv show shows hyenas arenít all bad and gives more lore to the universe.
The Lion Guard - Adult TLK style
Diving into the universe we also get more information about Scar, being originally named Taka, which translate into garbage/trash in Swahili, so itís even odd that Scar had a bad named from the start and Mufasa being the good guy from the start, because his name translates into king from the manazoto language. The fun thing about Rafikiís name is its translates into friend, which is very fitting for his character. Another question that wasn't answered in the movie was, if Scar is Nalaís father, but Disney canít have incest, I mean planned marriage is fine but incest is a no go. Since Scar is the only other lion apart from Mufasa it would make sense, but just like Zira, Sarafina found another mate.
We are one
Another TLK mystery is the forgotten cub Kopa. Kopa was mentioned the first time in The Lion King Six New Adventures. Do to the story not aligning completely with being a Disney canon story, it was Kopa's only appearance, but the fan base surely didn't forget him. There has been made theories on why Kopa vanished or who his real parents are. It's also theorized he died because the cub presented in the ending of TLK didn't look like Kiara, from TLK 2, but that might also be because her character weren't established yet or because TLK was one movie. Or maybe Kion is the reincarnation of him.
VIDEO The Lion King - We Are Family SPEED PAINTING
The Circle of Life song is in the Zulu language, which "Nants ingonyama bagathi baba" can be translated into ďHere comes a lion, they say.Ē
In all, The Lion King is the crowned king of Disney's renaissance period. Its stunning visuals and colours, fabulous music really takes the audience to the African savanna and will for a long time be a movie to gawp over.
For Panther85: The Lion King - A Gift for Kovu
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