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(Your POV)

True to my word, some hours later I made my way to the cafeteria, hoping to find a particularly attractive red head. True to her word, she was already sat at a table, a tray in front of her and one sat opposite her own.

You: “How courteous of you.” I commented lightly as I took the seat. “Though I am more than capable of getting my own food.” She looked up at me as I smiled at her, her own smile reflecting back. “It is appreciated none the less.” I dug into it. A light pasta with oregano primavera sauce.. I had had better, then again this was cafeteria food.

Natasha: “I figured I’d help out a bit.. make things a bit easier for you. Seeing as you took such a tumble last night and all.” I looked up at her, a playful smirk in her lips. I chuckled lightly at the joke. “Liking it?” I put the fork down, swallowing the previous bite before speaking.

You: “Enough.. I usually prefer to cook my own food.” She cocked her eyebrow at me.

Natasha: “You cook too?” I nodded, her smirk never left her face. “Ex-Marine, Special Forces fighter, Expert Business Man… now cook. There anything you can’t do?” I chuckled, leaning back in my chair before responding.

You: “Dance.. Even before my leg I wasn’t much of a dancer.” She chuckled lightly at the joke. Her smirk faltered a bit before she asked her next question.

Natasha: “You never told me why you’ve turned Fury down so often.” I took another scoop of the pasta.

You: “I’m a firm believer of what is mine stays with me… Tony’s ARC tech is Stark property and should be used as Stark sees fit.. I’ll admit I don’t know Fury that well… but what I know of government agencies.. when a new technology comes along that can change the world… not to long before someone comes along that wants to use it for…. Negative reasons.” She nodded in understanding.

Natasha: “Agreed… Russia didn’t exactly help disprove that when they got hold of the H-bomb… but.” I cocked my head.. “That wasn’t what I was asking about.”

You: “Ah..” I smirked lightly. “You want to know why I was never a S.H.E.I.L.D. agent.” She nodded. “Why don’t we start with what you do know… then we can go from there.” She nodded again.

Natasha: “(Y/N) Stark, joined the United States Marine core at age eighteen. Flew through the ranks to become Lieutenant (Y/N) Stark before your nineteenth birthday. Upon your promotion you were given a squad of seven men under your direct command and led the team on a total of twenty government sanctioned missions ranging from investigative to assassination . You quickly took on the code name Crimson Blade and have a total of twenty eight confirmed kills. Ninety three confirmed arrests.” I nodded, interjecting quickly to explain why.

You: “Like I said.. I’m not a gun man, nor am I a killer. I’ll cripple someone.. but I won’t kill them if it can be avoided.” She nodded then continued rattling my resume.

Natasha: “Perfectly clean record, until… mission twenty one.” I put my hand up.. silently asking her to stop.

You: “I think that’s far enough.” I smiled at her. “You certainly do your homework Natasha.” She smiled back.

Natasha: “Of course, that was all that was in your file.. I can definitely see why Fury took an interest in you.” I sighed, rather annoyed by the continued mention of our mutual… acquaintance. “Why did you turn us down?” I chuckled.

You: “I didn’t turn you down.” She looked at me confused. “I turned Fury down. Had it been anyone else I would have probably accepted. I can’t really explain it.. but Fury never really gave me a good feeling. Always seemed like he had another play… like he was telling you one thing, then telling someone else something entirely different.. all the while having a totally different scheme running in the back of his head… besides.” I shot her a serious look. “Guy wears an eye patch.” She almost choked on the bit of food she had put in her mouth. “That’s like text-book villain right there… all he needs is a big moustache to twirl.” I started laughing, soon she joined in. It was truly a lovely laugh. “It’s not the reason I hate Fury.. but it’s the reason I turned down S.H.E.I.L.D... If I didn’t feel like Fury was trying to recruit me for some unknown reason… I may have been working with you all this time.” She smirked at me.

Natasha: “One could only wonder how close we would have gotten.” She smiled at me, a rather… sultry smile at that. I could feel the heat rise in my cheeks.

You: “So when and why did you join S.H.E.I.L.D.?” I quickly changed the subject around, attempting to deflect from the rising blush on my face. She paused, her eyes growing dark with memory. I could tell it wasn’t a happy one. “If you don’t want to talk about it..” I attempted to back track on my mistake, not wanting to step on any toes.

Natasha: “No, no. It’s ok. You’ve willingly told me quite a bit about you.. Only fair I share too.” I smiled at her warmly, still attempting to deflect.

