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Summer Leasing Approvals

Sun Jul 1, 2018, 10:23 PM

Any Dragon may be leased; it is the responsibility of the dragon's owner to ensure they maintain the health of their dragon.

  1. You may not create a punishment for a player not using the leasing permission during the time frame. While you are free to not do leasing deals with them in the future, you just can't use this to say they revoke items/etc. 
  2. In an essence of fairness, the party who is being given permission to use the dragon will always receive the items from the activity, no matter how rare they are. You cannot demand that if a certain item appears that you are given it. 
  3. Create unlimited time frame of leasing slots outside of events; The max amount of time is 1 month and can only be written once per month (so no writing the same player multiple months at once).
    1. For events the slot permission may last the duration of the event.
  4. The party being given the permission cannot demand a leasing slot permission to complete an art payment for another user, this is not the purpose of this function. Only ask for leasing permission slots if the owner of the dragon is advertising them.
The dragon owner will be given full Primal Points for the dragon depicted like normal. 
The dragon owner will be given half Mastery Points for the activity image. 
The party that has been given permission to use the dragon will be given Full Mastery Points for the activity image.

Some rules you may include a leasing slot are:
  1. Sold/Gifted/Traded; If not specifically stated these actions are allowed, they are always not allowed.
  2. Tag me in entries; This is a rule admins do not enforce, but it is common courtesy to tag the owner in your entry submission if they ask for it!
  3. Slot Permission Expire if "x" condition met; If someone is looking for a specific item you may add in a rule that the slot is terminated once the item is found.
Unlike breedings, admins will never reply to these permissions unless the "slot permission expire if condition met" is written in the form. Otherwise, the slot permission will expire on its own at the end of the time frame.

To submit a leasing permission approval please comment on this journal with the following form:

Dragon's Import: (link the dragon's import!)
Slot Owner: (tag the owner of the permission slot with the @/system)
Time Frame: (may not exceed 1 month, with the exclusion of events)
Rules: (remember you may not claim items/etc)

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2018 Summer Raffle [Archived]

Thu Jun 21, 2018, 11:34 AM

This raffle ends on Sunday June 24th!

How to join the raffle

Create a journal or status post about what you enjoy about Souls-Between, or inviting your friends to join in the fun! Everyone will be given 1 ticket for the raffle!

What's being raffled?

We are raffling the following items:
  1. 1 First generation standard Warden custom (umber or ivory, 4 com/1uncom markings, 1 uncom trait, Timid, common body)*
  2. 1 First generation Uncommon egg
  3. 2 Rare Eggs
  4. 1 Mysterious Egg
  5. 4 Slots to ANY starter of your choice! 
  6. 1 Radiation breath tonic
  7. 2 skills of your choice!
*You cannot win the first generation Warden if you have already purchased a Warden in the current summer sale!

You can only win one of the prizes, and everyone will be put in the raffle together for every item!
Comment on this journal with a link to your journal or status, and let us know what you enjoy about Souls-Between as well! You will be automatically added to the raffle, so don't worry if we don't give you a reply! It means you are good to go!

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Summer 2018 Sale [ARCHIVED]

Wed Jun 20, 2018, 2:00 PM

Premium Loot Chest by The-Below


This sale ends on June 30th, 2018. 

What's in this sale? 

  1. Species Customs:
    1. Unlimited Stalker and Ravager Standard Customs
    2. Limit one Warden Dragon Custom per person
  2. Custom Upgrades:
    1. Plated or Feathered Body upgrades only 
    2. Umber and Ivory bases only
    3. Aggressive and Calm tempers allowed, no sinister
    4. No rare traits, no Radiance, no Radiation Breath 
    5. All other breaths and skills are allowed
  3. Dragon Eggs
    1. Unlimited Common and Uncommon 
      1. First 2 Common or Uncommon eggs are first generation 
    2. 5 Rare Eggs 
    3. 5 Mysterious Eggs
  4. Premium Loot Chests
  5. Special Advent Warden Auctions
  6. Starter Slots to all starters, including Wardens
**Wardens may not participate in the Voyage of the Wardens Event, nor may they obtain their breeding rites until after the event. You are free to do their rites, but you cannot submit them until after the event ends.**

Ready to Make an order? Comment on the journal with this form: 
Order Details: (what all are you ordering!) 
Total Cost: (What is the total cost of your order)
Is this a hold for someone? (Are you holding the order for someone else, mention them in the comment!)


