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This groups main focus is to have fun while looking over some awesome and amazing pieces of art that you people have created! please feel free in joining us!
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Tightrope (James Bucky Barnes/Steven Rogers),He shouldn't have been working that day.Actually, he shouldn’t have been working that week either, to begin with.Honestly, he should have ceased working come August when winter started to nip at the heels of Pennsylvania, but when your best friend and former lover was currently away at war, working was easy, even for someone as sickly and broke as shit as Steven Grant Rogers.Despite long, dreary days in which his already wheezing lungs protested every movement he made and his head and back ached fiercely even before the day started, he had to keep going. Work as well as money came to no man easily, especially ones in his current condition if they somehow still held a job of any description.Steve looked at himself in the mirror with a sigh, hands and skin stained in the black dust of coal and ash from working near the railroad, his ears ringing from the many horns blaring past him at the speed of sound. His once white shirt was streaked in lines and smudges where the dirt and grime from the day had settled on them and between the parted unbuttoned sections, Steve's hands gently cupped a large sphere made of flesh, red lines spiraling across it like a tanned hide as his fingers gently ran over them.He often wondered if this was how his mother felt when she had been watching him grow in her body. If there was one thing Sarah Rogers had loved, it was children.Sometimes if he closed his eyes, he could see that old rundown tin and brick house in the middle of a busy Brooklyn street, his brothers and sisters clawing at the fences and stones like rats in the greeting of each other from either school or work happily, not even caring about their bare feet or their skinny bodies adorned with rags and too big trousers that had been passed down from one child to the next. He had wanted to ring his mother or simply show up at his childhood home and be swept into her loving arms, but he knew he couldn’t.She didn’t need another burden on her. His siblings, all somehow healthier then he’d ever been, were enough for her to bare. A quite heavily pregnant son with a male partner out of the country would not be welcomed by neighbors or assist her in that endeavor.The apartment always felt so lonely, especially in the evenings and first morning light when he first opened or lastly closed his eyes. The small dark hallways and echoing, creaking wooden floors despite him and Bucky having lived here since they were 17 had never really left him in peace lately, haunting him without the warm presence of his boyfriend standing or lying around to sequester it all away and leave him comfortable in his own skin.Bucky had been there through everything. The seizures, the asthma attacks, his one heart attack when he was 15, he’d been there, with him.Now he wasn’t and it just seemed so unfair.The war, in itself a bad thing, had taken away this experience from them both, in a way.For Steve, it was the day in day out at the railroad and the coal sheds, hauling and coughing and wheezing away to save money for when this baby decided in her wisdom, to make her grand appearance sometime in November when she was ready and willing and healthy.For Bucky, it had meant that being deployed, he would miss everything, including knowledge of the little one as well.While soldiers could write letters in their stride, they could not be replied back to without the proper materials and the hurriedness of knowing that their unit would be moved soon after to another area. Steve had known this would happen, as they had both applied for the Army together when ol’ Hitler made a fuss, but only Bucky got in, much to the other’s dismay.They had gone on one last date, dancing under the stars to some melody that had been on the radio, the woman’s voice echoing i h is head about never letting go before ending up back in their bed, which he was currently sitting on in the present, following a foot or a knee that was poking out in protest of him cramping the occupant’s space as he chuckled.She had been most likely conceived that night and given her stubbornness and tenacity that has already made itself known to him, he hopes she’s exactly like Buck, all the way down to her bones. He didn't know if he could handle seeing and tending to a sickly baby such as he was on his own.He can just imagine a little blue-eyed baby girl, with brown ringlets watching him or better, greeting Bucky when he came.home off that damn boat that had taken him away, smile beaming and pudgy cheeks and fingers as pink as her lips grasping onto his uniform as soon as he got close enough, so surprised to see her, but already so in love, the whispering ghost of kissing his forehead as the daydream drifts away and leaves him back in reality with its snow, darkness and blaring horns.He has no doubt if Buck were here, things would be a lot different.For now, he rises from the bed to take the rest of his work clothes from his person and with a quick bath (in which his back will smart thanks to the weight he’s carrying in front pulling on it) and an even quicker meal (Bucky always was the better cool out of the two of them, we'll, three now), he finds himself in bed with his back facing the frosted over window and a hand dipping into the side of the mattress, the other around the bump as he watches the clock, eyes finally slipping a hut, only to dream about the man he loved.Dreaming of the day he would finally come home to them and they could be a family, a new one, a loving one, together.
The Avengers 2012 - 2019 Folder Icon by sonerbyzt
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avengers infinity war by Pablicoarts
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Captain America by NikoAlecsovich
Gecko Steve Rogers by DarthBloodOrange
Steve Rogers - Infinity war #2 by KateFrankienaBeck
Steve Rogers - Infinity War by Marrannon
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He Did Okay by DarthBloodOrange
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Captain Marvel
Captain marvel by NikoAlecsovich
Canon and Non-Canon Ships
Thank you for loving me. by Madara-Nycteris


