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(Your POV)

You: “Alright.. first ‘date’.. No, no don’t consider it a date.. but isn’t it?” I was mumbling to myself in front of the mirror in my temporary room. Currently tying my crimson neck tie over my black dress shirt. My jacket and vest sitting on the bed waiting for me. For some reason though, I just couldn’t TIE the damn thing. My mind was too far gone.. I was nervous. “Come on (Y/N) this isn’t that hard. It’s just two people getting lunch together.. two people that happen to like each other.. getting lunch together… privately…. Damn TIE!!” I ripped it off my neck, tossing it over my shoulder and out of view. I sighed, rubbing the balls of my hands into my eyes.

Tony: “Trouble in paradise?” I spun on my heel in shock, meeting my older brother’s smirking face. He was currently propped up against the frame of my open door. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you have this much trouble with a tie.. not even when I first taught you how to tie one… here.” He walked over, the discarded tie in his hand, then proceeded to tie the tie around my neck. I rolled me eyes.

You: “Tony I’m a grown man.. I don’t need to tie my tie for me.”

Tony: “Clearly you do.” He snorted. “So… you and Romanoff huh?”

You: “…..You ok with that?” He sighed, then finished the knot before patting it down.

Tony: “I have my… problems with the deceptive spider bitc…. Lady.” He caught himself before throwing the insult. “..but as you’ve said.. it’s your life.. If she makes you happy….”

You: “Thanks Tony.” I smiled, genuinely, then made to grab the vest on the bed. I propped myself in front of the mirror as I slipped it on. Tony sat himself on the bed, smiling fondly.

Tony: “You remember the first time you went on a date?” I chuckled.

You: “How could I forget?” I turned to him. “You made a huge deal out of it.” He started chuckling along.

Tony: “Hey.. it was your first time.. I wanted it to be special.”

You: “Tony.. We were thirteen and you put SCOTCH in the car.”

Tony: “Right, cause I was supposed to know you would be a Rum guy?” I rolled my eyes.

You: “Yeah Tony.. that’s what the problem was that night.. Could have left it at that.. but you decided to chauffeur… fake mustache and all.”

Tony: “I didn’t want to embarrass you.” I turned back to the bed, having finished buttoning and adjusting the vest.  

You: “Cause it wasn’t obviously you? Happy could have just as easily driven us.. at least he wouldn’t have sat right behind us in the movie.”

Tony: “I wanted to make sure you were making the right moves.” I sighed, pinching the bridge of my nose..

You: “Only you Tony.. only you.” He smirked again, standing from the bed with my jacket in hand.

Tony: “I think we both know I’m not an average Dad.”

You: “You’re not a Dad.” I pointed out.

Tony: “You’re absolutely right I’m not..” He walked over, embaying me in a hug. “…I’m your brother.. and that’s WAAYY better.” I couldn’t help my laugh, wrapping my own arms around him.

You: “Yeah… way better.” We pulled apart as I slipped the offered jacket on. “Thanks Tony.. for everything.” He waved me off.

Tony: “What’s a Big Brother for right? So when are you two meeting?”

You: “Lunch.. maybe noonish.” I returned to the Mirror, adjusting the suit jacket over myself and ensuring I looked presentable for the day. Tony checked his watch.

Tony: “Well it’s only 9 am man.. you sure you should be ready this early?”

You: “I don’t do it now I’ll just be rushing out later and then I’ll look like crap.. I’d rather look presentable early than half decent on time.” He was about to argue, but then nodded his head in agreement.

Tony: “Well Mr. Cocktail…” He walked up and clapped my shoulder. “Come on down to the lab when you’re done. JARVIS is about done cracking into the system and I figured you’d like to be there when we find out what Fury’s been trying to hide.” I grinned widely, ecstatic to hear the good news.

You: “Right behind you big guy.” I turned, collecting my cane and following Tony to the lab.. This was gonna be fun.

(Natasha’s POV)

This wasn’t gonna be fun. I had three hours to kill before lunch.. and all I could think about was how I was going to tell him the truth..  I didn’t have any more excuses.. No chance of interruption.. nothing to keep me from telling him outright.. I needed to do something to keep my mind off of it.. something so my head didn’t explode.. but there was literally nothing I could think of that didn’t bother me more. It was ether, telling (Y/N) the truth.. Fury’s reaction when he finds out I told him.. (Y/N)’s reaction when I tell HIM.. or Clint’s reaction when I tell him.. my god Clint. My head fell into my hands. I had nearly forgotten about him., (Y/N) had kept me so distracted that I forgot he was under Loki’s control. Hell I had forgotten Loki was even ON the Carrier.. That’s it.. I’d been meaning to do this since they brought him on board anyway, that’s what I was going to do now.

