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Coil Refusal (2018)
TailsTheFox76 did two pictures for me on Thursday the 2nd of August 2018. The early morning one was "Coil refusal" and the night time one was "Easy". Pourpre and Shails are in this massive fanfic.
The drawing of 'Coil refusal" can be seen here:
The drawing of "Easy" can be seen here:
Shails the 21-year-old cheefox is having the time of her life, until she notices that her long-time rival Pourpre the 21-year-old hedgelamia is stalking her. Will Shails be able to get away safely or will Pourpre make a meal out of the cheefox? This fanfic has been rated PG for mild violence. Parental guidance is recommended for younger readers.
Thursday, the 2nd of August 2018, 10:00:00PM.
It was a warm night in Mobuis because the current temperature was 75F degrees. In the city area, 21-year-old Shails the cheefox was walking happily on the footpath. She was having the t
:iconthe-badger-wolf:The-Badger-Wolf 3 2
Mature content
Pourpre's Ambush Of Breaker Ver.3 (2018, Rated M) :iconthe-badger-wolf:The-Badger-Wolf 1 1
Mature content
Pourpre's Ambush Of Breaker Ver.2 (2018, Rated M) :iconthe-badger-wolf:The-Badger-Wolf 1 1
Pourpre's Ambush Of Breaker Ver.1 (2018, Rated PG)
This is going to be a much-deserved fanfic for TailsTheFox76. To me, he has been like a friend in real life for months and I really appreciate his support and what drawings he has done for me and everyone on this site. c:
In the jungle, Breaker Buckley the raccoon (the husband of Oxida the badger) puts his trust in his two children (13-year-old Prodigy the raccoon and 11-year-old Nightfall the raccoon) to look after each other in their camping tent. However, the 32-year-old father of two becomes lost and he is soon confronted by a mean hedgelamia named Pourpre. Will Breaker have no choice but to team up with her to find his way back to his kids? This fanfic has been rated PG for some violence. Parental guidance is recommended for younger readers.
Sunday, the 22nd of July 2018, 1:00:00PM.
It was going to be a cold and wet day in Tokala Island. The temperature was expected to reach a maximum of 17C. The current temperature was 16.5C. Deep in the jungle was a very mean purple-like
:iconthe-badger-wolf:The-Badger-Wolf 1 1
Jessika Forrest's Crush On Alan Klarkszon (2018)
This is going to be a fanfic for the ones who love snake squeezes. Jessika Forrest the 24-year-old tiger and Alan Klarkszon the 24-year-old badger meet up in the jungle and they start walking. While they have pizza together during camping, Jessika confesses that she's had a crush on Alan for months. During that confession, a jungle python ambushes the two. This fanfic has been rated PG for mild themes and infrequent violence. Parental guidance is recommended for younger readers.
Tuesday, the 15th of May 2018, 2:57:01PM.
It was a cold and mostly sunny day in Tokala Island. The current temperature was 19C. 24-year-old Jessika Forrest the tiger was at her house, living with her 22-year-old sister Blackberry Forrest the tiger. Jessika was about to head to her job in less than an hour. She was working as a part-time pizza delivery woman Mondays-Fridays between the hours of 4pm and 8pm. Meanwhile, 24-year-old Alan Klarkszon the badger was chilling out at home, living with his 19-
:iconthe-badger-wolf:The-Badger-Wolf 1 0
Booted From Party By Party Leaders (2017)
This is going to be a fanfic about people booting other people from games after in-game deliberate betrayals and this is based on a true story. This takes place in September 2017. This fanfic includes Jewel Bautista-Cruise the 27-year-old fox, Braiden Bautista the 25-year-old polar bear, Xeroi Kisuga the Crystal Gem Beast, Tyler Meles Sr the 46-year-old badger, Tyler Meles Jr the 17-year-old badger, Robin Meles the 16-year-old autistic badger, Rainbow Eucla the 15-year-old badger and Miles "Tails" Prower the twin-tailed fox.
At the time, Jewel Bautista-Cruise the fox was about 32-weeks pregnant with twin snowfoxes with husband Braiden Bautista the polar bear as the biological father. This fanfic has been rated PG for infrequent coarse language. Parental guidance is recommended for younger readers.
The jokes about booting people from the party are what I have heard about the following questions:
"Can you tell me what the shape of Italy is?"
"What do cowboys wear on their feet?"
"What is
:iconthe-badger-wolf:The-Badger-Wolf 1 0
Darrin And Rainbow Visit Cream And Cookie
This is going to be a fanfic for anacondaconstrictor. It will be about Cream the snake and her sister Cookie the snake getting a surprise visit from two autistic 16-year-old badgers: Darrin Albany and Rainbow Eucla. This fanfic has been rated PG. Parental guidance is recommended for younger readers.
Tuesday, the 15th of May 2018, 2:30:36PM.
It was a cold and mostly sunny day in Tokala Island. The current temperature was 19C. At Central Tokala Island High School, Darrin Albany the 16-year-old badger was in his final year of high school, which was Year 12. That meant that he would be graduating in October. Year 12 students in Tokala Island would have their final school day ever on October 19 while Year 11 students would have their final school day of 2018 on November 16. The remainder of the high school students (who are in Years 8, 9 and 10) would have their final school day of the year on December 14. Rainbow the 16-year-old badger (Darrin's adopted sister) and Celia Greywolf t
:iconthe-badger-wolf:The-Badger-Wolf 2 0
AlphaBeastSigma Short: Poking The Scycica
This is going to be a funny short fanfic for AlphaBeastSigma. It will be about Scycica Asukana the Crystal Gem Beast having to put up with some characters poking her for the fun of it. Poor Scycica. How many people will have to poke her before she gets really annoyed? This fanfic has been rated G and it is suitable for readers of all ages.
Wednesday, the 6th of June 2018, unknown time.
Scycica Asukana and her mother Syn Asukana were just heading to the park near their house in Xeroi Island. Unknowingly, joining them were 46-year-old Tyler Meles Sr the badger and his two sons Tyler Jr and Robin. Tyler Jr was the older son (18 years of age) while Robin was the younger son (17 years of age) who had high-functioning autism.
TYLER MELES SR THE BADGER: That must be Scycica Asukana and her mother Syn Asukana. I wonder what they're doing here.
ROBIN MELES THE BADGER: Uh, dad, this is Xeroi Island.
:iconthe-badger-wolf:The-Badger-Wolf 2 1
Yess, Tail!: S01E01
About half of this episode takes place in the year 2015. After this, the rest of this episode takes place in the year 2018. This episode has been rated G and is suitable for readers of all ages.
Fade into light blue and from light blue showing all the happy moments of Huntress the kitty cat and Savannah the badger as the chorus of song We Are Giants plays, which is sung by Lindsey Stirling featuring Dia Frampton.

