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2017 Winter Advent

The Advent Dragons are unlocked each week. Some weeks there may be more than one! Each dragon has a comment labeled "Taming" beneath the Award comment. In it are the same instructions for all dragons which reads:

This design is an Advent from the 2017 Winter Advent Dragons. It must be tamed by the collective efforts of the community. To Tame this dragon, reply to this comment with one of the following:

1 full bodied color image of the dragon
500 words depicting the dragon either being tamed by your own character/dragon, or exploring the world.

When submitting please ensure that you label whether or not the winner may use the artwork/literature for primal points.
1 submission per person, earns 1 Mastery Point.

Included in the comment is when the advent ends. Dragons are released as the previous advent design ends.

Official 2017 Advents:

Thorn A007 by The-Below

Ovadi A006 by The-Below
Won by Alriandi

Astraios A004 by The-Below
Won by Rhith

Advent A003 by The-Below

Orion A002 by The-Below
Won by Nek0ura !

Aimar A001 by The-Below

If you win an advent, you can no longer earn another advent design. However you can still gain the participation reward: 300 Crystals.
If you do NOT want the design but want to participate for the Crystals, please label this in your submission comment! You also cannot earn the Raffle custom, but you may win the design a starter custom!

Own a ravager? You can't win the advent! But you can still participate for the crystals!

The winner is raffled off from those who enter using It is completely random and only based on those who participate. You may only submit once piece of art for each dragon to be added into the raffle, additional drawings or literature do not give you anymore chance than another player.

If you win a dragon you are free to choose the name, personality, sex, and any field marked with a "--"
These dragons may be traded or sold by the owner.

If you have any questions please ask them on this journal, do not comment on the import of the dragons with your question, your comments will be hidden.

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December 1, 2017


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