After dressing, I made my way down the halls, stopping only when I found the door. I breathed deeply, mentally preparing for the conversation I needed to have, then entered. He was pacing, constantly moving back and forth within the small space. I didn’t walk up to the glass, instead keeping a decent distance. He stopped, smirking lightly before turning to me.

Loki: “That’s two people on-board capable of sneaking up on me.” He turned to me, grinning sarcastically. Two? “Though you don’t seem to have the disadvantage of a crippled leg.” (Y/N) was here?

Natasha: “We’re spies.. it’s what we do.” He chuckled.

Loki: “Perhaps you are.. but HE isn’t.”

Natasha: “A testament to his abilities if anything.” He chucked again.

Loki: “I suppose so.. If you are here to interrogate me.. I’m afraid Mr. Stark has already tried that.. and failed.” His eye twitched ever so subtly during his pause.

Natasha: “What did he do?”

Loki: “You don’t know?” I shook my head. “Hmm.. seems everyone is keeping secrets now a days.”

Natasha: “Seems so.” We fell into silence, staring into each other’s eyes.

Loki: “If you wish to know where the Tesseract is.. I’m afraid to disappoint you but.. I am currently unaware of its location.”

Natasha: “I’m not interested in the cube.” He fell silent again, confusion running across his features. “I want to know what you did to agent Barton.” He made a silent ‘O’ as he realized my intention.

Loki: “I’d say I’ve expanded his mind.” I breathed softly, then closed the distance between myself and the glass door.

Natasha: “And.. once you’ve won, once you’re king of the Mountain, what happens to his mind?”

Loki: “Oh… is this love Agent Romanoff?” He jabbed.

Natasha: “Love is for children.” He chuckled.

Loki: “That is certainly not what the other Stark thinks. If anything I’d say he anticipates something.. with you.” I cocked my head, never letting my emotions shine through.

Natasha: “And how would you know that?”

Loki: “Why he told me of course.” I chuckled lightly.

Natasha: “I highly doubt that.”

Loki: “Not in words perhaps.. but his actions… They speak for themselves… as do yours.” I didn’t respond, instead narrowing my eyes at him dangerously. “My point exactly.. You feel for him.. you care for the other Stark.. yet you care for Agent Barton as well.. why?”

Natasha: “I owe him a debt.” His grin fell away.

Loki: “Tell me.” He backed up, going to sit on the bench on the opposite side of his cell. I sighed, then sat in the chair left out.

Natasha: “Before I worked for S.H.E.I.L.D., I.. Well, I made a name for myself. I have a very specific skill set. I didn’t care who I used it for, or on. I got on S.H.E.I.L.D.’s radar in a bad way. Agent Barton was sent to kill me… He made a different call.” He bobbed his head a bit, contemplating my words.

Loki: “And what will you do if I vow to spare him?” I smirked

Natasha: “Not let you out.”

Loki: “No but I like this.” His grin returned. “Your world in the balance, and you bargain for one man.”

Natasha: “Regimes fall every day. I tend not to weep over that, I’m Russian… Or I was.”

Loki: “And what are you now?” I stood, walking up even closer to the glass.

Natasha: “It’s really not that complicated. I got Red in me ledger, I’d like to wipe that out.”

Loki: “Can you… can you wipe out that much red? Dreykov’s daughter, Sao Paulo, the Hospital fire?" “Barton told me everything.” He stood, beginning to walk to this end of the cell. “Your Ledger is dripping, it’s GUSHING red, and you think saving a man no more virtuous then yourself will change anything? This is the basest sentimentality. This is a CHILD at PRAYER. Pathetic! Even if you could wipe it all away, what of the other Stark? Do you think he will accept you? That he will look at you with the same care you hold for him? That he will understand the horrors you have committed? The lies you have told him?”

Natasha: “he’s not the Other Stark.” I snapped, tried of Loki’s constant referral of (Y/N) that way. “His name is (Y/N).. If you’re going to talk about my friend then do so with some respect.” He chuckled..

Loki: “You do care for him.. and you’re afraid of what he will think… You Lie and kill, in the service of liars and killers. You pretend to be separate, to have your own code, something that makes up for the horrors. But they are part of you. And no matter how much you try, they will never go away.” He slammed his fist against the glass, attempting to startle me. I played along, taking a step back from the glass. “I won’t touch Barton, or Stark.. not yet. Perhaps I will order him to Kill Stark.. pit the two against each other and force you to choose which to save.”

Natasha: “Stop..”