Once the chorus is over, the screen fades into light blue and then fades from light blue.
First Season, First Episode: Arriving In Huntress City.

Friday, the 6th of November 2015, unknown time of the day:
It was a cool day in Huntress City. The time was 3:00pm. A blue kitty cat named Huntress Cuddlez (aged 20) and a pink-haired badger named Savannah (aged 20) were very close friends with each other. Huntress was the kind-hearted and funny one while Savannah was the very shy and polite one. B
:iconthe-badger-wolf:The-Badger-Wolf 2 2
Cupcake Fight 2 (2017)
Sunday, the 10th of September 2017, 8:16:47PM
It was a cold and wet night in Tokala Island. In the rain, 33-year-old Rodeo Dallas Jr the badger and his adopted 7-year-old fox son Freddey "Foxy Fan" were walking on a path and were returning home from visiting Rodeo Jr's parents (Wisetail Dallas the raccoon and Rodeo Dallas Sr the badger) after spending time with them at their house, which hosted his mother's 58th birthday party. Rodeo Jr and Freddey had their raincoats on. As they approached their house, Rodeo Jr got out the house keys from his left pocket and put the correct one in the lock before unlocking the door successfully, letting Freddey inside before himself. The badger man then locked the door. Freddey turned on the lounge room light while his adopt
:iconthe-badger-wolf:The-Badger-Wolf 0 4
Darrin The Badger Asks For Advice After A Breakup
16-year-old Darrin Albany the badger and his girlfriend (17-year-old Amber Storm the cat) broke up on August 4.
Monday, the 7th of August 2017.

