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(Your POV)

You: “What do you me..” She didn’t let me finish. Instead doing something absolutely… amazing. She pressed her rose lips against my own softly, kissing me deeply. Her eyes closed, and soon after my initial shock, mine followed. One hand drifted to her ruby curls while the other found the small of her back. Her own arms draping over my shoulders, wrapping around my neck. We sat, wrapped in each other’s embrace for countless moments. And then it stopped. She broke away, panting lightly and leaving me in shock again, only now for a different reason.

Natasha: “That.. that was..” I reached up, caressing her cheek lightly.

You: “Amazing..” I smiled as warmly as I could. She smiled back.. though there was still confusion in her eyes.. There was conflict.  “What’s wrong?” Her smile faltered.. and she looked away.
Natasha: “Nothing.. nothing at all.” She looked back, smile at full force again and the doubt in her eyes gone. She reached and cupped my chin, kissing me again. “It was… amazing.” She pulled back, leaving me dazed once again. She stood, collecting my forgotten cane from the floor. “I’m gonna go clean up. You were gonna work out right?” I barely registered her words, simply nodding along as she handed me the cane then sauntered away to collect her gym bag.  “See you at lunch?” She turned back, bag slung over her shoulder.

You: “Definitely… See you soon Natasha.” She smiled, then left. Leaving me alone in the gym with my thoughts. She kissed me.. She… kissed me. She kissed… me. I stood, collecting my fallen leg before returning to the bench. With the click of a button the leg opened up, allowing my own to slip inside. I stood, and made my way to the punching bags, all the while with a stupidly huge grin on my face and the same three words running through my head. She.. Kissed… me.

No matter how many times I played the moment through my mind.. It still seemed so surreal. Even as I started jabbing at the bag, it never left my mind. As I started throwing in a few kicks with my left foot.. It didn’t leave my mind. Even when I accidently slipped into my old combat training and kicked the bag with my right shin, sending it flying across the room in a burst of sand.. oops.

Steve: “You’re either very distracted… or very angry..” I turned.. finding Rogers standing in the doorway to the gym, still wearing his uniform. Did he ever take that thing off? My smile faded immediately. “Don’t sweat it… I’ve punched a hole in my fair share of bags.” He walked up, taking residence at one of the other bags.

You: “Not surprising… then again, I figured you’d be used to your strength by now. You’ve had what, almost 70 years to adjust?” I walked over to another bag, the farthest from Rogers I could find, continuing with my light spar-practice. He sighed, then moved over to the one next to mine.

Steve: “Listen… I want to apologize about the way I acted the other day.” I stopped, again. Turing to face him confused. “I shouldn’t have assumed you were discharged for one reason or another.. It was wrong of me to call you into question like that.” He held his hand out, a small smile on his face.. I just blinked, utterly confused. “I’m sorry.” I looked down at his hand, still in the air and waiting for me to take…

You: “….apology accepted….” I took his hand cautiously.. He just smiled innocently, shaking my hand firmly before returning to his bag. “That’s pretty big of you Rogers… owning up like that.” He chuckled.

Steve: “Army taught me a lot.. one of those things was to always take responsibility for your mistakes.. especially in the field.” I snorted. “What?” He turned back to me.

You: “Sorry… it’s just that… I saw A LOT of footage from the war.. and almost all of it was you on tour for the forces.. doing the little dance number and knocking out Hitler with one punch… it’s kinda hard to see you actually out in the field.” He joined in my light laughter at the mention of his original position within the War.

Steve: “..Right.. you know I’d really rather forget about that.”

You: “One thing the Marines taught me? You can’t out run your past.. and it’s a lot harder to forget then you’d think.”  I laughed again. “You should be proud of it Rogers.. Got your face on posters, you became a household name.. The Star Spangled Capsicule.” I laughed, then returned to my bag.

Steve: “You know.. you have the same sense of humor your brother does..” I turned, finding him smirking lightly.. Great, he was trying to make jokes.