You: “I willingly shared because I was comfortable enough with you to do so.. You don’t have to tell me anything you aren’t comfortable telling.” Her face lit up with a mixture of confusion and astonishment.

(Natasha’s POV)

Did he.. did he just say he trusts me? He may not have said it directly but that was the basic gist. He was… comfortable around me. And here I thought only Clint got that way.. I couldn’t help but wonder how well these two would get along if they ever met. I felt a pang of.. guilt, in the pit of my stomach. He trusted me. But that was the goal right? Fury’s orders were to get him to trust me. To gain his affection so we could get what he knew willingly. Why did it feel different this time though? Any other time it felt like any other mission. Just another target, this time… It was different. He was looking at me, concern welling in his (E/C) eyes. I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to tell him about how I joined up.

Natasha: “…I used to work for… a different side… One S.H.E.I.L.D. fought against. I did for them what I do now.. and soon I got on Fury’s radar.. He sent someone after me.. but they made a different call.. They asked me to join up. I wanted to do something different with my life. Something good. So I accepted. I’ve been with them ever since. That was… several years ago. I ended up working with the guy that recruited me a lot. He ended up being my best friend.” (Y/N) smiled, I couldn’t help but smile back. He was so genuine, polite, friendly. Was he adopted? No way this was Tony Stark’s younger brother.

You: “I get it.. change for the better. Same reason why I joined up with the Marines.. Needed to get away from Dad.. Live my own life.” I grew confused.

Natasha: “I thought your parents…” I stopped myself, not wanting to dig up any more bad memories of his.. He just chuckled.

You: “Were dead? Yeah.. Mom and Dad died when I was pretty young.. Doesn’t mean Howard Stark didn’t play a role in my life.. Even in death.. his ‘Legacy’ always hounded me.. The burden of being a Stark.” He sighed heavily...but quickly changed the subject. “So… best friend huh? What’s he like I wonder?” His demeanor changed immediately, back to his inquisitive, light hearted nature. I smirked, I suppose I could talk about Clint some.

Natasha: “His name’s Clint. Great guy, great fighter, great friend. Bit of an ass, sasses me every chance he gets. Thinks he’s the best shot in the world and frankly.. he just might be. I swear though… he could give your brother a run for his money in the sarcasm department.” He chuckled again, rolling his eyes lightly.

You: “Sounds like my buddy from the old Forces team. Sarcastic, full of himself, crack shot.. and Tony would have HATED him.” I joined in the laughter, rather curious about this friend of his. “His name was Ethan.. Ethan Hawk.. Guy was my right hand man for most every mission we took..” He chuckled again, eyes glazing over in memory.

Natasha: “What?” I asked, a laugh in my voice. He chuckled again before pulling aside his shirt, showing me the scar on his left shoulder.

You: “The Dumb ass was the reason I got this.” He looked to the scar, a fond look in his eye.

Natasha: “What mission was it?” He whistled lowly, pulling his shirt back into position as he tried to bring the exact memories back.

You: “I wanna say… thirteen? Maybe?” He leaned forward in his chair. “Ok so get this.” I leaned forward, a smile on my face. I was actually rather interested in hearing the story.

*Flash Back*

-Kazakhstan (2006)-
(Your POV)

You: “Ok give me the lay out Ethan..” I sat in the back of the truck, the other six sitting around me. Ethan was on the roof, currently using my visor to get a layout of the warehouse. I had an earpiece on, waiting for him to give me the whereabouts of the target.

Ethan: “Thermal scan shows… twenty four..” I slipped my knife into its sheath on my thigh.. Grabbing two flash bangs and holstering them on my left hip.

You: “That in total or not counting the boss?” I opened the pouch on my right hip.. eleven thumb pad sized adhesive explosives.

Ethan: “Total.. boss is in a room on the other side… got two guys in the room with him while the other twenty one are sitting in the open floor.. guess they know we’re coming.” I rolled my eyes.

You: “You mean I’M coming.. what’s with you and this WE crap?” I heard chuckling in my ear.

Ethan: “Hey… I’m doing all the scouting here.. I played my part..”

You: “Yeah, yeah, yeah..” I sheathed my twin tactical swords in the sheath on my back. “Ethan the Hawk with the eyes of an eagle… ” I turned to the other boys. “Get a perimeter going.. I don’t want anyone I miss getting out.” They groaned.. Charlie stood and walked up, his rifle slung over his shoulder.

Charlie: “Like you ever leave anything for us..” He smacked my shoulder as he led the others outside. I shook my head. Took up my grapple gun and walked out. Ethan jumped down. My visor still on his head..