On a cold and wet Monday night in Tokala Island, Nanuk the polar bear and his adopted son Darrin the badger were at the Central Tokala Island Park, just across the road from the local play centre. They had their normal clothing on, plus their raincoats. They saw Tenebris just near the big tree. Nanuk and Darrin were going to do something a bit funny.
NANUK ROSER THE POLAR BEAR: Now, let's pull Tenebris' tail. X3
DARRIN ALBANY THE BADGER: All right. Go ahead. :)
Darrin and his adoptive father Nanuk approached Tenebris stealthily and pulled Tenebris' tail lightly.
The great panther turned around and faced him (with Darrin hiding behind the polar bear), giving him a light chuckle. Nanuk chuckled as well and so did Darrin.
:iconthe-badger-wolf:The-Badger-Wolf 1 48
October 14th, 2017: Tyler Meles Sr the badger by The-Badger-Wolf October 14th, 2017: Tyler Meles Sr the badger :iconthe-badger-wolf:The-Badger-Wolf 5 13 October 13th, 2017: Sam the fox by The-Badger-Wolf October 13th, 2017: Sam the fox :iconthe-badger-wolf:The-Badger-Wolf 6 5 October 12th, 2017: Jungles Roser the badger by The-Badger-Wolf October 12th, 2017: Jungles Roser the badger :iconthe-badger-wolf:The-Badger-Wolf 7 0 October 11th, 2017: Tigery the tiger (SoulzGrapes) by The-Badger-Wolf October 11th, 2017: Tigery the tiger (SoulzGrapes) :iconthe-badger-wolf:The-Badger-Wolf 5 2 October 10th, 2017: Dwayne the wolf by The-Badger-Wolf October 10th, 2017: Dwayne the wolf :iconthe-badger-wolf:The-Badger-Wolf 5 5


All like anime :v by TailsTheFox76 All like anime :v :icontailsthefox76:TailsTheFox76 4 4 Dreamselfy WTA Adopts by AlphaBeastSigma Dreamselfy WTA Adopts :iconalphabeastsigma:AlphaBeastSigma 3 31 My Rection to that lovely comment by TailsTheFox76 My Rection to that lovely comment :icontailsthefox76:TailsTheFox76 4 3 Amy sleeping alongside Mecha Sonic by AlphaBeastSigma Amy sleeping alongside Mecha Sonic :iconalphabeastsigma:AlphaBeastSigma 9 7
Uh... I am speechless. (Thanks for 101 watchers)
This is the second time I have reached 100 watchers. (101 watchers now. The last time I got 100+ watchers was on my old DA account.)
Thank you all so much for the support... I am gonna try to figure out what to do for 101 watchers. Thank you all once again! 0w0
(Please suggest what you would like me to do for reaching 101 watchers.
Thank you all watchers:
1.  @craaziifox2.  @DicedKey3.  @KeithTate124.  @Haywire--Demon5.  @RedvoltZ6.  @crossybaka-x7.  @Shvestko8.  @TheChippedPitcher9.  @CrystalTheEspeonage10.  @MckenaMakesAdopts11.  @mer-curry12.  darksketcher21
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:iconcoyote-rayzor:Coyote-Rayzor 22 84
Shine in wonderland by TailsTheFox76 Shine in wonderland :icontailsthefox76:TailsTheFox76 6 3 She will stay still now by TailsTheFox76 She will stay still now :icontailsthefox76:TailsTheFox76 7 5 Cheetah pirate by TailsTheFox76 Cheetah pirate :icontailsthefox76:TailsTheFox76 6 62 Gift Art: Saturday Night Football by ShiftyTheDingoMan Gift Art: Saturday Night Football :iconshiftythedingoman:ShiftyTheDingoMan 5 52 Easy by TailsTheFox76 Easy :icontailsthefox76:TailsTheFox76 9 73 Coil refusal by TailsTheFox76 Coil refusal :icontailsthefox76:TailsTheFox76 6 72 Robot Masters meet Sigma by AlphaBeastSigma Robot Masters meet Sigma :iconalphabeastsigma:AlphaBeastSigma 4 9 Pourpre as a hedgsquid by TailsTheFox76 Pourpre as a hedgsquid :icontailsthefox76:TailsTheFox76 7 25 Shaun the Hedgie by Basil-the-Naga Shaun the Hedgie :iconbasil-the-naga:Basil-the-Naga 9 3 New victims by TailsTheFox76 New victims :icontailsthefox76:TailsTheFox76 6 117
What-if AU: Mecha Sonica vs Turbo Mecha Sonic
Since I already done two or three what-ifs to Mecha Sonic and Valci Infinitus, I realized that Mecha Sonica hasn't got in any action for the longest while.
So I thought, hey, why not make her encounter Turbo Mecha Sonic?