You: “Better my brother then my father.” I quoted mindlessly. Returning to kicks.. with the unarmored leg.

Steve: “Actually.. you both remind me a lot of Howard.” I stopped mid kick, inhaling deeply before resting my leg back on the ground and turning him.

You: “Did you come down here to train, or to rub the fact that you knew my father better than I did in my face?” His smile fell, realizing the mistake he had made.

Steve: “… Stark.. I didn’t mean to..”

You: “Of course you didn’t..” I cut him short. “No of course you didn’t mean to offend.” I sighed, resigning to ignore my bag. I wasn’t getting anything done while he was here. “I didn’t know dad as a person. I knew him as a ‘War Hero’. A great business man. A black and white face on a screen reading from a script.. Tony knew him as an absolute dick, and you..” I gestured wildly.. “Apparently knew him better than anybody…. You know he apparently never shut up about you. Perfect, innocent, naïve Captain Steve Rogers. The mighty Captain America.. Hero of the War against the Third Reich! Friend to all allied forces and bane of Hitler’s existence!” I quoted Howard, waving my hands in the air dramatically. He didn’t answer, instead just looked at me with apologetic eyes. “Dad’s best friend.. would have been the best man at the wedding.” I returned to my bag.. choosing to leave that as the final word.. Rogers wouldn’t have it.

Steve: “I’m sorry you didn’t get to know your parents… but that wasn’t my fault.” I rolled my eyes.

You: “Do you not see that I’m in the middle of something? Figured that chemical cocktail would have improved your eyesight.. or maybe it just slowed your brain functions. After all they say steroids kill brain cells.” He marched up to me, grabbing my shoulder and spinning me to face him. His piercing blue eyes staring daggers into mine.

Steve: “I’m sorry… but It isn’t my fault.. you can’t blame me for something that happened while I was in the Ice.” I matched his stare, refusing to cave under his force. “You think you’re the only one that lost someone? You think you’re the only one who woke up one day and realized everyone you knew and cared about was gone? I woke up DECADES later and found that every guy I fought with was gone, the girl I cared about had gone off and married someone else. Built a family with someone else.. You and your brother may have been dealt a bad hand.. but at least you had each other.. My family is gone.” I could feel my features soften.. my gaze turning into one of regret..

You: “….I’m sorry too.. You didn’t deserve that..” I walked from his grip, going to sit on the nearby bench. “My parents have never been an.. easy topic for me..  Guess I never really got over the fact that I didn’t really get to know them.. sure I had Tony.. But it’s not the same as having someone you call mom.” He sighed, coming to sit next to me.

Steve: “When mom died.. I was eighteen.. dad was already gone, but..” He turned, smiling fondly at me.. “I had a brother too.” I matched his smile with a look of confusion. “Well.. technically speaking.. His name was Bucky.. was my best friend through my whole life.. He looked out for me.. and eventually I started looking out for him while we were deployed.” Realization washed over me. Soon he continued. “He was more than a solider, more than a friend, he meant a lot to me… don’t diminish what your brother means to you.. just because you don’t have parents to spend your days with..” He stood, returning to his punching bag.. “You never know when they’re gonna vanish too.” I nodded my silent agreement.. Standing to retrieve my forgotten cane. “You coming back?” I clicked the release of my boot, then slung it back over my shoulder.

You: “No… I got.. a few to many things on the mind right now..” I left the gym, muttering a silent thanks on the way out. Whether Rogers heard it or not I was unaware.. Nor did I really care.
After leaving the leg with Tony and Bruce for final configurations on the suit, I wandered the heli-carrier a bit, eventually finding my way to the bridge. There, I found my second favorite S.H.E.I.L.D. Agent currently discussing something with the Thundering Hammerer. They were huddled around a computer screen with the image of a woman on it.. I recognized her.. though I couldn’t place why.

Coulson: “They’ve got an excellent observatory in Tromso. She was asked to consult their very suddenly yesterday. Handsome fee, private plane, very remote. She’ll be safe.”

