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(Natasha’s POV)

All fell silent at the mention of the file, or maybe that was the blood pooling in my ears, drowning out all other sounds in the room.

You: “Yeah? So what? S.H.E.I.L.D.’s been knocking down my door for almost a decade now, it doesn’t surprise me that I’m in their system.” He waved Banner off, but the doctor persisted.

Bruce: “Natasha’s name is attached to it.” That got his attention.

You: “What?” No, no, no, no.

Bruce: “So is General Ross.” He started walking up to the screen. I tried to stop him.

Natasha: “(Y/N) there’s something I need to tell you right now before you…”Tony stopped me, stepping in front of his little brother defensively.

Tony: “Got something to hide Romanoff?” (Y/N) started looking through the file.

Natasha: “Tony please get out of the way, this is important.”

Fury: ‘I need you to work a target..’ Too late.. the audio recording.

Natasha: ‘When do I start?’ Fury’s recorded voice intermingled with my own as the call played out loud to everyone.

Fury: ‘As soon as able. It has come to my attention that Mr. Stark’s younger brother, a Mr. (Y/N) Stark, will be joining his brother on the assignment.. I want you to get him to trust you.. get him to like you if you have too.’ I could see the anger filling in (Y/N)’s eyes from my place behind Tony.. I didn’t move him, I didn’t have the heart to. ‘He, as C.E.O. of Stark Inc. has access to a multitude of assets that we find S.H.E.I.L.D. is in need of.’

Natasha: ‘What are the assets?’

Fury: ‘That is above you’re clearance agent.. Just know that we need him to hand over the tech, willingly if possible.’ I could feel the tears welling in my eyes..

Natasha: ‘Of course sir.. I’ll start as soon as I meet him.’

Fury: ‘He’ll likely be meeting you.. the younger Stark is known to value meaningful relationships above all else.. a byproduct of the loss of his parents.. use that to your advantage.. you’ll likely be meeting him soon.’

Natasha: ‘Yes sir.’ The call ended.. and silence fell over the room.  (Y/N) didn’t say a word at first.. instead he kept fiddling with the file.. Eventually he came across something, because he started reading out loud.

You: “By order of… Director Fury.. S.H.E.I.L.D. hereby orders the United States Marine Corp to discharge Lieutenant (Y/N) Stark dishonorably for the complete lack of logical judgement shown during Operation Stark.. his obvious intent to jeopardize the mission by willfully consuming alcohol and putting his team in direct danger has proven to this agency he is not fit for continued service. His discharge is to be filed and served at the earliest moment available. signed.. Nicholas.. J…Fury…” He started.. chuckling.. darkly..

Tony: “Uh oh.” Tony moved, going to hide behind Thor. “Not a good sign..” Still chuckling, (Y/N) walked up to Fury.. the sound of his cane echoing through the room. No one moved, no one dared breathe..

You: “You ordered.. my discharge?” Fury stood tall, never showing any remorse.

Fury: “It was to try and convince you to join up with S.H.E.I.L.D. We thought that if you had no further reason to refuse… you’d be more willing to join.” Silence fell.. My own heart beat echoing in my ears. Until..

Crack.. with surprising speed and force, (Y/N) swung the end of his cane up through the air, connecting with Fury’s Jaw and sending him to the floor. But he wasn’t done, with rage burning in his eyes. (Y/N) brought the head of his cane down on Fury, he got two hits in before Rogers stepped in and ripped the cane from his grasp.. But he didn’t stop. He fell to the floor on top of Fury, wrapping his hands around his neck.

You: “YOU TRIED TO RUIN MY LIFE!!” Fury was audibly choking now. “YOU STRIPPED ME OF EVERYTHING THAT MADE ME WHO I WAS!! YOU USED ME!! YOU MADE HER USE ME!!” Rogers and Thor stepped in to try and get (Y/N) off. But he just wouldn’t let go. “I”M GOING TO RIP THAT ONE GOOD EYE OUT FURY.. THEN I’M GOING TO STUFF IT DOWN YOUR THROAT AND WATCH AS YOU CHOKE! AND AFTER YOU DIE I’M GOING TO PISS ON YOUR GRAVE!!” Finally they got him off. (Y/N) struggled against the larger men, but he couldn’t fight free. “LET ME GO!! LET ME KILL HIM!! THAT SON OF A BITCH DESERVES IT!!