Loki: “Or perhaps I’ll order Barton to kill you in front of Stark, and watch as they rip each other apart over your corpse, enraged by your death.. Or perhaps I’ll simply kill them both.” I turned, not wanting to see him anymore. “Stark believes himself so strong.. but his only advantage is my being currently imprisoned. Once I am free, I will choke the life from him, forcing him to watch as Barton kills you, and with you both dead I will allow Barton to wake but only long enough to see his good work, then I’ll split his SKULL.” I kept my back to him, not wanting to look at him anymore. “At the very least you Mewling Quim, your secrets will die with you.. and Stark will never know who you truly are.”

Natasha: “You’re a Monster.” I heard him snicker behind me.

Loki: “No… you brought the Monster.” That’s it. I turned back.

Natasha: “So.. Banner. That’s your play?” Confusion returned.

Loki: “What?” I walked off, disregarding his confusion.

Natasha: “Loki means to unleash the Hulk. Keep Banner in the lab, I’m on my way.” His eyes followed me as I left. I turned back, wanting to get one last jab of victory in.

Natasha: “Thank you for your cooperation.” His face fell as I left. I marched to the lab, wanting to make m way there as fast as possible. I needed to get Banner to a safe place. As I walked in, I found Director Fury had already beaten me there, currently arguing with Dr. Banner, Tony, Rogers and (Y/N). Banner and the Stark’s were huddled around a screen, flashing something about Phase 2, a picture of a warhead on it, while Rogers was near a table with an odd looking gun on it.

Steve: “I was wrong director… the world hasn’t changed a bit.” (Y/N) was chuckling, clearly amused by something about Phase 2.

You: “A war head.. using the Tesseract as its power source.. really NickEYE?” Tony snorted at the name while Fury eyed him angrily.

Fury: “You hacked my system.. You’re not really in any position to..”

Steve: “No YOU”RE not really in any position Fury..” Rogers jumped to (Y/N)’s defense.. that was surprising. “They may have hacked the system but you have been lying to us from day one.”

Bruce: “Did you know about this?” Banner was directing his attention to me. I shook my head.

Natasha: “No.. actually I wasn’t aware of any of this.” I walked up to him. “I think we need to remove you from this environment Dr. Banner.” He laughed at me.

Bruce: “I was in Calcutta, I was pretty well removed.”

Natasha: “Loki is manipulating you...”

Bruce: “And you’ve been doing what exactly?”

You: “Bruce..” (Y/N) jumped in between us. “It’s ok.. if she said she didn’t know then she didn’t know.. Not surprising given who her boss is.” He turned to Fury. “He’s the real issue here. Was this what the ARC tech was meant for?” Fury lifted his hands in surrender.

Fury: “Mr. Stark we intended to use the ARC Reactor technology to further assist with the research pertaining to…”

Tony: “I’m sorry to interrupt… again but..” Tony flipped the screen showing a different schematic, an ARC Reactor in the center of a missile. “Why DO you keep lying to us?”

You: “What a shock right?” (Y/N) turned back to Fury.. “A spy to the last.. takes every secret he can to his grave.”

Fury: “(Y/N) listen… if you just trust me for a mome…” (Y/N) belted out a laugh.

You: “Yeah that’s not going to happen.. The only people in the room I trust right now are Tony, Bruce, and Nata…” He paused for a moment. “…Agent Romanoff.. Rogers is just a soldier can’t blame him for following orders.. and Thor isn’t even in the room.”

Thor: “Is everything alright?” Speak of the devil.

You: “Thor!! You’re just in time to see Fury try to tap dance his way out of lying to all of us.. Fury was using the Tesseract to build weapons.. That’s why he needed all of us.”

Fury: “I’m sorry but last I checked I called the REAL Stark not his discount store brother.”

Thor: “Have care how you speak.. Sir Stark is not the one in question here you are.” In less than three minutes. (Y/N) had managed to turn every person in the room against Fury.. that was actually rather impressive. Frankly I was on his side too. They weren’t the only ones Fury had been lying to after all. I was barely aware the Tesseract existed before all this.. I went to stand with (Y/N) eyeing him up and down as I did.. The suit looked nice.

Bruce: “I’d like to know why S.H.E.I.L.D. is building weapons of mass destruction in the first
place.” Fury breathed once, then pointed at Dr. Banner.

Fury: “Because of you.” Then switched his finger to Thor. “And because of him.”

Thor: “What?” Fury crossed his arms behind his back.

Fury: “Four years ago an event occurred where a large, green, seemingly unstoppable creature tore through New York like it was tissue paper.. Now that creature was stopped by you Dr. Banner… but we realized that we needed something in case you, or Mr. Stark couldn’t handle the next one.” (Y/N) leaned in to me, rather confused.