Thor: “Thank you.” I couldn’t help myself.

You: “You sound like Tony whenever he wanted me out of the house.” They both turned, Coulson smirking while Thor looked at me confused. “Pretty girl, private plane and a remote getaway.. Never worked of course.” I walked down the short staircase as Coulson came around to greet me.

Coulson: “Sounds like Tony wanted you out of the house a lot.” I shook his hand, matching his smirk.

You: “Only the last four years I was in the house.” I joked. He released my hand as I turned to officially greet the… god.. “(Y/N) Stark.. we didn’t officially get to meet the other day.” He took it, surprisingly gently.

Thor: “Greetings Sir Stark. I am..”

You: “Thor Odinson.. son of the All Father Odin.” His eyes grew in surprise.. “I studied Norse Mythology as a kid.. Though at this point I’m not sure what’s fact and what’s fiction… you being here.. kinda throws off my perception of reality.” I chuckled lightly as he simply continued to shake my hand.

Thor: “Well.. perhaps you can show me this.. mythology of Norse and I can help to separate fact from fiction.”

You: “I’d appreciate that..” His eyes traveled back to the screen, the image of the woman still up. “I know that look.. someone has a crush.” He turned back to me, again confused.

Thor: “I have not been crushed.” I shook my head.. right.. had to be overly simple with this one.

You: “Sorry.. it means to be infatuated with someone.. You like her right?” He nodded slowly in realization.

Thor: “Yes.. I.. wish to crush her.” I face palmed as Coulson snorted lightly.

You: “No.. you don’t.. never mind..” I waved it off, releasing his hand and turning fully to the screen. “Who is she?” He turned back to the image, a loving look in his eye.

Thor: “She is Jane Foster.” Now I recognized her.

You: “The astrophysicist?”

Thor: “You know of her?”

You: “I’ve funded a project of hers one or twice.. though after she started working with Selvig I had to kinda.. pull the funding.. I always though Erik was a crack-pot.” I eyed the god up and down. “Apparently I owe him an apology.”

Thor: “It is not wise to linger on apologizes due.. once we find him, perhaps that should be your first intention with him.” I pinched the bridge of my nose.. god it’s like talking to Shakespeare with him. Still I persisted, and not just because he could pound me into the floor like a nail.

You: “Perhaps it should be… So how did you come to know her?” He smiled lightly, his eyes glazing over in memory.

Thor: “I had been banished by my father to Midgard, and found myself in the realm of New Mexico.. Almost immediately after being cast into the realm, she hit me with a horseless carriage.. then, her friend assaulted me with a puny electrical weapon.” …Well.. that’s one way to meet someone..

Coulson: “She ran him over then her assistant tazed him.”

You: “Thank you Coulson.” Right… cause now it made so much more sense.

Thor: “She was a radiant vision.. Jane Foster.. not her friend.”

You: “I figured…. So she ran you over.. her friend tazes you.. then they helped you get un-banished?” He nodded, a proud smile on his face.

Thor: “Yes indeed Sir Stark. I have not seen her since.. however I certainly hope to do so now that I have returned to Earth.” I smiled back.. despite their.. odd first encounter, it was clear he cared for her, if he didn’t already love her.

You: “Well, I certainly hope you can my large… friend?” I questioned, wondering if the Asgardian would even consider it. He looked down at me with a look of pleasantness, slapping his hand across my back. Despite how much he obviously held back, it still hurt a bit.

Thor: “Indeed Sir Stark.. you are assisting in my quest for the Tesseract, and you seem to be on good terms with friend Coulson.. I would be honored to consider you friend.” I smiled up at him, rubbing the sore spot on my back as best I could.

You: “Well thank you Thor.. Now, having known Dr. Selvig, what makes him special enough for your brother to take him hostage?” Thor turned to me, a thoughtful look in his eye.

Coulson: “Selvig was brought in on the tesseract project.. Probably just wrong place at the wrong time.” I turned to Coulson.

