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Molly Jones Chapter 11: Killing Her Softly by Lesliewifeofbath, literature

Molly Jones Chapter 10: The Long Road by Lesliewifeofbath, literature

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Hello, dear administrators, thank you very much for accepting me into your group, I mistakenly threw my screenshots into a folder for reading, please place my screenshots in the correct folder for screenshots.
Thanks for letting me join! I hope to make lots of new friends here :D
Hi! Thanks for the collab contest, it was very fun to take part in it...are we going to have a summer contest this year, by the way? I'm just curious about it, because I'd have some themes in my mind and if we do have one, I could choose which of them I'd write down (first) according to the possible theme of that and if we don't I'll just randomly pick up one of the ideas and write about it :) Have a nice day!
I'd love to do a summer contest, but I have a had a lot going on in my personal life that makes organizing another contest a bad idea at this time. I simply don't have it in me.
Oh I hope things turn out fine for you eventually! Np, then I'll just probably write about the topic which is easiest to write about, now that I know that I don't have to match the choice with any possible contest theme.
How do you get the background not to move as scroll up?