You: “Who is he talking about?” I waved him off.

Natasha: “Later.”

Fury: “So we started knocking on Stark’s door.. but since Stark Industries had adamantly stated that they would no longer be making weapons we couldn’t just up and tell them we wanted the ARC Reactors for weapons. So we fed other lies.” He paced a bit, trying to get a feel for how much space he had.. given that almost everyone in the room wanted his head on a platter right now.. there wasn’t much leeway for an escape. “Then… a year ago, Earth had a visitor from another planet who had a grudge match that leveled a small town. Now, not only are we incapable of handling threats down here. But we learned that in the grand scheme of things we are hopelessly.. hilariously outgunned. We were desperate.. and when the Tesseract fell in our lap.. we took advantage of it.”

Thor: “My people want nothing but peace with your planet.”

Fury: “But you’re not the only people out there, are you? And you’re not the only threat. The world is filling up with people that can’t be matched. Iron soldiers..” He gestured to (Y/N) and his brother. “Demi-Gods.” He gestured to Thor. “Super Soldiers.” He gestured to Rogers. “And yes… unfortunately gamma enhanced individuals. People that cannot be controlled.”

Steve: “Like you controlled the Cube?”

Thor: “You’re work with the Tesseract is what drew Loki to it, and his allies.. It is a signal to
all the realms that the earth is ready for a higher form of WAR.”

Steve: “A higher form?”

Natasha: “The Chitauri..” Everyone turned to me. “The army Loki wants to bring to bear.. The tech they have.. if it’s anything like the scepter then we’re just not ready for it.” Fury gestured to me.

Fury: “Exactly… you forced our hand. We HAD to come up with something to..”

Tony: “A nuclear deterrent.. cause that always calms everything right down.” Fury turned angrily to Tony.

Fury: “Remind me again how YOU made your fortune, Stark?”

Steve: “I’m sure if they still made weapons, the Starks would be neck deep in…”

You: “Woah, woah, woah when did this become about us?”

Steve: “Oh I’m sorry isn’t everything?”

Thor: “I thought humans were more evolved than this.”

Fury: “Excuse me, did we come to your planet and blow stuff up?”

You: “You’re really in no position to Judge NickEYE.”

Fury: “I’m really getting tired of the jokes Hobbles.”

You: “Do you really want to go Fury? I’d just LOVE to go a round with you, you one eyed jack ass.”

Fury: “What did you just call me you limpy dishonorable?”

You: “I called you a ONE EYED. JACKASS. What did you lose your hearing too?”

Fury: “My hearings just fine.. I hear you every time you come down the hall.. Tap, tap, tapping away with that ugly metal stick of yours.”

You: “Why don’t you come look me in my eyes and say that.. whoops I meant EYE!!”

Fury: “Keep running your mouth and you’re gonna kiss some floor.”

You: “Keep running yours and I’m gonna shove this cane so far up your..”

Natasha: “Ok that’s enough boys.” I stepped in, not wanting to see what would happen should the two come to blows. I turned my back to Fury, keeping (Y/N)’s focus trained on me. “He’s just trying to get a rise out of you.. don’t let him.” I felt Fury’s gaze burn into my back as I tried to calm (Y/N) down.. Tony and Rogers were still arguing with each other while Thor just watched with an heir of superiority.. Bruce was fiddling with the screen, looking through all the files he had gained access to.

Fury: “Agent Romanoff.. I think you better take a step back and assess your situation with this.” (Y/N) looked over my shoulder, eyeing Fury dangerously.

You: “I’m getting a little sick and tired of you threatening her Fury.”

Natasha: “(Y/N) don’t.” He didn’t listen,  instead pressing me forward in an effort to get closer to Fury.. until Rogers came and gripped his shoulder.

Steve: “Ok that’s enough..” (Y/N) turned to the Captain, then eyed the hand on his shoulder with some anger. “You proved your point, now back off and let him explain himself.” (Y/N) was about to answer before Tony stepped in, ripping Roger’s hand off of his brother’s shoulder.

Tony: “Hey, don’t you lay a hand on my brother… I say let him let off a little steam.. Fury could benefit from being knocked down a couple pegs.”

Steve: “I’m just trying to calm things down so why don’t you back off?” Rogers turned back to Tony.

Tony: “Oh I’m starting to want you to MAKE me.” Rogers chuckled.

Steve: “Yeah? Big man in a suit of armor… Take it off, what are you?”