You: “You’re smarter than that Coulson. You and I both know there’s always a reason for anything.” I turned back to Thor. “Besides.. I was asking HIS opinion.” The thoughtful look returned in Thor’s eyes as he stroked his stubbled chin.

Thor: “Sir Stark is right.. It was no accident, Loki taking Erik Selvig.. He was taken due to his association with me. I dread what he plans for him once he is done… Erik is a good man.”

Coulson: “He talks about you a lot.” We both turned to the agent as he spoke. “You changed his life.” He stood, walking down the bridge length, we followed. “You changed everything around here.” Thor scoffed.

Thor: “Things were better as they were.” Coulson and I both looked at him questioningly. “We pretend on Asgard that we are more advanced, but we come here, battling like bilge snipe.”

You/Coulson: “Like what?”

Thor: “Bilge Snipe.” We were both still utterly confused. “You know, huge, scaly… big antlers…. You don’t have those?”

Coulson: “I don’t think so.”

Thor: “Well they are repulsive. And they trample everything in their path.”

You: “I can imagine..” I couldn’t help but agree. I leaned back, eyeing Coulson from behind the god’s back as he walked ahead toward the window.. my eyes wide in confusion. Coulson just shrugged his shoulders. At least I wasn’t the only one completely lost.

Thor: “When I first came to Earth, Loki’s rage followed me here, and your people paid the price. And now, again.”

You: “Well the human race is nothing if not resilient.” I came up, slapping the god on his back, I hurt my hand a bit. “Besides, not sure if you noticed but we tend to fight amongst ourselves a lot.. sometimes over the dumbest things.” He looked to me as I smiled, trying to lighten the mood. He exhaled quickly, then returned his eyes to the skyline.

Thor: “Perhaps we are more alike than Asgard would have us believe. In my youth I courted war” I snorted.

You: “Hey, in our youth my brother and I made our money off of war.. No one is perfect Thor.. We are all mortal.” He smiled.. then HE showed.

Fury: “The war hasn’t started yet.” My smile fell as we turned to greet the uninvited intrusion. How me moves so silently I will never know. “You think you can MAKE Loki tell us where the Tesseract is?” He wasn’t even acknowledging me.. frankly I thought that was a smart move.

Thor: “I do not know. Loki’s mind is far afield.  It’s not just power he craves, it is vengeance… upon me…. There’s no pain would prise his need from him.”

You: “There are plenty of men that think that… until the pain starts.. then suddenly they are all tongue.” Thor turned to me.. “Like you said, we may be more alike than we would care to admit.. Loki is just as mortal as you or I.. and pain affects all.. if only a bit differently.”

Fury: “Stark is right.” I shot him a look,.

You: “I’m sorry did I just hear that?” I looked to Coulson, who looked just as surprised as I did. I stuck my hand in my pocket and pulled out my phone. “Hold up, say it again I want that as my new ringtone.” Fury glared at me.

Fury: “Don’t push your luck.” I glared back.

You: “Isn’t that what a Stark does? Push their luck?” Thor thankfully cut in.

Thor: “What are you asking me to do?” Fury held his glare a bit longer, then turned to Thor.

Fury: “I’m asking… what are you PREPARED to do?”

Thor: “Loki is a prisoner.”

Fury: “Then why do I feel like he’s the only person on this boat that wants to be here?” Thor didn’t have a response. And more surprisingly, I agreed with Fury.. Oh god I could feel myself getting sick. But.. in that sickness, an Idea came to mind.. one that could get me off this flying hunk of metal all the faster.. I needed to do something.. something I hadn’t done since I was in with the Corp. I walked off.. A new destination in mind and a new person I wanted to speak to.. Figured it was about time for us to continue our chat.

Soon I found his ‘room’. I snuck in as he paced the small space, coming to a stop at the edge of the glass door. He stopped mid pace, then turned to me, a smirk on his lips.