Please review the Custom Price Guide for the cost of customs upgrades. You may purchase as many stalker and ravager customs as you wish, but you may only purchase one warden dragon. 

You may not upgrade traits on the dragon, only 4 common and 1 uncommon traits. 
4 common markings and 1 uncommon, or you may trade in two common markings and have 2 common markings and 2 uncommon markings.
  1. Base is umber, but may be upgraded to ivory only.
  2. Plated or Feathered Body upgrades only
  3. Aggressive and Calm tempers allowed, no sinister
  4. All breaths except radiation are available in the sale 
  5. All skills are available
  6. Common and Uncommon Mutations are available; 1 per dragon
  7. Radiance is not available


Mysterious Dragon Egg by The-Below
All eggs have a chance to hatch warden dragons! 
The first 2 common or uncommon eggs purchased will be first generation*
*Must be purchased by two different people for themselves or as a hold for a different person.

  1. Common - $10 (unlimited)
  2. Uncommon - $20  (unlimited)
  3. Rare - $30  (5 only) (SOLD OUT)
  4. Mysterious - $45 (5 only) (SOLD OUT)
Rare and mysterious eggs are 1 per person, you can purchase one or the other, but not multiples of both!

All eggs can hatch any current available species
All eggs have a 50/50 chance to hatch female or male
  1. Common Eggs: 
    1. Chance of Ivory, umber, or golden 
    2. chance of common and uncommon markings and traits
    3. Chance of common, feathered, or plated build 
    4. Chance of timid, aggressive, or calm temper
    5. Between 2 to 4 markings, max of one uncommon marking and one uncommon trait
  2. Uncommon Eggs: 
    1. 2-5 Markings, Max of 2 uncommon markings, 2 uncommon traits
    2. Chance of umber, ivory, golden, or vanta
    3. chance of common and uncommon markings and traits
    4. chance of common, feathered, or plated build 
    5. chance of timid, aggressive, or calm temper
  3. Rare Eggs: 
    1. 3 - 5 Markings, Max of 2 uncommon Markings and 1 Rare, max 2 uncommon traits, max 1 rare trait
    2. Chance of Timid, aggressive, or calm temper
    3. Chance of common, feathered, plated, or angora build 
    4. chance of common, uncommon, or rare markings and traits
    5. chance of umber, ivory, golden, vanta, and mel umber bases
    6. Chance of Radiance
  4. Mysterious Eggs: 
    1. 3- 6 Markings, Max of 2 uncommon Markings and 1 Rare OR very rare, max 1 rare OR very rare trait
    2. Chance of all tempers
    3. Chance of all builds
    4. chance of all Bases
    5. Chance of all marking and trait rarities
    6. Chance of Radiance


Premium Loot Chest by The-Below
Unlimited amount, $15 each! 



All auctions end 24 hours after the last bid with a one hour snipe guard. 
There is no Auto buy. 

Please only bid if you can pay 100$ upfront with the rest paid over a payment plan, or all in one go.
If you need to back out of an auction chain, please inform the bid before yours if no one has outbid you.