You: “You look like an idiot.”

Ethan: “I look like you… calling yourself an idiot? Come on (Y/N),where’s that famous Stark self-confidence?” I pinched the bridge of my nose, my gloved hand scraping at the skin slightly.

You: “Give it.” I said more sternly. I heard him sigh, then he finally relented. Hitting the release button in the back to take it off. “Thank you.” I ripped it from his grasp. “Moron.” I muttered as I slipped it on, I nearly gagged. “Oh god it smells like you in here.” I heard him chuckle..

Ethan: “Extra special.. just for you (Y/N).” I turned to face him, his wide grin tinted red by the visor. I punched his shoulder, he grabbed it, feigning hurt. “Oh!! Abuse! ABUSE!!” I rolled my eyes, walking off to the entrance to the warehouse. “I’ll sue (Y/N)!! I swear!” I turned back to him, walking backwards.

You: “You like birds right Ethan?” I flipped him off with both hands. “Here, here’s two to add to that bird watching scrap-book of yours.” I heard him chuckle in my ear as I chuckled back.

Ethan: “I’ll be on the opposite roof, keeping an eye on you.” I shot him a thumbs up.

You: “Glad to hear you got my back.” I entered the warehouse, silently making my way to the second floor. Just under the feet of the twenty one hired guns protecting… somebody or other.  Every one of them had some kind of assault rifle, all aimed at the door. Did they really expect me to just walk in? Where’s the fun in that?

I pulled two of the explosives and set them on two of the support beams holding up the third floor. Setting their timer, I stood in the middle, grapple gun in hand and waited for the..

Bang.. The explosive kicked in and brought the floor down from under them, taking two of the goons down. While the rest were distracted I grappled up into the rafters, tossing the other nine explosives onto nine random guns. In the rafters I pulled the detonator for the remaining explosives. Nine guns popped with nine men going unconscious. One hired gun began firing wildly into the hole in the floor, I shot the grapple at his shin, tying him up and pulling him into the air as I used his weight to fall to the floor. As I fell I slammed down into another goon, snapping his trigger arm and then tossing him to the floor.  Another tried to fire at me from across the room as I reloaded the grapple gun. I fired, nailing him in the shoulder and pulling him towards me. I landed a punch to his face, knocking him out. Another burst through the door to the bosses room, pulling a grenade. I kicked the one still hanging in the air towards him, swinging the unconscious body and knocking the grenade and him to the floor.

Four of them tried to gang up on me, I pulled both blades from my back, using them to slice through the four easily. Cutting them across the chest and thighs. Two others were firing at me with semi-autos. After taking down the four I threw both swords at them, connecting with them squarely in the chest. Four of the ones that had lost their guns to my explosives stood, pulling knives to try and fight me hand to hand. I smirked.

One rushed me while another tried to come around, they were both well trained. I was trained better. The first one was easy, catching his blade and shoving it into his knee. The one behind me tried to slice at my neck, I dodged, snapping his arm over my shoulder as it came over. There was a gun shot, I looked, finding one of the men I had missed falling to the floor. I looked to the window, finding Ethan waving at me behind his sniper. Distracted as I was, I didn’t notice one of the others coming up until he kicked me in the face, sending me to the floor. Another rushed up, digging his knife into my shoulder just where the chest piece met with the shoulder pad. I rolled, kicking my legs out to knock one of them to the floor while the other backed up. On my feet again, I pulled the knife from my shoulder, then dug it into the shoulder of the one that got me, pinning him to the wall he was standing in front of. The other one shot at me, connecting with the back of my visor. The bullet ricocheted off. I turned, finding the man in complete shock. I yanked the gun from his hands, then slammed my foot into his knee, breaking it in two.  I looked around, all twenty two either on the ground in pain, knocked out or dead.

You: “DAMNIT ETHAN!!” I yelled into the mic.

Ethan: “What? I saved your life.” I walked to the window, wanting to show him what his ‘help’ had done.

You: “Do you see this!?” I gestured to the wound in my shoulder. He nodded.

Ethan: “Pretty bad cut you got there… you should get that looked at.” Even at this distance I could see the smirk on his face. I shook my head.

You: “You’re paying to get the stain out.” I turned towards the door, looking to take the last one out and bring the boss into custody.

Ethan: “I had to get that one guy… not my fault you got distracted.” I kicked the door down, pulling my knife and throwing it at the last goon before he had the chance to pull his gun. I walked up to the boss, a balding Iranian in a suit. Shaking like a leaf in the wind. I grabbed him by the collar of his jacket and dragged him out.

