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(Natasha’s POV)

Fury: “Ant, boot.” We were gathered around the table on the bridge, watching the video feed from the brig. Fury currently explaining what would happen if Loki tried to break out of his cell.

Loki: “It’s an Impressive cage. Not built, I think. For me.”

Fury: “Built for something  a lot stronger then you.” Loki was chuckling, trying to get under
Fury’s skin. He wasn’t having it.

Loki: “Oh, I’ve heard. A mindless beast. Makes play he’s still a man.” I looked up, gauging Banner’s reaction. He didn’t look happy. If Loki knew about the Hulk then that means Clint has been feeding him information. What else had he told Loki? How did he hypnotize him? “How desperate are you, you call on such lost creatures to defend you?”

Fury: “How desperate am I? You threaten my world with war. You steal a force you can’t hope to control. You talk about peace, and you kill because it’s fun. You have made me very desperate. You might not be glad that you did.” Loki didn’t seem phased by Fury’s threats.

Loki: “Ooh. It burns you to have come so close. To have the Tesseract, to have power, unlimited power. And for what? A warm light for all mankind to share. And then to be reminded what real power is.”

Fury: “Well let me know if ‘real power’ wants a magazine or something.” Fury left, having had enough of Loki and his jabs. They weren’t exactly the most subtle. But that didn’t fit what we knew.. Why be so transparent?

Bruce: “He really grows on you doesn’t he?” I looked up again, finding Banner trying to make light of the situation.

Steve: “Loki’s gonna drag this out. So, Thor, what’s his play?” Thor himself had refused to watch the video feed, instead pondering the words alone.

Thor: “He has an army called the Chitauri. They’re not of Asgard, nor any world known. He means to lead them against your people. They will win him the earth, in return, I suspect, for the Tesseract.”

Steve: “An army.. from outer space?” Rogers was as confused as ever. Not that any of us could blame him, having been frozen in a block of ice for as long as he was.

Bruce: “So he’s building another portal. That’s what he needs Erik Selvig for.”

Thor: “Selvig?” Right.. Thor had met Selvig the last time he was on earth.

Bruce: “He’s an astrophysicist.”

Thor: “He’s a friend.”

Natasha: “Loki has him under some kind of spell… along with one of ours.” It was difficult admitting that Clint had turned tail on us. Thankfully easier due to it not being of his own free will.

Steve: “I want to know why Loki let us take him. He’s not leading an army from here.”

Bruce: “I don’t think we should be focusing on Loki. That guy’s brain is a bag full of cats. You could smell cray on him.” He wasn’t wrong.

Thor: “Have care how you speak. Loki is beyond reason, but he is of Asgard. And he is my brother.” Seems brotherly bonds last through anything. Made me wonder if another older brother would make my job harder now.

Natasha: “He killed eighty people in two days.”

Thor: “…He’s adopted.” Maybe not ANYTHING.. Still.. bad as Tony is I never heard of him coming to blows with his brother.. that is if you don’t count that silent ‘conversation’ they had outside.. whatever it was about. Speaking of.. I could hear a muffled tapping coming from the hall behind me, along with some muttering.

Bruce: “I think it’s about the mechanics. Iridium.. What do they need the Iridium for?”

Tony: “It’s a stabilizing agent.” We all turned to meet the three newest people in the room. Tony walking in while (Y/N) was walking with Coulson.

You: “Look all I’m saying is pick a weekend and I’ll FLY you to Portland. Keep love alive man.” (Y/N) patted Coulson on the back before walking to one of the free chairs at the table. Rogers was rather surprised. Confused by the steel cane in (Y/N)’s hand.

Tony: “It means the portal won’t collapse on itself like it did at S.H.E.I.L.D.” Tony was sauntering up to Fury’s platform. “No hard feelings, Point Break. You got a mean swing.” He patted Thor’s shoulder. I heard a scoff coming from behind me. (Y/N) having decided to take the chair next to mine. His cane rolling from one hand to the other.

You: “Great plan Tony.. Confuse the big guy with the Hammer to death with bad references.. Obviously can’t out punch him.” I couldn’t help the grin crawling across my face. (Y/N) took notice of it, smiling warmly at me. I smiled back, oddly enough I didn’t have to force it.

Tony: “Uh huh.. and where were you.. exactly? Thought you were providing back up.” (Y/N) leaned back in his chair. A smirk on his lips.