  Scullymaw A008 by The-Below 
umber Angora
Sold for: $200
Reply to highest bid here

  Siren A009 by The-Below 
Shimmer With Custom Fins
Sold for: $500
Reply to highest bid here

  Prism A010 by The-Below 
Rose Plated Ivory with Custom Horns and Items
Sold for: $130
Reply to highest bid here


Unlimited per person, Only listed starters are available.
  1. Tier 1 - $10
  2. Tier 2 - $20 
  3. Tier 3 - $30 
  4. Tier 4 - $40 
Tier One Starters
Taurus S005 by The-Below
Wax Witch S008 by The-Below
Everest S012 by The-Below
Foxy S015 by The-Below
Taured S027 by The-Below
Gargoyle S034 by The-Below
Draco S035 by The-Below
Alur S037 by The-Below
Minmor S041 by The-Below

Tier Three Starters Rein S001 by The-Below
Ursula S019 by The-Below
Arilla S023 by The-Below
Rock S030 by The-Below
Septic S031 by The-Below
The Warmonger S032 by The-Below
Kelpie S033 by The-Below
Legnia S036 by The-Below
Roarsyg S040 by The-Below

Tier Four Starters Mulor S002 by The-Below Raraz S003 by The-Below Icarus S004 by The-Below
Glace S010 by The-Below
Seer S013 by The-Below
Mint S020 by The-Below
Blossom S021 by The-Below
Triqotra S029 by The-Below

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Voyage of the Wardens: Stage Two

Wed Jun 20, 2018, 7:53 AM

Voyage of the Wardens

"Fear is the pain arising from the anticipation of something evil."

Event Trophy: Prepared by The-Below

As more and more adventurers, scholars, warriors, and all manner of wyverns and companions breach the shores of the Deadlands, something begins to stir. The locals, finally having warmed up to their new visitors, begin to speak about something old and evil but hardly make any sense. They urge you to help them, to get to the root of their dead continent, and above all to be careful. The added amount of people now running all over the continent is sure to stir something up, and the locals do not seem keen on doing that. Take caution as you proceed, for you never know what may be lurking in this desolate place...

Will you heed the warnings or ignore them?

How it Works

Stage Two is a quest driven stage, in which a player can complete as many or as few quests as they would like. The quests always rewards items to prepare for stage three or use elsewhere in the game, and also have chances to rewards lore points, trophies, and clues towards stage three. By completing quests you advanced progress to Stage Three each time, as the chaos and distraction of so many more people on the continent rises, the awareness level of certain lurking creatures does as well. Once the awareness meter is completely full, Stage Three will be announced and released. 

You may only complete quests with a dragon that has completed Stage One. That dragon is limited to the quests in the area they ended Stage One in. Do not fear, all areas have a chance for the same trophies, awards, and clues! You may repeat any quests an indefinite number of times, and complete all of them if you'd like! There is no limit to how many can be completed.

        - You may send multiple dragons on the same quest! Unlike in stage one where only 1 dragon per prompt was allowed.
        - You may submit multiple quests at once, you do not need to wait for one quest to be rolled before submitting another!

Dragons will be awarded for each quest with items such as in the previous Stage. They also have a chance to find one of the listed trophies under each quest, find lore pieces, as well as discover clues regarding what Stage Three entails. 

ALL players that complete just one quest in Stage Two will receieve the "Prepared" trophy! 

Clues are random chance while a dragon is questing in it's respective zone, and for now their benefit is unknown.

Awareness Meter
The awareness meter that counts down to Stage Three will be released after it is halfway full, giving people time to prepare and anticipate their next move.

Damage and Battles
This stage may damage your dragon even if you are not battling. Each quest comes with a chance for injury due to the unstable and unsafe nature of the continent. Be sure to keep track of your dragons health! 

This stage also offers repeatable battles in some areas, which can significantly damage your dragons. Please be sure to watch your dragons health and keep them fit! 

The Quests

Quests are broken up into four areas, each an area the player may find themselves at the end of Stage One. You are limited to completing quests with your dragons in the area they are at. You can complete quests from multiple sections if you have multiple dragons in different locations, of course! 