Loki: “Impressive.. Not many that can sneak up on me..” His eyes fell to the cane beneath my hands. “Especially with that… I was unaware you required such… assistance.” He was careful in his words.. Doing his best to not step on my toes.

You: “Benefit of the suit.. Before, on the mountain you said something to me.. It is rare to find another that walks in the shadow of greatness.. What makes you so sure I walk in Tony’s shadow?” His smirk fell as he walked up to the door. I never moved, never flinched.

Loki: “Agent Barton told me much… but he did not mention you.” I cocked my head in question. “You.. are a mystery.. All I am aware of regarding you is that you resemble the Iron soldier.. in that resemblance I assumed you to be related to him in some way. Younger brother seemed the safest assumption.” I nodded my head, agreeing with his logic. “That, in addition to the fact that I was previously unaware of your existence, made me believe as such. That he classified you as unimportant enough to not mention.”

You: “It could also be that I was inconsequential at the time.. You.. I assume only asked Agent Barton… whoever he is.. to inform you of any immediate threats to your plans.. Of course Iron Man would play into it.. as would Captain America, Dr. Banner and NickEYE Fury.” He chuckled lightly at my nickname for the director.

Loki: “An apt observation for our mutual acquaintance.” I chuckled along, ignoring his referral of Fury as an acquaintance, I continued.

You: “But.. Iron Man’s non super-powered younger brother wouldn’t be a threat when no one knew he was making his own suit.” Loki nodded, understanding seeping in.

Loki: “Well you certainly took me by surprise.” I rolled my eyes, fully aware he was simply trying to flatter me. “Truly.. For you to not only have been able to sneak up on me, not only here but in Berlin, but all the while with your.. incapacitation... it is a feat to be commended.”

You: “Well I appreciate the commendation.” I dead-panned. “You still haven’t answered my question.” He stepped back, going to sit at the chair on the opposite end of the cell.

Loki: “I have spent many years in my brother’s shadow, my achievements overlooked by my father and mother in favor of Thor and his own.. Perhaps I simply looked for understanding.”

You: “So you look to me?” He nodded.. I sighed heavily, rather wishing there were a chair in here somewhere. “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t.. understand.” His eyebrow cocked in question.

Loki: “Tell me?”

You: “….Growing up… Tony always did his best… doesn’t mean I wasn’t aware of what I was.. a mistake..” He didn’t speak, instead allowing me to continue. “I wasn’t planned.. An accident of Dad having too much to drink one night and mom being available at the right moment…. They were already pretty far in their lives.. Tony was 15 when I was born… Life was already moving right along.. and then I showed up.”

Loki: “What happened?” I laughed.

You: “I couldn’t tell you..” Confusion grew across his face. “I was six when they died.. can’t exactly remember much about how they treated me, and Tony refuses to tell me. I only know I was an accident because our butler let it slip one night..” The memory washed over me.. Jarvis.. the original Jarvis watching me while Tony was out doing something.. accidently mentioning I wasn’t a planned pregnancy. I sighed again.

Loki: “…I wasn’t a part of the plan either.” My eyes fell upon him again.. having for a moment forgot he was even in the room. “My fath… The all Father found me as a babe.. during a siege he led against Jotenheim..”

You: “The realm of the Frost Giants?” He chuckled.

Loki: “Very good Midgardian.. very good.. for a mortal you know the ways of Asgard impressively well.” I smirked.

You: “You’d be surprised what the earth knows of Asgard, of the nine realms and Valhalla.” He chuckled again. “You were saying?”

Loki: “Yes.. of course.” He cleared his throat before proceeding. “Odin found me amongst the ruins of the temple Laufeyson, supposedly abandoned by my people.. yet.. instead of destroying me.. he took me.. intending to use me as a bridge between Asgard and Jotenheim, a peace keeper for the worlds.. all the while filling my head with dreams of rule. That I would one day become king.”

You: “But it wasn’t not your destiny.. was it?” His eyes fell into sadness.