Steve: “He deserves it but that doesn’t mean you should.”

Thor: “Calm down Sir Stark.. You cannot simply destroy the man.. no matter the misdeeds he has caused.” Fury stood, holding his likely fractured side, blood dribbling from the corner of his mouth. He at least had the decency to look remorseful.

Fury: “(Y/N)… I’m sorry…”


Tony: “(Y/N).” He looked to his older brother, rage still evident in his eyes.. “He’s had enough… time to let it go…”

You: “You’re defending him!?” Tony shot his hands up in defense.

Tony: “Hell no.. Hell if it were up to me I would have let you kill him… but Loki is still a problem… and we are sitting in a floating base filled with his subordinates.. if you kill him.. they WILL kill you.. where does that leave me? Pepper? Happy?” (Y/N) was breathing hard.. but made no further move to force himself out of the bigger men’s grip. Finally though, he calmed down enough for them to let him go.

You: “Give me that.” He ripped his cane from Roger’s grasp, blood still staining the head. Then he walked off. I tried to stop him.

Natasha: “(Y/N), I tried to tell you..” He shot me a glare.. cold and unfeeling… but he didn’t say anything. He just kept on walking. Out the door, and out of view.

Tony: “Well done Agent Romanoff… another successful mission.” I turned to him, tears threatening to stream down my face.

Natasha: “Fuck you Tony.” I left.. ignoring Fury’s orders to stay put… I just didn’t make it far.
A bomb rocked the heli-carrier, sending flame and shrapnel flying across the ship. Everyone was knocked to the ground, except Dr. Banner and I. We were knocked through the window and down to the floor below. All hell broke loose. People started screaming into the communicator in my ear, I tried to stand, but was weighed down by debris.

Fury: ‘Hill!’

Hill: ‘External detonation! Number 3 engine is Down!.... Somebody’s got to get outside and patch that engine.’

Fury: ‘Stark you copy that!?’ I waited… begging to hear his voice sassing Fury..

Tony: ‘I’m on it. Have your boys clear the halls I’m sending (Y/N)’s suit to find him.’ but it didn’t come.

Fury: ‘He doesn’t have a comm?’

Tony: ‘It’s in the suit, but it needs to FIND him first!!’

Fury: ‘Coulson you heard the man, initiate defensive lockdown in the detention section, then get to the armory. Romanoff?’

Natasha: “We’re ok.” I looked over, finding Bruce… struggling, grunting and straining in pain. “We’re ok right?” I called to him,  he didn’t answer. I honestly don’t think he could hear me. “Doctor? Bruce?” He was trying to stand, banging against the floor. “You gotta fight it. This is just what Loki wants.  We’re gonna be ok. Listen to me.”

Maintenance: “Are you hurt?” I looked up, finding two of the maintenance crew jogging up to us. I waved them off, I didn’t want more fall-out incase this turned out to be worse than it was.

Natasha: “We’re gonna be ok. Alright? I swear on my life, I will get you out of this. You will walk away and never, ever..”

Bruce: “YOUR LIFE!?” His voice was deepening, his eyes slowly turning green. He jerked upright, his body morphing, changing, growing into that monstrous thing he had inside him. His clothes tore as his body writhed in pain, eventually throwing himself off the platform we were on and onto the level below. I jerked my leg, trying desperately to free it. I got it free, just in time to hear that blood-curdling roar.

As I stood.. it turned to me, anger, rage unlike any I had seen in its eyes. It bared its teeth, and I ran. I never turned back, only running as fast as I could out and away from the creature. I heard it stomping after me, roaring all the while.  It tore the staircase I was climbing out from under me, I barely made it up. I just kept running, never turning back. It kept pace, tearing the floor grates out from under my feet in an effort to get to me. It wouldn’t stop, I could feel it getting closer, until it did.

It swung down at me, sweeping my legs and tossing me aside. I slammed against the wall, hard. Sending me into a daze. It stomped up to me, fists raised in the air.. this was it.. I was going to go out like this, knowing I’d destroyed the only guy I cared about.. I closed my eyes, waiting for it to come.. but it didn’t. Instead I heard something rush in and knock the creature aside and through the wall.. It sounded like.. repulsor fire.