When submitting a quest please reply HERE and fill out the following form: 

     Dragon: link to dragon
     Proof of Stage One Completion: link to the final admin comment on your stage on path
     Quest Chosen: List STARTING AREA and quest number (eg. "the forest, quest 1")
     Items used: list all items you are using
     Abilities used: list all abilities you are using/are relevant
     Link to Entry: link to the literature or art depicting your quest

Lists of Quests:

In the spirit of keeping this journal from being 4 pages long, the quests are broken up and listed separately below. It also removes the chance for plot spoilers for those who are reading the journal and don't wish to see them! 

The Underground

The Forest

The City

The Outlands


  1. Images must be full body (50% showing) colored and shaded as well as fit all prompt requirements, but may otherwise be interpreted as you please to fit your character/game play style!
  2. All entries must fit the world lore. No AU settings or modern day elements may be present in order for your entry to count.
  3. Literature entries must be 850 words and satisfy prompt requirements, but may also be tailored to fit your game play style and character.
  4. Collaborations are allowed! Feel free to explore the wastes with your flight members, friends, or lore partners.
  5. Commissioning entries, or otherwise made by other people, is not allowed, you must unlock each path and story line yourself!
  6. Your dragon can take damage during the event! Keep an eye on your health, if your dragon is defeated they can not continue until revived. 
    1. In stage 1 you may run into prompts where you must battle an enemy, they are rare! 
    2. In stage 2 you can become injured by your surroundings, much like in hunting/fishing/foraging. Be wary of dangerous poisonous plants! 
    3. Stage 3 details are locked, stock up on armor and health.

Special Note: 
    Prompts are extremely loose in their interpretation. You may draw or write about your dragon at any point in the prompt, not simply the instructions given to you based on your decision. Example: You may display your dragon reacting to parts of the written prompt as well as the actual “draw your dragon doing this” prompt. 

    “You” can mean a number of things. It can mean your dragon, it can mean your dragon and another dragon, and it can mean your dragon and their companion. Any prompt can be re-imagined as you wish to accommodate how you choose to play the event, and even if something says a companion performs an action, you may replace that with your dragon! 

Allowed Items

Due to the nature of Stage Two and the potential for damage, the following items are allowed to be used during the event: 

  1. All Armors
  2. *The Aether book allows you to cast one spell, in the event you do not have Aether Restoration started.
  3. Applied tonics and skills


Please refer to the bottom of the journal HERE for frequently asked questions. 
Feel free to post questions you may have about Stage Two HERE.

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Import Background Contest

Sun Jun 17, 2018, 11:25 PM

This contest will last until July 20th!

All entries will receive compensation!
This event will end before the Fall sale!

Backgrounds that win in this contest will be added to the Market and not the Emporium. Meaning that these backgrounds will only ever be obtainable through the market with crystals. Since we don't sell crystals, only coins, we won't make a penny off these backgrounds! Everyone will be able to get them through the market and enjoy them!


Backgrounds can be anything so long as they are the same size as the imports you download to design your dragons! Imports (Except ravagers) should appear to not "float" and have some kind of ground plane they are standing on. Backgrounds do not have to come in different day/night cycles, but you are welcome to provide these or provide different color schemes!

The work must be 100% your own creation and not photo manipulated from other sources (no compositing together backgrounds you don't own). 
All styles are welcome, most of all have fun! The backgrounds do not have to be based on current displayed/explained locations of the souls universe, as the world is quite diverse with many different locations!


To submit your background you will comment on this journal with the file! Nothing fancy! You can submit as many or as few that you want and multiples may be chosen form your submissions!

Don't/can't submit but want to let us know you really like an entry? Give it a +1 and we will absolutely consider these as community wants and involvement!


All players will be compensated in some form!

  1. Winners will receive $50 in credit to be used towards sales or coins as well as a copy of their winning import background!
  2. Those who are not chosen will be given a copy of their Background for their own personal use (it won't be allowed to be traded!), OR they may choose a $30 credit to be used in sales/coins.

