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Hugin 212 by The-Below Hugin 212 by The-Below
Name: Hugin
Nicknames: //
ID: 212
Owner: RainInTheWillows
Group: Souls-Between 
Sex: Male
Health: Healthy 
Species: Ravager Wyvern
Temperament: Timid
Genotype: uu/Oo/vv+nDt/nRa/nSm/nRu
Runed Dusted Ivory with Ray and Smoke
Common Body
◆ Slit Eyes
◆ Royal Horns
◆ Wild Ears
◆ Plume Tail
Breath: Shadow
Skill: Friendly Giant
Rank: Primordial
Primordial Trophy by The-Below Shadow Tonic by The-Below

Ouroboros Emblem:  Completed
Taming:  Completed; Domesticated
  1. Arena Honor - This dragon gains an extra chance to get rare items in the arena and in events, even if they lose an arena fight.
  2. Good Listening - This dragon has a higher chance of passing Quests.
Aether Restoration: Basic Completed
    - Low Magic Class: Healing Magic
    - High Magic Class: High Healing Magic
Soul Linking:  Completed; Handler
Arena Ranking:  Incomplete

◆ Adornments
◆ Armor


Lineage Generation: Generation 2 
                                        ╭⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼ SSS: Unknown
           ╭⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼ SS: Unknown 
                                        ╰⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼ SSD: Unknown
Sire: Unknown
                                        ╭⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼ SDS: Unknown
           ╰⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼ SD: Blossom S021
                                        ╰⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼ SDD: Unknown

                                        ╭⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼ DSS: Unknown
          ╭⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼ DS: Unknown
                                        ╰⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼ DSD: Unknown
Dam: Raraz S003
                                        ╭⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼ DDS: Unknown
          ╰⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼ DD: Unknown
                                        ╰⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼ DDD: Unknown

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The-Below Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2018
Event Trophy: Thief by The-Below
Awarded during the Voyage of the Wardens event during Stage Two.
The-Below Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2018
This dragon has been awarded the Primordial Trophy. 
Primordial Trophy by The-Below
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Event Trophy: Treasure Seeker by The-Below
Awarded during the Voyage of the Wardens event during Stage Two.
The-Below Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2018
Event Trophy: Prepared by The-Below
Awarded for participation in the Voyage of the Wardens event Stage Two.
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This dragon has been awarded the Ancient Trophy. 
Ancient Trophy by The-Below
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Soul Link Trophy by The-Below  
This Dragon has achieved the Handler Soul Link. They gain the following bonuses: 
  • ◆ Decrease in chance of being injured during activities
  • ◆ Boost to damage dealt with PvP and PvE
  • ◆ Soul link quests unlocked
  • ◆ This dragon will always produce 2 eggs in a nest unless the nest can only produce 1 egg. Does not stack with Starter effect.
Flights of Fancy Soul Linking HuginHugin wanted something special.
Something he had heard about in whispers.
Something called a "Soul Link."
  White Raven wasn't sure what this was, but if it made Hugin happy, and it did no harm, then why should she stand in his way?
   For dragons, bonds were everything, this she knew. And finding an elder to discuss matters with, she learned more about what it was that Hugin desired.
  "For as long as our dragons have existed in this world, they have been known to form lifelong bonds with those who mattered most in their lives. Those that they could trust with their very being, those that they felt were kin to them despite no blood or flight ties binding them already. It is no easy thing for a dragon of any type to bond in such a way, and for one to seek it with you, means you are blessed indeed." Or so the old woman had said.
   There was to be three trials to prove their bond, their trust, their love for one another, each more difficult than the last fr
Free Fallin' :Trust Fall White Raven and Hugin    The day was coming, White Raven knew it. The day of the jump. A part of her feared it. While she trusted Hugin implicitly, there was still a part of her that worried that things outside of their control would come into play and take it all away. She sat and meditated to clear her mind, to stop the worry from building up so bad within her. Hugin WOULD save her, catch her like a falling star.
  There was a saying in her childhood village, one that lingered close to her heart even long after the place was lost to her. "-To catch a falling star, was to save a fading life. To save a fading life, meant the greatest bond of all. For to save a fading life, love must exist above all else. Lest the light fade out, and the life go with it.-" The memory of the toothless old elder woman, her name lost long ago to the shadows of time and memory fade, speaking of such things, even if it was just the echo of her quavering voice, still brought tears to White Raven's eyes.
Nightmarish Challenges of Loyalty  The mission was taking longer than anyone hqd anticipated. The hardships faced by all and sundry were most certainly not covered by the briefings had before they ever left home, but that was usually how things went, wasn't it? White Raven and Hugin had been in some tight spots before, but nothing like this one. . . How were they gonna get through this, they certainly didn't know. . .
    White Raven recieved word that she and Hugin were to fly out into the wastes and find someone who hadn't reported in on time for more than a week now. They had always been prompt in their check ins and now, the worst was feared. The pair was asked to fly out and ascertain the conditions of the person's camp, and the status they held--dead, or alive. What they didn't say was, smart money said they would find the camp empty, if not full of corpses. . .
  White Raven sighed. Hugin was willing to do a great many things if it meant protecting others, but how would he handle finding
The-Below Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2018
This dragon has completed their domesticated taming and has received the Domestic Taming Trophy.
Domestic Taming Trophy by The-Below 