I opened my eyes, finding a hole in the wall, the Hulk on the opposite side. Flying after it, was the Crimson Blade armor.

(Your POV)

Silence… utter, cold, unyielding silence.. I couldn’t even hear the tapping of my cane against the metal floor. The blood had pooled in my ears, blocking out any noise.. so much so that white noise had begun ringing in my head. I didn’t care.. She… she…. Tony was right.. no.. how could he be right? She opened up to me, she told me stories, she.. she kissed me.. all part of the cover.. That’s all it was. No. Something didn’t add up.. She didn’t know about Phase 2.. Fury.. It had to be Fury, it had….

I was knocked to the floor, fire and debris flying over me, twisting my leg badly. Now white noise was ringing in my ears for a different reason. I opened my eyes, finding agents rushing up and down the hall, getting into position.

You: “Hey!! What’s going on!?” Either they ignored me, or I had lost my voice. Honestly I still couldn’t hear anything so either was possible. “Hey! Hey! HEY!” I reached out, grabbing the ankle of one of the passing agents.. He stopped.. It was Coulson.

Coulson: "My… (Y/N)!.. You… help..” I caught every other word as he helped me to my feet. “Are.. you.. ok?” He repeated slowly. I nodded franticly.

You: “Yeah.. yeah I’m ok.. I need help, I need to get to the hanger.. I need my suit.”

Coulson: “Come on.” He slung my arm over his shoulder, helping me limp down the hall towards the hanger. “Tony is sending the suit to find you.. We can meet it half way.”

You: “Good, good.. You have a comm on you?” He dug into his ear, pulling out the small device. “Thanks.” I jammed it into my own hear. “Stark override code C.B. 1985.” I called, overriding the comm to connect to the one person I was begging was listening.. Thankfully he was.

JARVIS: “Good morning Mr. Stark. Good to see you are alright.”

You: “Good to hear you to JARVIS. Track my position with this comm link, send the C.B. here. And send the I.M.R and the W.L. up here now!”

JARVIS: “Right away sir. Ending override.” I handed the comm back to Coulson, he filled me in on what was going on as we limped down the hall.

Coulson: “Something hit one of the engines, your brother and Rogers are working to fix it. We don’t know where Thor is.. and Fury is on the bridge working with what he has to keep us afloat.”

You: “I could give a damn what Fury is up to.”

Coulson: “You should be happy to hear that Natasha’s alive.” I paused.. debating what to say, he took notice. “She told you.. didn’t she?”

You: “You knew?” I wasn’t surprised.. of course Coulson knew, now his advice made sense.

Coulson: “Believe me.. I wanted to tell you myself but.. I thought it was best if she did.. I did tell her to though if that means anything.” I patted his back as best I could, stopping to sit down against the wall. I wasn’t going any further without a suit. He sat down with me, waiting for the suit to show before going any further.

You: “Your lucky I like you.. or I might have punched you in the face by now.” He chuckled, likely thanking god he’s known me as long as he has. “She didn’t tell me..” He stopped, looking over to me confused. “We hacked the system.. I found my file.. I heard the recording..”

Coulson: “You found Fury’s order.” I nodded. He sighed. “I can’t speak for Fury.. He’s an asshole when he thinks it’s for something meaningful.. but.. Natasha..”

You: “Don’t… please.” My head fell to me lap, tears threatening to fall..

Coulson: “She does care.. but Fury has a lot on her.. he MADE her do it.” I looked up at him..

You: “What?” He nodded.

Coulson: “Ask her.. she’ll explain everything…” He cringed, grabbing at his comm before ripping it off his ear. He stared at it with shock. “The Hulk is free.” Suddenly, my suit landed in front of us, opening up to allow me to step in. Coulson helped me off the floor and inside.

You: “I was afraid of that.. I got BIG back up coming. I’ll try to contain him.”

Coulson: “(Y/N)… Natasha’s with him.” My visor closed as he said it, concealing the look of shock on my face. “Go get her.” He didn’t have to tell me twice. I took of down the hall as fast as the repulsors would allow in the confined space.

You: “JARVIS track Romanoff’s comm link, get me a location.” My display jumped into action, showing me exactly where he was..

JARVIS: “Sir, I wish to inform you that secondary defensive protocols are now online and ready to use.” I smirked as I made my way into the bowels of the carrier, charging my chest RT to hit the monster with everything I had.