You: “I thought you had it.. besides you had the Boy scout here to back you up. Isn’t that right Rogers?” Rogers looked confused, unsure whether to feel complimented or insulted by the nick-name. Tony just rolled his eyes, continuing to the platform.

Tony: “Also..” He continued, deciding to ignore his brother’s comments. “It means the portal can open as wide and stay open as long, as Loki wants.” He came to stop on Fury’s platform, addressing the crew of the Heli-Carrier. “Raise the mizzenmast. Jib the topsails.” Tony.. always so comfortable in any surrounding. “That man is playing Galaga!! He thought we wouldn’t notice, but we did.” He was pointing out one of the crew, currently hunched over a desk, typing furiously. I noticed a small icon on the desk-top. Huh.. surprisingly good eye. Tony looked around at the screens around him, pressing a hand over his left eye. “How does Fury even see these?” Agent Hill responded for us.

Hill: “He turns.”

You: “Sounds exhausting.” I turned, finding (Y/N) smirking at his own joke.. It was kinda funny all things considered. Tony shot him a proud look, continuing his explanation.

Tony: “The rest of the raw materials, Agent Barton can get his hands on pretty easily.” Tony started fidgeting with the screens, touching every last one. Then surprisingly.. (Y/N) continued the explanation.

You: “At this point all he would need is a power source of high-energy density. Something to kick start the cube.” We all turned to him, surprised to hear he knew what his brother was talking about. “What? I know things.” I had to admit, I was impressed.

Hill: “When did you two become experts in thermonuclear astrophysics?”

Tony: “Last night.” He dead-panned. “The packet, Selvig’s notes, the extraction theory papers. Are my brother and I the only ones that did the reading?”

Steve: “Does Loki need any particular kind of power source?” Rogers had apparently grown tired of Tony’s sarcasm.

Bruce: “He’d have to heat the cube to 120-million Kelvin just to break through the Coulomb barrier.” Tony smiled, relieved someone else in the room understood the explanation.

Tony: “Unless Selvig had figured out how to stabilize the quantum tunneling effect.” He started walking up to Banner.

Bruce: “Well if he could do that, he could achieve heavy ion fusion at any reactor on the planet.”

Tony: “Finally.. Someone that speaks English.” Tony and Bruce made to shake hands with each other while Rogers sat utterly confused. He turned to (Y/N).

Steve: “Was that what that was?” (Y/N) smirked again.

You: “I just call it tech gargle.. If anything my brother just found a new bromance to obsess over.” Tony shot him a quick look before turning back to Banner.

Fury: “Dr. Banner is only here to track the cube.” (Y/N)’s smirk vanished immediately. “I was hoping you might join him Stark.” Fury had walked in, still looking rather frustrated over his ‘conversation’ with Loki. (Y/N) turned in his seat, eyeing Fury angrily.

You: “Don’t know how much help I’d be NickEYE.” The two glared at each other for a moment.

Fury: “I was talking about your brother.. hobbles.” (Y/N) stood immediately, walking around the table to meet Fury face to face.

You: “You wanna run that by me again Captain Patch?” That cane in his hands suddenly looked very dangerous.

Fury: “I said… I was talking about your brother.. (Y/N).” Fury relented.. wanting to keep (Y/N) on good terms. If he wanted what the Stark brothers had it wasn’t the best idea to piss either of them off.

You: “Uh huh.. that’s what I thought you said.” He turned back to me, smiling warmly. I smiled back. “I don’t suppose that offer of a tour would still be on the table would it Ms. Romanoff?” He extended his free arm to me in a gentlemanly manner. I stood, taking it.

Natasha: “Of course it is.” I led him out of the room, much to Fury’s relief and Tony’s ire.

(Your POV)

Natasha thankfully led me out and away from Fury.. That son of a…

Natasha: “If you don’t mind my asking.. why exactly do you two hate each other?” I turned to her, a quizzical look in her eye. “He told me the basics but.. I can’t help but feel his perspective may be a bit.. one sided.” I scoffed.. that was the understatement of the year. Still I relented.

You: “NickE… Director Fury and I never really got along with each other all that well. Even before I was head of Stark Inc. We had a few.. run ins with each other during my time in the Marines.”

Natasha: “You mean when you were the Crimson Blade?” I stopped, coming to turn to her. She had a soft expression of apology on her face. “Sorry.. I didn’t mean to bring up..”