You: “It is ENTIRELY your FAULT. I had the guy!” I tossed the Iranian out, collecting my knife before following his still shaking form.

Ethan: “You did NOT.. You didn’t even SEE him.” The other six of the crew burst through the doors, pointing their own rifles at the boss. I walked over to the two fallen bodies with my swords sticking out of them.

You: “Get down here and help the boys bag and tag.. Then on the way back I can give you ANOTHER bird for that scrap-book.”

*Present Day*

(Your POV)

Glad she was finding this funny. He never did pay to get the stain out of my chest piece, or my camo suit for that matter. She on the other hand had begun laughing at Ethan’s antics and carefree attitude. I suppose he was good for something.. He helped me get her to laugh that beautiful laugh of hers.

Natasha: “I.. I think… Ethan and Clint would have gotten along just fine.” She blurted out, wiping a tear from her eye.

You: “Or torn each other to shreds..” I joked.. She laughed again, nodding in agreement. “So.. tell me one of yours?” She smiled, then began telling me some stories of her own.

(Natasha’s POV)

We sat there for what seemed like hours.. just talking, swapping mission stories.. I told him a little about the red room, not enough to reveal what they had.. done to me. But enough for him to understand.. He smiled all the while, a look of understanding in his eyes. He never showed pity.. never once did I feel like he didn’t understand, or couldn’t sympathize.. After all, we both grew up without our parents.

Next thing either of us knew though, it was late in the afternoon.. and neither of us had done much of anything since lunch. We ended up just sitting back down and continued chatting over dinner.

Natasha: “So what was it like? Growing up with Tony?” He looked up from his food, there was a… dark look in his eye.. it quickly faded before his smile returned.

You: “Tony was… as good as he could be.. situation considered. I think he did a pretty good job with me, wouldn’t you agree?” He spread his arms wide, a proud grin on his face. I grew confused, then realization struck.

Natasha: “Wait.. so Tony RAISED you?” The grin faltered a bit, his hand coming to shake in the air.

You: “Kinda… Tony.. Tony was there as much as he could be.. He wasn’t a dad by any means.. never once disciplined or yelled at me.. let me get away with A LOT.. If anything Happy was more of a dad then he was.” That glaze of memory filled his eye again. “But he always looked out for me.. Helped me out when he could.. When he wasn’t busy with the company or with Obadiah or his latest ‘fling.’ He was with me.. making sure I knew I wasn’t alone..” The glaze intensified, sadness mixing in now. “I was.. six.. when they died in that wreck.. I barely remember mom anymore.. Only reason I remember dad is because of the old videos and magazine spreads.. Dad was nothing if not a show boater.. just like Tony.. Don’t tell him I said that.” He smirked, pointing lightly at me. I shook my head, I knew Tony had issues with his father and I wasn’t about to bring it up.

He sighed, both in relief and sadness. He shook his head, chuckling lightly as he shook away the memories and pain.

You: “Sorry.. no need to go down that memory lane I think.” He smiled at me, I started to realize, that while it may have been a genuine smile, it hid quite a bit of sadness. I reached out.. taking hold of the hand he rested on the table. He stiffened a bit at the sudden contact, his eyes darting at my own hand covering his. My thumb lightly rubbing his own.

Natasha: “I get it… sometimes the memory can be worse then what actually happened..” He looked up at me, bewilderment in his eyes. I smiled as warmly as I could.. trying desperately to do for him what he had done for me.. show him that I understood, could relate, that I didn’t pity him. He smiled back when he saw my own.. Then, he started leaning forward.. I leaned in too.. our foreheads met lightly, the shared air warm between us.. Our lips about to meet..

Tony: “(Y/N)!!!” He jumped back.. surprise in his eyes as he made to grab the phone in his pocket, a photo of the intruder on the screen. I leaned back in my chair.. rather confused by my own actions.

You: “Damnit Tony what the HELL do you want!?” He yelled at the screen, an angry look in his eyes.

Tony: “Whoa, whoa!! Cool like little bro, I just wanted you to come meet me in the lab. Bruce and I got a break goin and I wanted you to come take a look at something we’re working on…. Did I interrupt something?” He looked up at me, a sad look in his eye. I smiled at him, but in the back of my mind I was just as down-trodden..

You: “No.. nothing I was just… never mind.. I’ll be there in a minute.” He clicked the phone, nearly slamming it to the table. He came around to my side, smiling his usual gentlemanly smile. “Thank you.. for a wonderful time Natasha..” I stood, smiling back.