You: “Yeah.. put me in Taser mode.” I rushed the Hulk, blasting it into and through the wall as Taser mode kicked in. My chest reactor whirred loudly as it kicked into high gear, exposed electrical current generators began to light up across the suit as the system charged, the fingers on my gauntlets extended into claws, electricity crackling across them. “Ok big guy.” The monster stood, its rage filled eyes falling on me. “Let’s dance ugly.” It rushed me as I rushed it. The Hulk swung one of its arms, aiming to take my head off. I dodged, swiping one of my own hands along its side. As the claws cut into its flesh, the current jolted into the beast, electrocuting it on the spot. It roared in pain, but did not go down. Instead bringing its arm back around to sweep me away again. Its arm connected with my back and sent me flying, but I caught myself mid-air and flew back, punching it across the cheek and electrocuting it again. Every blow I landed was electrically charged. Ever punch, kick, slash and jab electrocuted the beast.. but it just wouldn’t go down. Every attack was countered with one of its own in an attempt  to catch me.

Tony: ‘(Y/N)!?’ I heard my brother over my comm.. ‘JARVIS told me you’re in the suit, you better not be ignoring me you jackass!’ I chuckled as I ducked under another swing.

You: “No Tony.. I’m here.. just a little preoccupied with Bruce right now.”

Tony: ‘Yeah well let point-break deal with the Jolly Green, I need you out here.’

You: “Nobody knows where Thor is.. what’s wrong?” I slashed at the monsters side again, electing another roar.

Tony: ‘I need help rebooting the engine turbine and Rogers is completely useless.’

You: “Surprising.. I’ve got back-up headed our way.. soon as it’s here I’ll send the C.B. out for you.”

Tony: ‘What kind of back-up?’

You: “Uh..” I jumped and spin-kicked the Hulk across the face. It roared in protest then brought its arm to sweep at me, this time it connected, and sent me across the hanger we were fighting in into a jet. It rushed up to me and was about to bring a fist down on me.. until an electrically charged whip caught its arm. Finally. “Let’s just say you’ve met them before and leave it at that. JARVIS open up.”

The suit opened up and let me out. I made sure to collect the comm in the helmet before ordering JARVIS to take over and go help Tony. As it did, a much, much larger suit landed at my side, its chest opening up to allow me to sit in the cock pit. I got in, and the Iron Monger suit closed around me, its auto-targeting head’s up display jumping to life.

You: “Wow this thing needs an upgrade.” The Hulk had turned, looking to thrash whatever had stopped it from attacking me. The Whiplash Armor was currently trying to keep the Hulk at bay, matching it blow for blow as best it could while also electrocuting the thing. “JARVIS send Whiplash to help Tony.. give him whatever he needs, I’ll deal with Banner.” The suit looked to me and nodded, then sped off out of the hanger. “Hey!” I called, even through the suit I could hear the voice modifier, deepening my voice. The Hulk turned, sizing up the Monger. I banged the metal fists together before standing ready. “Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?” It roared in response before rushing me. “Guess it agrees.”

The Hulk threw a punch, which I matched, meeting it fist to fist. I quickly realized though, the Monger was a huge mistake. I could hear the pistons in the arm collapsing, fighting to match the monsters strength. I brought the other arm down on the creatures head, trying to knock it out. Still nothing. Instead, the Hulk swatted my arm away, then proceeded to grab hold of it and flip me over its shoulder. I landed on the floor roughly. It jumped at me, and I kicked my legs out to catch and send it back, sending it flying into the ceiling then back to the floor. It stood quickly, rushing me again. I stood firm, waiting for the strike to connect, until Mjolnir came crashing into its Jaw. I watched as the Hulk was sent flying into a jet, then as the hammer flew back into the waiting palm of its owner, who was currently marching towards me, hammer raised and ready to attack.

You: “Wait! Wait! Thor its..” He swung the hammer across my chest, sending the Monger suit flying off. “…me. JARVIS open up please.”

JARVIS: “That strike locked the release system sir.. I’m afraid your stuck until we can cut it open.” Great, now I had to deal with the Hulk AND Thor. Thor had jumped, ready to bring the hammer down on the suit, I rolled, bringing the palm of the suit up to sweep the god away. Thor was sent flying across the hanger.