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Summer Dragon of the Month

Thu May 31, 2018, 9:10 PM

Dragon of the Month by The-Below

Dragon of the month Nominations

Remember the following rules when you submit nominations:

◆ You cannot vote for yourself! 
◆ You cannot bribe others to vote for you 
◆ A player can only win once every two seasons [every 6 months]

You may only submit for the current month. For example if it is January, you have to submit for January. You cannot submit for February until February first.

Those who vote for the dragon of the month are entered into a raffle to win special rewards as an incentive to be part of the community and vote! These rewards change monthly! 


Shimmering Draco Python by The-Below

To nominate a dragon for the winter months please submit the following:

Dragon Import: [link the dragon's import]
Dragon Owner: [@/theowner]
Why should they be nominated?: [We need a reason!]
Month Nomination: [January or February, remember to only submit for the month that is]

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Summer Design Approval

Thu May 31, 2018, 9:08 PM

Submit designs for approval here, remember to follow the guides!
Admins do their best to ensure all guides are accurate and that everyone gets fair treatment! If we have to change a rule please do not take it personally!

◆ Coloring lines is acceptable but they must be darker than what they reside over and still be see able.
◆ Slight shading of the claws, gums, teeth, and eyes is allowed, but should not be overly complex.
Written Import Template must be in the stash description filled out properly.
Limit 2 designs per day
Navi - Hey! Listen! 
Double check your design with our handy Design Approval Check List

Comment on this journal with the following form:

Link to Design: [Stash link]
Proof of Ownership: [link to breeding or ownership]
If breeding, Clutch number: [which geno is it, 1, 2, etc]
Extras: [items such as bg proofs, etc]

If you are skipped in queue, it is most likely because an admin is asking for a second opinion on your design! If you end up waiting for more than two days on a skipped design, feel free to note the group about it!

Ensure your import info is properly filled out! If you need help with a custom please ask us in your stash comments; otherwise you might get sent right back through approvals!

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Summer Design Modification

Thu May 31, 2018, 9:07 PM

Design Modification is used for the following:
  1. Design touch ups
  2. Design Do-overs
  3. Item/Tack/line edits
When you submit to design modification you may also request Background changes, and changes/additions to import info.

Comment on this journal with the following form:

Link to Dragon: [link the current import uploaded]
Link to New Design: [link the stash file of the new import]
Items Used: [state items used, provide proof if the item is not in your Hoard]
Changes Made: [list any changes to made to the design]

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Summer Design Corrections

Thu May 31, 2018, 9:07 PM

Is your design was rejected you will have to correct them and submit the corrected design here.

If you completed revamp your design, please repost to design approval and let us know!

Comment on this journal with the following form:
Link to Rejected Design: [the stash link of your rejected design]
Link to Corrected Design: [link the new stash link of the corrected design]
Proof of ownership: [the proof of ownership link]
Geno Number: [if applicable]
Extras: [any items you used in the design]

If your design needs more corrections you will resubmit here again.

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Summer Breeding Requests

Thu May 31, 2018, 9:06 PM

Remember that your dragon must have completed their rites and earned their Ouroboros  Emblem. They must also have enough slots to be bred.
You may post up to 3 breeding requests per month [4 once you unlock the player rank Dragon Master], and 2 splits. Your splits will only count as full slots if you post them.

You may only use 4 breeding supplements in a given breeding.

Comment on this journal with the following form: 

Link to Sire x Link to Dam
Sire Slot Proof: [link the approval for the Sire, or if yours state so]
Dam Slot Proof: [Link the approval for the dam, or if yours state so]
Details: [#/3 of Month, Full/split with]
Breeding Supplements: [(4 max) Any supplements for the breeding, if not in your Hoard, link the proof]
Tags: [Tag owners if applicable]

**Remember if you are using items such as the Bottled Dragon Fire that have options tethered to them, to list those items. For example 
Bottled Dragon Fire - Pick your preferred temperament out of the possibilities 
Gender Potion - Pick the gender of the hatchlings

etc, thank you!