You: “No, no.. it’s ok. I kind of expected you to know about that.. given that S.H.E.I.L.D. has been trying to recruit me ever since I started.” I sighed, I hadn’t really talked about my Special Forces days in a long time.  “Yeah,,, Fury has been trying to recruit me ever since I became
Crimson Blade.” She still had that questioning look in her eyes.

Natasha: “When did you first join the Marines?” I sighed again.. I suppose there wasn’t any real harm in revealing my military history, even if it didn’t end all that well.

You: “I joined the Marines the day after my eighteenth. I rose through the ranks pretty quick and before I knew it. I was Lieutenant (Y/N) Stark. I was recruited by my higher ups into a special forces division, given my own team of boys and the eight of us lasted the remainder of my career. Then..” I gestured to my leg.. “That happened. And I was dishonorably discharged. Tony put me up as C.E.O. of the company a little time after his revealing himself as ‘Iron Man’. That’s where I’ve been ever since. I was.. Twenty Three when Tony set me up.” She smiled lightly, understanding crawling across her features. Once again I caught myself staring and had to look away before I embarrassed myself.

Natasha: “So how did you get you’re code name?” I smirked, chuckling lightly as the memories flooded back.

You: “My old gear consisted of a handful of things. My twin tactical Ninjato, my red, gray and black camo suit. My Kevlar weave chest and shoulder piece, my favorite tactical knife and my crimson visor. That especially stuck with me. I never went out without it. The visor works a lot like Tony’s heads up display in the armor, save the lack of JARVIS. The thing wrapped all around my head, the back and top was a thick bullet-proof alloy while the front was a one way bullet-proof glass piece. The inside fed targeting info and had a few things like Thermo-imaging. It wasn’t the reason for the code name.. but it definitely helped.” I paused, smiling at the memories. “I still have that Visor in my office. It was custom built by Stark Inc. Not provided by the Marines, so they couldn’t take it when I left. The code name was a play on the nick name most of my targets gave me. Bloody Knife.. I never liked guns much so I never used them, instead using my knife and swords to full effect. By the time I’d get to the boss, his goon’s blood would stain the blades of my weapons. Hence Bloody Knife, then Crimson Blade. Crimson blade ran off the tongue better so I stuck with that.” She nodded, comfortable enough with my explanation for now. She gestured ahead.

Natasha: “Shall we continue the tour?” She smirked, I smiled back.

You: “It would be appreciated.” She led me on.

She showed me quite a bit of the Heli-Carrier as it was named. Suppose it made some sense. She showed me to the sleeping quarters, the cafeteria, and the gym.. Not to many places given my lack
of clearance but I appreciated it all the same. The gym was the last place to visit, and the longest we stayed anywhere.

You: “I could spend a few hours in here.” I marveled at the area, equipped with everything a true gym needed. Free weights, punching bags, treadmills, weight machines, there was even a boxing ring at the far end. “I’ve been meaning to get back into my routine lately.” She shot me a questioning look.

Natasha: “No offense but..” She gestured to my leg. I cocked an eyebrow at her.

You: “Are you insinuating my leg may be an issue? I may not be as… agile as I once was.. But I could go a few rounds with someone.” I eyed her up and down, silently throwing a challenge. She smirked.

Natasha: “I don’t know Stark, you sure you could go toe-to-toe with me?” I pressed a hand to my chest.

You: “Why Ms. Romanoff, I never insinuated such a thing.. However now that you’ve mentioned it.. I believe so.. yes.” I’d seen the camera footage of her running rampant in Hammer’s building. Up until now I hadn’t seen her face, she kept it surprisingly well hidden in the footage. The perks of being a top spy I suppose. Point being, I knew what she was capable of. That was both my advantage and disadvantage. I knew I didn’t have a chance in a real fight with her.. But a sparring match could prove useful. After all, strong women like her respect strong men. And I didn’t want her thinking I couldn’t handle myself just because of my leg. She sauntered over to the ring, pulling off her belt and tossing it aside on her way.

Natasha: “Whenever you’re ready.. hobbles.” I shot her an unamused look, funny thing though, I wasn’t mad. Coming from Fury it sounded like a direct insult. From her, it sounded playful, almost like a pet name. I walked after her, shedding my tie, jacket and vest along the way. I rolled up the sleeves of my red shirt and kicked off my shoes. I climbed into the ring, standing with my hands folded over the head of my cane.

You: “Would you prefer the cane or no cane?” I asked sarcastically. She just smirked, getting into a ready position.