You: “Who’s on comm near the Hangers?” I called, hoping someone would hear.

Natasha: ‘I am.. Glad to hear your alive (Y/N).’ I sighed in relief. I may be mad with her but at least she was a friendly.

You: “Ok listen.. I’m in the Monger suit and Thor doesn’t recognize me.. He’s jammed the release and I can’t open it up.. I need someone down here to let him know I’m a friendly before he and Bruce tear me apart.”

Natasha: ‘I’m on my way now..’

Fury: ‘No.. Romanoff I need you to intercept Barton.. he’s headed for the detention level.’ I felt my teeth bare as the Hulk crashed into me, it punched, I caught it. I punched, it caught mine.

You: “You are the LAST person I want to hear right now Fury.”

Fury: ‘We’ll tear each other’s throats out later. I’m sending Agent Hill down there now to let Thor know you’re a friendly.. I need Romanoff to intercept Barton before he gets too far.’

Natasha: ‘Copy..’

Fury: ‘Stark do you copy.’ The Hulk was crushing one fist while crippling the piston system on the other arm.. I didn’t have a choice.

You: “I copy! I copy! Just get down here now Hill!!” Mjolnir crashed into the Hulk again before swiping across the head of the suit, knocking out one of the ocular cameras. As the hulk attempted to recover, I had to go on the defensive with Thor. Blocking any strikes he swung at me without hitting back. The Hulk eventually recovered and charged us, tearing Thor from me and throwing him across the hanger. I retaliated, beating the Hulk as best I could, even managing to daze him. But it wasn’t enough, the Hulk recovered quickly, throwing a number of punches at the Monger’s chest, crushing the cockpit further inward around me. Thor again threw the Hammer, this time knocking me away from the Hulk. As I stood, I caught the Hulk swinging down on Thor, only to be distracted by a jet flying just outside, firing into its back. It turned, rushing the jet in a mad gambit to take it down. It did, falling to the ground with the jet.. well, at least that was one problem down.

Thor came jumping into view as the Hammer flew back into his hands, coming to crash down on the chest of the suit. I could FEEL the indent the hammer made crushing into my side.

You: “Thor!” I called as I grabbed the hammer, trying to keep it from crashing down again. I hoped that as he was holding it, it wouldn’t slam down heavily on me. “Thor It’s me!” He let go of the hammer, causing it, and the Mongers arm to crash down, weighing heavily on the suits chest.. and me. The suit was on its back, the display flashing warnings and system shut-downs across every inch of available space.

Thor: “I know not who you are metal thing.. but I know you are no friend of ours.” He picked the hammer up again, then brought it back down on the chest and arm. He knocked the arm clean off, then banged the hammer down again, and again. Each swing crushing the suits chest into my own. He raised it again.

Hill: “Thor wait!!” Too late. Thor brought the hammer down again, crushing the chest and banging the interior against my head, knocking me out clean.

(Natasha’s POV)

Clint: “…Natasha?” I punched him again, knocking him out clean to the floor. I paused.. breathing heavily as I sat down beside him.

Natasha: “Agent Barton has been neutralized.. and… de-hypnotized.” Static.. “Anyone copy?” I called again..

Fury: ‘Agent Coulson… Agent Coulson is down.’

Agent: ‘A medical team is on the way.’

Fury: ‘They’re here…. They called it.’

Hill: ‘Tony’s gotten the Monger open.. we’re getting (Y/N) to the medical bay now.. seems like Thor did a number on him.’

Fury: ‘Make sure he’s ok… Romanoff.’ I didn’t answer, I was still reeling from the shock. ‘Natasha.’

Natasha: “… I’m here.” I called, finally.

Fury: ‘Take Barton to the medical bay.. why don’t you keep him and Stark company?’

Natasha: “Copy..” I stood, slinging Clint over my shoulder before dragging him to the medical bay. We arrived at the same time Tony and Hill did with (Y/N) in Tony’s arms. He was bleeding from the corner of his mouth, and had a decent sized gash on his forehead. I didn’t get to see for very long before Tony shot me a dirty look and entered a separate room. I got in the one opposite to it, setting Clint down and strapping him to the bed. I waited for what seemed like hours.. long after Tony left his brothers room to remove his own suit.. long after everything seemed to have calmed down. And long after Clint woke, thrashing against the bed to try and rid himself of whatever was left of Loki. “Clint.” I called out to him, trying to gain his attention.. he was starting to calm down now, at least enough for me to remove the restraints. “You’re going to be alright.” He looked at me, panting heavily.