Captain Marvel by lexowski Captain Marvel :iconlexowski:lexowski 6 0 Spiderwoman II by wondermanrules Spiderwoman II :iconwondermanrules:wondermanrules 106 35 Iron Man portrait by wondermanrules Iron Man portrait :iconwondermanrules:wondermanrules 48 25 A Williams Brothers Christmas by wondermanrules A Williams Brothers Christmas :iconwondermanrules:wondermanrules 29 27 The Avengers went a Caroling by wondermanrules The Avengers went a Caroling :iconwondermanrules:wondermanrules 23 29 Marvel Two-In-One 78 Tribute by wondermanrules Marvel Two-In-One 78 Tribute :iconwondermanrules:wondermanrules 13 15 Who Has Kisses for Wonder Man? by wondermanrules Who Has Kisses for Wonder Man? :iconwondermanrules:wondermanrules 13 10 Swingin' with Spidey by wondermanrules Swingin' with Spidey :iconwondermanrules:wondermanrules 48 23 Wonder Man vs Grim Reaper by wondermanrules Wonder Man vs Grim Reaper :iconwondermanrules:wondermanrules 22 12 It must have been the mistletoe! by wondermanrules
Mature content
It must have been the mistletoe! :iconwondermanrules:wondermanrules 13 11
Avenger IW undue provocations by Twinscomics Avenger IW undue provocations :icontwinscomics:Twinscomics 11 1 Happy Birhtday TOM HOLLAND by Twinscomics Happy Birhtday TOM HOLLAND :icontwinscomics:Twinscomics 16 3 The winter soldier by GinebraCamelot The winter soldier :iconginebracamelot:GinebraCamelot 497 100 Tony's smile - pencil by MadreGuepardo Tony's smile - pencil :iconmadreguepardo:MadreGuepardo 10 2 Tony speaking to Obadiah - pencil by MadreGuepardo Tony speaking to Obadiah - pencil :iconmadreguepardo:MadreGuepardo 9 4 Winter Soldier Bodypaint by larahawker Winter Soldier Bodypaint :iconlarahawker:larahawker 136 37

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Hello! We're happy to announce a new trailer for Captain Marvel has been released.
You can view it here if you'd wish (Though I'm sure most of you have seen it):…
The film will be released on March 8th (International Women's day as well) 2019. Gearing up for the release of Infinity War Part 2 in May.

Along with that we've added a new folder for all of the fanart based around her. All the piece submitted so far have been moved there so no worries! Please keep submitting we love to see everything. Have a great rest of the week!
Hi everyone! It's been quite a while since the last entry, and I want to apologize for that. Quite a lot of stuff has been going on in our lives and I'm sad to say the group had been put on a back burner of sorts. We've still been hand accepting pieces as you might have noticed, but keeping you up-to date on news has been a little far behind. I want to make this post a sort of open discussion from everything that’s happened between Civil War and the recent movies! Please comment below with thoughts and engage with each other below! We'd love to read your thoughts and I bet others would love too as well. You can keep your posts vague, but if you're going to have hard facts, please mark with a warning! There might be some who haven't seen them yet, especially the newest Ant-Man. Here's some recent news, to catch some people up or remind others.

-Infinity War earned the #1 spot in the highest grossing movie for its opening weekend. Breaking the record for passing 1 billion total in just 11 days. It currently sits at over $2 billion, only the 14th movie to reach that milestone.

-Ant-Man and the Wasp is currently sitting at an 86% on Rotten Tomatoes, passing it's predecessor by 4%. Although it's one of the bottom five rankers in opening weekend for the MCU.

-The next movie in Tom Holland's Spider-Man will be titled "Far From Home", with Zendaya, Marisa Tomei and Michael Keaton returning. it's begun filming and is hoping for a release date of July 2019.

Just some topics to get you started, but please add anything at all bellow! (as long as it follows our rules of course) It'd be great to hear from you again.
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