Natasha: “Your choice Stark.” I chuckled, then stood firm. Hands still folded over the cane.

You: “Ladies first.” She nodded a thanks, then took advantage of my offer. She started slow, throwing a few quick jabs at my head and chest. All I easily dodged. She persisted with the upper body attacks, adamantly avoiding my legs. I dodged without even moving them, simply swaying my torso and head to the side quickly to avoid her jabs. “Come now Ms. Romanoff, I know you can do better than this.” I winked, earning a small smirk from her. She quickly responded with a sweeping kick to my hip, which I caught. “That’s better.. now you’re getting serious. “I released her leg then quickly responded with one of my own, swinging my left leg to her side. She side stepped then began pushing me back, forcing me to go on defense. I blocked and dodged every swing and kick I could, still she was able to connect more shots than I could defend. She was quick, agile and packed a surprising amount of force.

I started pushing back, falling back on my Jodo training to fight with my cane. I swept at her legs with the hook of my cane, hoping to catch them. As she jumped to dodge I quickly spun and kicked out my foot to knock her back. My kick connected and sent her back a bit. She recovered with a back flip and charged me again. She again responded with a kick to the side, one I blocked this time with the shaft of my cane. He shin connected and the sound reverberated across the gym. She groaned in pain as she fell to the floor.

Natasha: “The hell is that thing made of?” I smirked a bit as I held it up.

You: “Hollow Titanium. Impressive no?” She didn’t respond, instead sitting down to massage her shin. I grew concerned and kneeled down, believing I had seriously injured her. “Are you ok?” She looked up to me, smirking. I didn’t even have the time to become confused before she jumped and wrapped her legs around my neck, spinning us around and slamming me to the mat. She pinned me.

Natasha: “I’ll admit, you lasted longer than I thought you would.” I stared at her in disbelief for a moment, then burst out laughing.. It took a moment, but soon she joined in.

You: “I haven’t had that much fun in years! I’m a lot more out of it then I thought I was.” She stood up, offering her hand to help me. I took it. “Thank you for the session.”

Natasha: “Nothing to it.. Maybe.. we could go again? You know after you’ve practiced a bit.” Though she finished with a snarky remark, the beginning sounded.. hesitant, almost timid. Was she.. was she flirting with me? I smiled at her.

You: “I’d be glad to Ms. Romanoff.” She chuckled a bit.

Natasha: “Natasha.. you can call me Natasha, Stark.” I scoffed.

You: “Well then… Natasha.. you can call me (Y/N).” She returned my smile. Then stepped out of the ring.

Natasha: “Come on.. I’ll show you back to the lab.. I’m sure your brother thinks I’ve killed you by now.” I rolled my eyes, but she wasn’t wrong. Knowing Tony he actually did think that. I collected my fallen clothes, opting to pocket my tie rather then re-tie it, then followed Natasha out and back to the lab where I’m sure Tony was already doing something stupid.

(Natasha’s POV)

Something about him intrigued me.. I don’t know if it was his history as Crimson Blade, his ability to get under his brothers skin or the way he talked to me.. but something drew me to him naturally. Still, Fury gave me a job.. One I needed to finish. It was just that… I was growing hesitant to ask. Yesterday I was going to ask him more about why he turned down Fury’s offer to join S.H.E.I.L.D. but he was so willing to open up about more than I had intended. I stopped myself before I pressed anymore. Then there was the sparring match. He knew he couldn’t take me on, if anything he was probably trying to prove he could handle himself. That the cane wasn’t a hindrance. He certainly proved it. Even though he had only lasted seven minutes, that was still six minutes longer than I expected him to.

I was heading down to the gym for some early morning practice when I heard the sound of someone counting. I was surprised, usually I was the only one up this early. I stepped in, and found (Y/N), currently upside down on his hands. Counting off his push-ups. Shirt discarded on the floor next to him and cane propped up to his side.

You: “19, 20, 21, 22… Natasha.” He smiled at me before falling back from the wall. “Good morning, you train this early too?” I didn’t immediately respond, focused on his exposed chest as I was. Despite being out of the fight for four years he had clearly not let the time or damage to his leg keep him from training. He had definite tone, muscles clearly showing beneath his skin. There were a few scars along his chest. One especially deep looking one on his left shoulder. “Natasha? Hello… Earth to Widow..” He waved his hand in front of my face, bringing me back to reality.