But this time, it'll be different. Not using the cliched thing again.

:iconalphabeastsigma:AlphaBeastSigma 1 0



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The very first episode of Yess, Tail will be uploaded in about five hours! c: I was hoping that I would be able to include more parts, but my mind ran out of ideas. Anyway, the very first episode of the HuntressCuddlez fanseries will be uploaded st 8:00pm Perth, Western Australia time. I will include more characters in future episodes.
The very first episode of Yess, Tail! I have decided to release it next Thursday night.

HuntressCuddlez, TheLaughingLioness, SuperPlayerRyan.

This fanseries will be classified G or PG.
Please watch my two main Groups:
T-B-W-Promotions and
DarrinTheBadger-Team for all the promotions and fanfics.
A reminder to finish editing Part 1 of this potential three-part fanfic:
I'll be playing Halo 5 Warzone Firefight in 30 minutes. Anyone want to know my Xbox One gamertag, note me.
Yo! Is anyone uuuuuuuup for a brand new roleplay? ^^


The-Badger-Wolf's Profile Picture

The-Badger-Wolf | Male | 25 | Perth, Western Australia

T-B-W-Promotions and DarrinTheBadger-Team are my two main groups.

Hello, I am one of the rare deviants from Perth in Western Australia.
I am generally nice and I often like to draw for other people in some of my spare time.

I have a lot of watchers on this site and I am thankful for them, even when they are inactive. I try my best to remember to draw for the ones I owe, even from months ago.

Just try not to make me get upset otherwise I will give you a warning. If you say anything that offends me or if you deliberately try to get me angry, you will be given a warning, maybe two. Do it again and you will be blocked, permanently.

Also, if you are waiting for a request or an Art Trade from me, please be patient. Another thing, if you're gonna unwatch me, I'll probably unwatch you back, no asking questions.



Badgers, my favourite animals, they are really cute!
Wolves, because why not? Wolves can be cute too!
Border Collies, Rough Collies are some of the best dogs ever.
Foxes, especially Tails the fox. I also like snow foxes/arctic foxes.
Bears, especially fluffy ones and especially polar bears.
Coyotes, they go floof! Floof!
Cats, they are also cute. Meow.
Snakes, as long as they don't kill cute animals at the time.

More to be confirmed.


Tails the fox getting killed/violently eaten, especially in a violent/gory manner.
Undertale, especially since I hear about it way too much, no offence.
Inappropriate clothing.

More to be confirmed.

I have decided to promote AuTalkz. That's right, something to do with Kairy and autism. I have put the links below and I'm also going to be promoting them on my profile page from now on, effective immediately. Hopefully, everyone will see the links.

Season 1 of AuTalkz:…
Season 2 of AuTalkz:…

Kairy the wolf is owned by :iconmdchan: so please do not steal.
AuTalkz - Cover by mdchan

Autism Awareness by RuthlessDreams Breast Cancer Awareness by RuthlessDreams Prostate Cancer Awareness by RuthlessDreams
Python Journal Doll For AspieBrayden by Shattered-Skye

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