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So I’ve seen this thing kinda circling around and a few of the people I follow here are doing it so I feel I should say something about it.
i dont see the purpose, or need to ask people if they’re actually paying attention to your feed or not by asking them to repost this ridiculous thing
its very reminiscent of the Facebook “share this pic or you hate ____” or the. Gain emails or texts thing. It’s pointless. The fact is th people on deviant, a lot of them, are here to enjoy the creativity ty of others and nothing else. They want to see your drawings, your art work your fan fictions your original pieces. That’s all. And what’s wrong with that. If they follow you and you follow them back because you enjoy they’re work or just because. There should be no issue with it 
So..... Infinity war. That happened.
just got back from seeing it and.... yeah.
i loved it. I thought it was a fantastic film but uh.... not really sure how to explain it.
what are your guy’s thoughts.
no spoiler talk in comments for those that haven’t seen it. 
I officially admit it.

I've got writers block. I've spent 2 weeks trying to write the next chapters of both my series, and I've got nothing.

If anyone has any advice on how to get past it.. I'd really appreciate it.