They have received the following abilities: 
  1. Arena Honor - This dragon gains an extra chance to get rare items in the arena and in events, even if they lose an arena fight.
  2. Good Listening - This dragon has a higher chance of passing Quests.
Fit For Travel: The Perils of Newly Armored Hugin   Hugin was sunbathing happily one day when White Raven came along and spoiled it all with a horrible grin on her face. Now, he didn't mind a saddle overmuch, she always used just a small scrap of one compared to others that he had seen on other dragons in the past and he was very grateful for it. But when she strapped this new stuff on--well--he was certainly less than pleased. . .
    White Raven knew that at times, life would be dangerous and quite difficult for both her and Hugin, and she had to do all that she could to keep him safe. So, that being said, she painstakingly collected, and crafted and traded and bartered and begged until she had all the pieces assembled, ragtag and motley though they may be, for a full suit of light armor for Hugin. She herself favored boiled leather armaments with metal plating secured in pockets where she needed the extra protection. It made it lighter and easier to bear than chain mail or full plate would be by far. Even scale
Succor     Hugin could remember first meeting White Raven. . . He had been alone for some time, no one was there to care for him, no one was there to love him until her. There had been food, but it was growing low, and he was cold and afraid and then. . . she was there. And she had been there ever since. . .

    White Raven was hiking in the foothills in search of eggs. The leathery clutches of the dragons that flew so gracefully above her head. . . How she longed to join them in the skies. Her heart hurt everytime she caught sight of them soaring up above. The majesty and grace, the beauty of it all, the feel of the winds brushing past, blasting her skin! Oh how she longed for that. . .
   She climbed tirelessly, peeking in every large crack and crevice, wherever a female might've stashed her brood. She had heard there had been a breeding pair up this way, but she saw no signs of them actively being in the area. It worried her. It wasn't uncommon f
Valor.....Honor....Glory.....Savagery    Hugin's breathing was labored. This fight was possibly the hardest fight yet for him, and his arena life hung in the balance. Win or lose, it could break him either way.
The arena.
The place where dragons go to fight in bouts to show off skill, prowess or just to flat out get aggressions settled between them. Some went there to grow stronger, others, to dominate and maim opponents. True, it was frowned upon to hurt your opponent in a permanent way, but that didn't stop others at times from trying to ensure another wouldn't rise to the skies once more. Limitations could be placed, no breath or items, no armor, or some other restriction to even things up, but that didn't mean it was a constant thing.
What was guaranteed?
The arena could be a dangerous place to play.
   Hugin had wanted to test himself, to overcome his timidity, and become a stronger fighter, so that White Raven wouldn't have to defend him all the time, so he could keep her safe from harm better th
The-Below Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2018
This Dragon has completed their breeding rites and earned the Ouroboros Emblem. They may now pass on their legacy to their offspring.

The Ouroboros Emblem by The-Below
A Home of My Own: Hugin's Search    Hugin wanted to find a good den, he NEEDED to. A mate would never take a male like him unless he could provide a decent protective shelter, and finding one that would suit ate at his mind. He had left White Raven behind for a time, wanting to do this on his own. She had protected him for a long time, but now, for his progeny's sake, he had to stand on his own two feet so to speak. She had shown him how important a good and safe den would be for his young, and he wanted to make her proud too. He couldn't remember his own mother, nor her mate if he ever knew them. For as long as he could remember, it was always White Raven there, tending him, caring for him, protecting him from the harsher parts of life. He was the one who used his curiosity to stick his snout in someone's den and cost her the scars on her face when he was very young. His heart still ached at that thought. But what he could never bring himself to admit, was he was so very lonely growing up. If he told her, i Sustenance! Hugin's Need To Provide     Hugin knew that with the location of the den he had found with Triqotra's assistance and imput, he could begin stockpiling foods that could be dried and stored away in the alcoves, without concern for spoilage due to the cool nature of the stone. The main areas seemed to stay warm, especially with the wind cover placed over the entrance. He had since added to it for extra protection. He couldn't afford a predator finding his home, his food cache, nor his hatchlings should he be blessed with them.
   Triqotra had agreed to hunt with him today, for she was preparing for a clutch of her own, so meat was essential in both of their cases. He was intent on exploring the surrounding areas and found it rich in game in all directions. Herds of deer, elk, antelope, goats, what White Raven called buffalos, and Bufflaki, a massive elk like creature that stood as tall as the mountains could be seen spotting the territory. The antlers alone on one would outfit an entire massi
The-Below Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2018
This dragon has been awarded the Primal Trophy. 
Primal Trophy by The-Below   
The-Below Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2018
Event Trophy: Storyteller by The-Below
Awarded during the Voyage of the Wardens event during Stage One.
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Hugin 212 has been awarded the Fledgling trophy!

Fledgling Trophy by The-Below
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