Natasha: “My pleasure.. you are excellent company.” His smile changed a bit, into a sort of shy one.

You: “Maybe.. maybe we could do this again? Perhaps… tomorrow? I promise not to keep you as long as I did today.” He back peddled a bit, believing that he had kept me from something important.. The reality of it though.. was that I had honestly enjoyed his company.. the time we spent..

Natasha: “I’d like that (Y/N).” His eyes grew wide in shock briefly before returning to their natural confident demeanor. “Now go on.. your Brother obviously has something he HAS to show you.” I shoved him gently in the shoulder. He chuckled, bowing lightly before standing to leave.

You: “Well.. I’ll go ahead and say good night then Natasha.. and I certainly hope to see you again tomorrow.” He turned, walking towards the doors to the hall.

Natasha: “Good night (Y/N).” I called back. I watched as his form disappeared behind the door, then fell back into my chair, my fingers at my lips. He.. he wanted to.. and I was about to..

Fury: “Agent Romanoff..” I jumped at the sudden voice.. Unlike (Y/N) however, my disturbance wasn’t in my pocket, but right behind me. I stood rapidly, turning to face the director.

Natasha: “Director Fury.” I let my face go placid, ignoring the fact that he had startled me at all. He glared at me..

Fury: “Everything alright Agent?”

Natasha: “Of course sir.” He cocked his eyebrow a me.

Fury: “Are you sure?” He bent down a bit at the waist, bringing his eye level with my own. “You’re not letting yourself get.. emotional are you?” I kept my stoic face.. unreadable, unbreaking.

Natasha: “Of course not sir.” He stared at me, trying to break through my defenses. I stared back, unyielding.

Fury: “Good.” He stood to full height again, turning to leave. “What Stark has access to is far too important.. we need what he has.. now more than ever.”

Natasha: “Sir.. what exactly is it that the Stark brothers have that we need?” He turned, eyeing me over his shoulder.

Fury: “That is above your clearance agent.” He shot me a hard look.

Natasha: “Sir.. with all due respect.. do we really need the ARC tech?” He turned, anger burning in his one eye.

Fury: “You hacked above your clearance.” It wasn’t even a questioning accusation. He stated it like fact.

Natasha: “No sir..” I kept calm. “Mr. Stark just informed me that S.H.E.I.L.D. had spent a great amount of time attempting to get Stark Industries to share the ARC technology. After of course attempts to recruit the Crimson Blade had failed.” He walked back, coming to stand in front of me, looking down his nose.

Fury: “Whatever ‘assets’ S.H.E.I.L.D. is interested in, is none of your concern. Agent.” He punctuated the word, digging my rank into my head. “It is your job to simply convince him to share it… Do I make myself clear?” The doors to the cafeteria opened again.

You: “Sorry, forgot my.. something going on here?” We both turned, finding (Y/N) standing in the doorway, his eyes glued to the scene. Fury towering over me with an aggressive look in his eye. “Something the matter Fury?” The director took a step back from me as (Y/N) walked up to him. The placid look on (Y/N)’s face gave nothing away. But the white knuckles of the hand gripped at the head of that titanium cane told a different story..

Fury: “Of course not.. Simply having a professional conversation with my subordinate.. Mr. Stark.”
(Y/N) stopped in front of the Director, partially moving to stand in front of me..

You: “Care to fill me in?” Neither let their masks crack, eyes locked in a silent war.

Fury: “S.H.E.I.L.D. business. Classified, you understand of course.”

You: “Of course.. Director.. I understand perfectly.. My apologizes, to me it seemed like you were THREATENING Ms. Romanoff. Being the gentleman I am, I naturally simply wanted to address any altercation that may have been started.. IS there something that needs to be addressed.. Director?”

Natasha: “(Y/N), its ok.. really.” I walked out from behind him, he looked to me, that warm smile on his face. I was starting to think he reserved it for me alone. “Directory Fury and I were just discussing some classified information.. It’s nothing to worry about.. Here.” I handed him his forgotten phone. “Come on, I’ll walk you back to the lab.” He offered me his arm, which I adamantly took, tugging it back towards the hall door.

Fury: “We will continue that discussion at a later time Agent Romanoff.” Fury called after us.. I didn’t answer, instead shoving (Y/N) through the door, followed promptly by myself.
And with Chapter four comes a bit more history.. and maybe a budding romance? 
As always let me know what you think in the comments
I don't own Marvel, the Avengers, the image used, or you.
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