Loki: “No… it was not..”

You: “It was Thor’s.. Thor Odinson was to be king, while Loki Laufeyson was to be not more than a diplomat, a tool.” He nodded. “So you changed the rules.” He snorted lightly.

Loki: “In a way.. yes.. I changed the rules..”

You: “A boy that wishes to play king then… so he tries to kill his brother to take the throne.. then when he fails he looks for another kingdom? Did you two literally JUMP out of a Shakespeare play? Next you’ll tell me you kissed your sister.” He jumped up and stormed across the cell in anger, coming to slam his fist against the glass. I didn’t flinch, instead I just smirked.

Loki: “I AM A KING! I PLAY AT NOTHING!!” I chuckled..

You: “Temper, temper.. You should really watch that.. Never know what’s gonna happen.” He was seething now.

Loki: “You dare to mock Loki!? I am a GOD you festering, crippled Cretan! You WILL address me as such!” I marched up, meeting his eyes through the glass.

You: “You want to know the differences between us? My brother took me in when our parents died. He BECAME my father.. he didn’t have too, but he did. Just like Odin did for you.. yet UNLIKE you.. I never tried to overthrow him.. I love my brother.. He EARNED my respect. And.. I am on THIS side of the glass.. which reminds me.” I backed up, walking towards a control board I could only assume controlled the cell, there was a big red button on it. “Ohhh… I LOVE big red buttons.” I eyed him as I flipped the glass covering the button open. To my surprise, the floor beneath the cell opened, creating a vacuum. “I bet THIS little button releases THAT cell and sends you down THAT hole doesn’t it?” He eyed me angrily as a wicked grin crossed my face. “You know.. Fury only wants you here because you know where the Tesseract is.. But we don’t really need you for that.. We could just as easily find it through some techno-babble I won’t bore you with, but… where does that leave you then?” He cocked his head questioningly. His anger slowly dissipating. “I mean.. you aren’t a citizen of any nation on the planet.. Hell you aren’t event FROM this planet.. So if anything.” I shrugged dramatically. “You don’t really have anything keeping you alive do you?” Hi anger completely fell away.

Loki: “You wouldn’t.”

You: “You tell me.. Would you were you in my shoes?” He didn’t answer, the look he gave was answer enough.. “That’s what I thought.. Then again.. you COULD just tell us where the glowing cube of power is.. save us a couple days of searching, and save yourself.” I offered.. His smirk returned..

Loki: “So the true nature reveals itself.” I chuckled.

You: “I prefer to be transparent when I’m interrogating someone.. No point in torture when they don’t know why.” He laughed.

Loki: “And you call this torture?”

You: “Isn’t it? Isn’t it torture not knowing whether or not I’m crazy enough to push this button? You said it yourself, I am a mystery to you.. what pre-conception of me do you have that makes you think I won’t just push.. this… button?” My hand jabbed at the areas around the button, coming consistently closer with each word. He flinched at the final one as my hand fell just below it. I chuckled darkly. “Finally, a reaction.” His face fell to anger again when he realized I got a rise out of him. “You know what? I think I will.” I lifted my finger dramatically, readying myself to push the button.. when an alarm started going off in my pocket. I reached for my phone, the alarm I had set for lunch. “Saved by the bell.” I flipped the glass covering closed, closing up the vacuum underneath the cell. “If you’ll excuse me ‘your highness’.” I bowed mockingly. “I have a lunch date.” As I walked out of the door, I heard Loki chuckle behind me.

Loki: “Please give Agent Romanoff my best.” I paused, but refused to turn around and acknowledge him any further. Opting instead to leave it alone.
So I'm proud of like... 90% of this.. For some reason I feel like there is ONE thing missing from this chapter.. But I cant figure out what and it's driving me screwy.
Still, I figured I'd post it since it's been a little more then a week since the last Chapter.
As always let me know what you think, and if you think of something to add in let me know..
I don't own Marvel, the Avengers, Natasha Romanoff or you
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