Tony: “Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, Big Brother..” He walked around Rogers, coming to stand between him and (Y/N). “You threaten him… you threaten me.”

Steve: “I’ve known guys with NONE of that worth TEN of you.. I’ve seen the footage.. you pretend to protect him but the only thing you really fight for is yourself.” Ooo, low blow. “You’re not the guy to make the sacrifice play, to lay down on the wire and let the other guy crawl over you.” I couldn’t see it, but I could feel the rage radiating off of both Starks.

Tony: “Only guy I’d let crawl over is him…” He hooked his thumb over his shoulder. “otherwise I’d rather just cut the wire.” Rogers scoffed.. unconvinced by what he heard.

Steve: “Always a way out.. you may be ok with protecting your little brother, but you better stop pretending you’re a hero.”

You: “Like you?” (Y/N) squeezed out from between me and Tony, coming to stand shoulder to shoulder with his brother against the Captain. “You really wanna start preaching Hero spangles? Talk about footage. I’VE seen the footage..

Bruce: “(Y/N).” Dr. Banner called to the younger Stark, trying to divert his attention, he didn’t even register the call.

You: “…you up on stage dancing with a chorus line, a super clown.. you’re a circus act Rogers..”

Bruce: “(Y/N).” He called, a bit louder this time than before.. still he ignored him.. opting instead to continue berating the Soldier.

You: “….a successful experiment WASTED on a puny little punk.. Everything ‘special’ about you came out of a bottle.” Even though Rogers towered over him, (Y/N) refused to back down as Rogers pressed his chest against the smaller Starks.

Steve: “I may be a circus act.. but at least I did something meaningful with it.. You WASTED your chance on god only knows what and got yourself canned for it..”

You: “You really don’t want to go down that road Rogers.”

Steve: “You know for a second there I thought I understood you.. that you and I could relate but I realize you’re not much more then what meets the eye.. just the other Stark..” (Y/N) was flaring now.. “Your dad would be so disappointed in you.”

Tony: “You talk to him like that again and I’ll lay you out right here.” Tony cut in, anger evident in his eyes.

Steve: “Put on the suits.. let’s go a few rounds.. just the three of us..”

You: “Oh ho ho, you really don’t want to see me mad Rogers.. and you’re pushing just about every single button you could.”

Steve: “Then go put on the suit.”

Bruce: “(Y/N)!”

You: “What Bruce!?” He turned, seeing Banner pointing at one of the floating screens.. his own
name on it.

Bruce: “There’s a file here with your name on it.”
Uh, oh... Things are starting to get tense.
As Always let me know what you think in the comments below!
I dont own Marvel, the Avengers, the Images used, or you.
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Damn, things about to become a lot worse
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You never know what's waiting right around the corner
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*Reaches end* what? No! Where's the rest of it?!
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Coming soon to a DeviantArt near you!! Unofficial Mighty Hero Chapter 9!!
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Everything's heating up
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It can get better.... right?
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This story gets better and better with each chapter.
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I'm glad you think so!
ManicBulbs Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I keep loving this more and more and imaging his reaction in the other films too, at times. Great work!
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Oh I just love a good fight especially one with this amount of trash talk. This story is probably better than the movie!
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I wouldn't say its BETTER than the movie.. but I'm certainly glad you think so!!
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Cliffhangers my biggest enemy.Damm You Cliffhangers!!!!

Shit is about to go down straight to down town
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Will The younger Stark find out Natasha's secret?
Will Loki get what he wants?
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Tune in next week on... The Unofficial Mighty Hero!!
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What will they find? What secrets could Fury be hiding?
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Great. :D

Past the boiling point? Yup, but the volcano is about to BLOW!. O_o
The-Authors-Library Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2017
Its Pompeii all over again!
IgnobleFiend Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2017
starlord57 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I love and hate what you do simultaneously. You make chapters of godlike perfection, but you leave them on a cliffhanger every time. You somehow know the exact limit of what to reveal in each chapter and how to leave the Readers starving for more. You've made this story one of my addictions, please don't put me through withdrawal.

Regardless, fantastic job on what you've written, I personally can't come up with any flaws in it. I eagerly await the next chapter, but no rush, I don't want to put that pressure on you.
The-Authors-Library Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2017
This is.. This is actually the best comment I've ever received.. On either of my stories.

You never really think your writing is all that great until you get a comment like this. then.. you can really look over it with real pride.
I can guarantee I will at the very least finish UMH.. whether it grows into the rest of the MCU I'm not sure.. but You WILL be getting all of the First Avengers film!!

I'm gonna be sticking to a once a week schedule and it looks like Wednesday is basically the official release date for the story so you at the least have a day to lok forward too!
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