Natasha: “Sorry.. I was.. distracted.” He smirked, but didn’t comment on my moment.. instead turning to collect his fallen shirt.. I was actually rather thankful he did. Had it been Tony, he would have definitely made some awful dirty joke out of the moment. He threw his shirt on, a plain crimson red t, complimented by the black sweat pants he wore below. They were rolled up, and I took notice of the scar on his right leg. It was long, jagged and ran from his knee to his ankle. He must have followed my eyes because he quickly bent down to adjust his pant leg. He stood, smiling all the while.

You: “Not a pretty sight, much prefer you focus on this.” He waved dramatically to his face. “Much more attractive sight, don’t you agree?”  I rolled my eyes.. never admitting that I did find him.. somewhat attractive. “You never answered my question.”

Natasha: “Yes.. I’m usually up at five to come and train. I wasn’t expecting anyone else here though.” He chuckled.

You: “Well… I’m usually up at four, and I was actually about done.. I’ll leave you to yours.” He bowed lightly, taking up his cane to leave. He stopped before he left the room. “Actually.. I had meant to say something to you yesterday..” He turned. “Thank you.”

Natasha: “You already thanked me for the spar.” He waved his hand.

You: “No not for that… I wanted to thank you for the specs you pulled from Hammer.” I tilted my head in question. “Tony told me it was you that hacked Hammer’s system, picked off those Drones that Vanko had sent after him… Then you pulled the specs for Vanko’s suit and the drones and sent them to JARVIS.. I believe the email said.. it’s your tech, you decide what to do with it.” I remembered.. hacking Vanko’s programming, setting the drones to self-destruct.. Sending the specs to the company. “You… are actually the reason for a lot of projects going on down at headquarters… so.. thank you.” He walked up and extended his hand to me. I smiled, taking it to shake.

Natasha: “It was the right thing.. Like I said.. It was Tony’s tech..” He looked a bit down-stricken at that last comment, still his smile didn’t falter.

You: “Alright.. I’ll leave you to it then.” Again he turned, making to leave. Then.. I did something I didn’t expect to be doing.

Natasha: “(Y/N)..” He turned again. “Would you like to meet for lunch later?” His eyes grew confused for a moment before his smile widened a bit.

You: “I’d like that Natasha.. enjoy your work out.” He waved, turning to leave for the final time. I turned towards the punching bags, feeling heat rising in my cheeks.

(Your POV)

After showering in my own room I dressed in a plain red button-up shirt and a pair of black jeans. I made my way to the lab, figuring I’d join my brother and his new bromance for a time. Dr. Banner was scanning at the spear while Tony was drinking something, likely trying to wake himself up.

Bruce: “Gamma readings are defiantly consistent with Selvig’s reports on the Tesseract. But it’s gonna take weeks to process.” Tony put down his glass, walking over to a small screen on the opposite side of the lab.

Tony: “If we bypass there mainframe and direct route to the Homer cluster we can clock this at around 600 teraflops.” I rubbed my head.

You: “I shouldn’t have come in here.. You speaking tech gargle alone is enough to give me a headache.” I gestured to Banner. “Now there are two of you.” Banner chuckled, then came around the spear to shake my hand.

Banner: “Bruce Banner.. we didn’t officially meet last night. Tony’s told me a bit about you.” He was smiling genuinely. I took his hand, smiling genuinely back.

You: “(Y/N) Stark.. I certainly hope he’s only told good things.. otherwise I’ll have to start telling stories of my own.”

Tony: “Hey..” Tony shot me a look over the computer screen. I just turned back to Banner.

You: “Sorry about last night.. Fury and I don’t exactly get along all that well.” I released his hand.

Bruce: “Tony mentioned that but didn’t say why.” I smirked.

You: “Trust me I have my reasons.” I walked over to Tony. “Through all that Tech gargle… I made out the words weeks and six hundred.. Bypassing the main frame how long do you think we’ll be on this floating hunk of Fury’s compensation?” Tony smirked, patting me on the shoulder as he walked around to another screen.

Tony: “We’re working to run an algorithm to find the Tesseract through its Gamma readings.. Doing what we do.. we could have a location in three days.” I sighed, though I was actually.. surprisingly relieved..

Bruce: “And all I packed was a tooth brush.” I turned back, finding the Dr. to have returned to a computer near the spear.

Tony: “You know you should come by Stark Tower sometime.. Top Ten floors, all R&D. You’d love it, it’s Candy Land.” I chuckled.