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Summer Breeding Approvals

Thu May 31, 2018, 9:05 PM

In order to breed a dragon that is not yours, you must have an approval comment. Approval comments are written here.

**Unlimited slots are not allowed to be written.**
The max number of slots allowed in one approval is Five.

Comment on this journal with the following form:

Link to Dragon: [link the import!]
Slot Type: [Full or split/ max is 5 per comment]
Inbreeding Allowed: [Yes / No]
Splits Allowed: [Yes/No]
Can it be traded/sold/gifted: [Which are allowed?]
Other Rules: [what other rules go with the slot]

You may leave out the bottom 4 sections of the slot permission if they do not apply to the slot.

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Summer Rites and Taming Submissions

Thu May 31, 2018, 9:05 PM

Here you will post prompts for Breeding rites and taming completion.
Do NOT post images onto the imports! An Admin will do this!

Comment on this journal with one of these two forms. Only one request per comment please!

Breeding Rites and Taming Submissions
Link to Dragon: [Link your dragon's import]
Training Type: [Breeding Rite, Taming]
Domesticated or Wild: [Which prompts did you use, both is acceptable]
Link to Prompt 1: [Prompt name  and #/ Link]
Link to Prompt 2: [Prompt name  and #/ Link]
Link to Prompt 3: [Prompt name  and #/ Link, Remove if Breeding Rite]

Soul Linking
Link to Dragon: [Link your dragon's import]
Partner: [handler or dragon]
Dragon Partner Link: [If Dragon, if handler, remove this]
Link to Prompts: [Please ensure they are clearly labeled]

Aether Restoration
Link to Dragon: [Link your dragon's import]
Aether Restoration Level: [Basic, Low Class, High Class]
Aether Category: [Only for Low and High; Arcane, Illusionist, Elementalist, Healing, or Enchantment]
Link to Prompts: [Link the entry!]

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Summer Hunting and Foraging

Thu May 31, 2018, 9:04 PM

Emerald - 300 Crystals by The-Below

Submit your hunting and foraging attempt here!

Remember that your dragon has a low chance to be injured!
Your player rank determines the pass chance
Please only one request per comment and only 5 comments per day!

Comment on this journal with the following form:

Link to Dragon: [link your dragon's import]
Link to your Rank Tracker: [Link your player tracker]
Your Player Rank: [What is your player rank]
Hunting, Fishing, or Foraging?: [Is this a hunt, fish, or forage?]
Zone: [1, 2, 3, 4, or Aether]
Extra items: [if any, if not in your hoard be sure to link the proof]
Link to Entry: [Link the image with the entry!]

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Summer Crafting Requests

Thu May 31, 2018, 9:03 PM

Submit crafting attempts here.
One request per comment, 5 comments per day please!

Please use this form and comment on the journal. 

Link to Player Tracker: [Link your tracker!]
Crafting Level: [What is your current crafting level?]
Recipe Name: [what is the item you are trying to craft?]
Ingredients: [what are the ingredients]
Proof: [either in hoard, or link to proofs!]

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Summer Adoption Center

Thu May 31, 2018, 9:02 PM

If you are looking for a dragon, or looking to surrender one, this is the place to go!

You are allowed to adopt up to TWO Dragons per Month. You may not adopt dragons you deposited.
Adopted Dragons may not be sold until they are Primordial rank.
Adopted dragons will have a comment on their import stating that they are adopted.

Comment on this journal with one of two forms:

To Adopt:

ID Number: [ensure this is the ID next to the row number. Do not put the row number!]
First or Second Adoption? [#/2 of Month]

To Surrender:
Max of 5 genos per comment and 5 comments per day.

Link to Geno: [provide the proof of ownership!]
Geno: [list the entire geno and the number]
Total: [the total amount of currency the dragon is worth]

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Summer Hatchery

Thu May 31, 2018, 9:01 PM

Found a dragon egg have you? You can hatch it here!

Please only one egg per comment!