Clint: “I know.. I’m.. I’m just trying to flush him out.” I stood, grabbing him a drink then sitting on the side of the bed. He took the glass and gulped it down in one swig. “Ever had someone take your brain and play? Pull you out.. and stuff something else in?... Do you know what it’s like to be unmade?”

Natasha: “…. You know that I do.” His breathing was starting to level out, coming down from the.. hypnotizing.

Clint: “Why am I back? How’d you get him out?”

Natasha: “Cognitive recalibration. I hit you really hard on the head.” I smirked, meeting his eyes. He didn’t reciprocate, instead looking into mine deeply.

Clint: “Thanks.” I looked away, I knew what he was doing. “Natasha.. How many agents did I..”

Natasha: “Don’t. Don’t do that to yourself, Clint.. This is Loki. This is Monsters and magic, and nothing we were ever trained for.”

Clint: “Loki, did he get away?”

Natasha: “Yeah. I don’t suppose you know where?” He shook his head. He was responsive, he was calm
again. So I stood, headed for the door window to look into the room opposite his..

Clint: “No.. I didn’t need to know. I didn’t ask He’s gonna make his play soon, though.  Today.”

Natasha: “We gotta stop him.” I turned back to face him, ge chuckled.

Clint: “Yeah? Who’s we?”

Natasha: “I don’t know, whoever’s left.” He nodded.

Clint: “Well… If I put an arrow through Loki’s eye socket, I’d sleep better, I suppose.”

Natasha: “Now you sound like you.”

Clint: “But you don’t…. something’s bothering you Nat.. something’s got you worried.” I looked away from him, again looking out the window into the room across.

Natasha: “…I’ve been compromised.” His eyes followed mine into the room across, (Y/N)’s still sleeping from in the bed, guarded by two armed agents. His eyes widened for a brief moment.

Clint: “Who is he?” He turned back to me.

Natasha: “His name’s (Y/N) Stark.”

Clint: “The Crimson Blade? Stark’s kid brother?” I nodded.

Natasha: “I know it sounds crazy but.. something about him.. it made me trust him.. and he trusted me.”

Clint: “Trusted? Past tense?” I sighed. I didn’t want to retell it, but I had to catch Clint up at least somewhat.

Natasha: “Fury wanted the ARC tech the Starks made.. so he put me on (Y/N). wanted me to do what I do best, lie.. I didn’t expect though to fall for the target.. I tried to tell him.. but he found out.. and now.. I don’t think he’ll ever trust me again.” Clint put a hand over mine, asking me silently to meet his eyes again.

Clint: “I’ll go talk to him..” He stood, then walked over to the door.

Natasha: “He doesn’t know you though.. what makes you think he’ll trust you?” He turned back, a small smirk on his face.

Clint: “We’ve met.” He winked, then left, going across the hall to (Y/N)’s room. He sat in the chair next to the bed, taking a deep breath.. then slapped (Y/N) awake.. He shot up in bed, looking around franticly before his eyes fell on Clint. His eyes shot wide.. Clint nodded.. then was talked to the floor. (Y/N) fell over Clint, his hands wrapped around his neck. I ran over, wanting to separate the two quickly.

(Your POV)

Something hit me in the face, waking me from the darkness with a start.. I shot up in what I assumed was a bed, realizing quickly I wasn’t in the Monger anymore. I looked around franticly, trying to get a bearing on my surroundings before my eyes fell on the person who woke me up. My eyes shot wide.. He was just sitting there, smiling at me..

You: “….Ethan?” He nodded.

Ethan: “Hi (Y/N).” I jumped at him, wrapping my hands around his neck.
A LOT of information dropped in this one. 
Sorry to those of you that were looking forward to the Clint vs. Natasha fight.. I didnt want to touch it because.. well I felt I couldnt do it justice. There isnt anything I could really add to it so I felt it best to just leave it as is.
As always let me know what you think in the comments below!!
I dont own Marvel, the Avengers, the images used, or you
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