Link to Egg: [link the proof or state it is in your Hoard]
Type of Egg: [Common, uncommon, rare, or Mysterious]

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Summer Hoard Requests

Thu May 31, 2018, 9:00 PM

You may request your Hoard be updated here!
You can deposit your items directly your hoard
Or you can deposit them directly to your flight Hoard

Your total currency is logged in your hoard, and you can redeem items for currency and have the currency deposited directly to your hoard.

**To deposit items to your FLIGHT Hoard you must inform us you want it in the flight hoard. This cannot be done with your personal hoard, please make a separate comment for flight hoard requests. If you do not label the deposit comment for flight hoard it will be assumed that you want it in your personal hoard. To label something for your flight hoard, start the comment with: Deposit directly to Flight Name Hoard**

Please use one of these forms based on your requests!

Loot Box Opening
Link to Loot box: [link to the box, only 1 per comment]

Item Deposits
*Only 5 links per comment, not for crystal redemption

Link to Proof: [link the proof of the items]
Items to be deposited: [List the items]

Gold Redemption
*For turning items into gold or depositing gold. Only 5 links per comment.

Link to proof: [link to proof of crystal/coins/items]
Items to be redeemed: [list the items and the market they are sold from; i.g. if you are selling to the Traveling Bazaar or to the Market]
Total Amount: [list the total crystals amount if items]

Transfer x items to x user

Hoard Errors
Found an error in your hoard? Let us know!

Error: [explain the error!]
Proof: [provide any links to proof of ownership/etc]

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Summer Item Purchases

Thu May 31, 2018, 9:00 PM

Looking to purchase items from the store? Request here!

Item purchasing: [list the item being purchased]
Market purchasing from: (The Market, The Emporium, or the Traveling Bazaar)
Total Cost: [total cost of the item]
Link Funds: [if not in hoard, use this to provide ownership!]

Please only do 5 requests per post!

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Summer Status Updates

Thu May 31, 2018, 8:59 PM

Ready to rank up? This is the place!

comment here with one of three forms:

Dragon Status Requests

Link to Dragon: [Link the dragon's import]
Dragon's Tracker: [link the dragon's tracker!]
Total Primal Points: [What is the total PP at time of posting request?]
Rank Requesting: [What rank are you trying for!]

Player Status Requests

Player Rank: Beginner by The-BelowPlayer Rank: Stable-hand by The-BelowPlayer Rank: Dragon Tamer by The-BelowPlayer Rank: Dragon Master by The-Below

Link to Player Tracker: [Link your player tracker!]
Total Mastery Points: [what is the total MP at time of posting request?]
Rank Requesting: [What rank are you trying for!]

Player Crafting Level Requests
Link to Player Tracker: [Link your player tracker!]
Total Crafting EXP: [the total at time of request![
Level Requesting: [What crafting level are you trying for!]

Please only one request per comment!

Skin created by Unikeko and Cryptid-Horror
For use only by Souls-Between

Summer Import Changes

Thu May 31, 2018, 8:58 PM

Need to add a companion? Change a name? You can do it here! This journal covers the following requests:
  1. Ownership transfers
    1. You may request names be removed
    2.  personality removed
    3.  removable items removed
    4. REMEMBER: Dragons adopted from the Adoption Center may not be transferred until they are Primordial Rank,
  2. Import info changes[ names and personality, or removable items removed]
  3. Companion / familiar application
  4. Applying unbreakable armor/items.
  5. Background changes
  6. Reversal Charm uses
  7. Adding breath/skills
    1. Adding breath artwork

This journal is NOT for:

  1. Do over or touch up kits
  2. Adding Dye, nail polish, small / large item kits
Comment on this journal with the following form:

Link to Dragon: [Link your dragon's import!]
Change: [what kind of change is this? If transfer use the @/system to mention the new owner]
Details: [if any other change that isn't transfer, tell us. Link a stash, link a companion proof, or just list the changes!]

Only one request per comment please!

Skin created by Unikeko and Cryptid-Horror
For use only by Souls-Between