You: “I love how you invite people into my tower without my permission.” Tony shot me a tired look while Banner chuckled. I turned to him. “You are welcome though Doc. Seem like a good guy to be around.” He smiled up at me.

Bruce: “Thanks, but the last time I was in New York, I kinda broke.. Harlem.” Tony walked up to his side.

Tony: “Well I promise a stress-free environment. No tension, no surprises.” He jabbed a small metal pick into Banner’s side, then checked his eyes for changes. My brother the test-dummy ladies and gents.

Steve: “Hey!!” Oh wonderful… the Boy Scout was up. He walked in, staring hard at Tony.

Tony: “Nothing?” Tony seemed rather surprised that he didn’t get a reaction out of Banner.

Steve: “Are you nuts?” I was about to comment but Tony beat me to it.

Tony: “Jury’s out.. in fact one of them is right there.” He pointed to me. I chuckled, then turned to the boy in blue.

You: “Were split down the middle.” I joked, he wasn’t laughing. At least Banner was.

Tony: “You really do have a lid on it don’t you? What’s your secret? Mellow jazz, bongo drums, huge bag of weed?”

Steve: “Is everything a joke to you?” I didn’t like the tone he was taking.. but Tony could handle himself.

Tony: “Funny things are.” Like that.

Steve: “Threatening the safety of everyone on this ship isn’t funny. No offense Doc.” I rolled my eyes.

Bruce: “It’s alright, I wouldn’t have come aboard if I couldn’t handle… pointy things.” I wrapped an arm around the Boy scouts shoulder.

You: “See? You gotta lighten up Boy Scout.. we’re all friends here.” I smiled up at him, he didn’t return it. Instead shrugging off my arm.. rude. Tony at least was on my side.. sorta.

Tony: “You’re tip-toeing big man. You need to strut.”

Steve: “And you need to focus on the problem, Mr. Stark.” Ok I needed to step in.. the barking blue boy was getting on my nerves.

You: “Do you think we’re not?” I called his attention to me. “Why did Fury call you all in? Why now? Why not before? What isn’t he telling us?” Tony cut in.

Tony: “Little bro’s right. I can’t do the equation unless I have all the variables.” Rogers’ face softened a bit.

Steve: “You two think Fury’s hiding something?” I laughed.. loudly.

You: “Rogers he’s a spy. He’s THE spy.. His secrets have secrets.”

Tony: “Once again… Little bro’s got a point.. and it isn’t cause the two of them got beef with each other. It’s bugging him too.” He turned to Banner. “Isn’t it?”

Steve: “Doctor?” I saw the flicker in his eyes.. Banner agreed with us.

Bruce: “…’A warm light for all mankind.’…Loki’s jab at Fury about the cube.”

Steve: “I heard it.” At least someone did.. I was a bit lost.. When did Fury have time to talk to Loki?

Bruce: “Well.. I think that was meant for you two.” He gestured between my brother and I. “Even if Barton didn’t tell Loki about the tower, it was still all over the news.” Right.. I almost forgot that Pepper had decided to do that press briefing in D.C.

Steve: “The Stark Tower? That big, ugly…” I shot him a warning look.. don’t you diss my stuff. “..building in New York?”

Bruce: “It’s powered by an ARC Reactor, a self-sustaining energy source. That building will run itself for, what, a year?” He looked to Tony.

Tony: “It’s just the prototype.” I filled in the reason why.

You: “Tony and I are pretty much the only name in clean energy right now… That’s what he’s getting at.” Banner continued.

Bruce: “So why didn’t S.H.E.I.L.D. bring them in on the Tesseract project? What are they doing in the energy business In the first place?” I interjected.

You: “They have tried to bring us in.. just not on that.” They all stopped and turned to me. “Fury has been hounding us to share the ARC tech for years now. Sending emails, phone calls, Coulson. Not once did they mention ‘renewable energy’ as the reason. Then, a few months ago.. It just stopped.” I paused, opening my hand in a puff motion. “Magically stopped. Why? I bet you everything I got as a Stark whatever they wanted the ARC tech for is what they were using the Tesseract for.”

Tony: “I should probably look into that once my decryption program finishes breaking into all of S.H.E.I.L.D.’s  secure files.” Rogers paled a bit.

Steve: “I’m sorry. Did you just say..” I cut him off.

You: “Tony planted a bug while I distracted you all with my ‘know how’ on Selvig’s notes. JARVIS has been running it since.. We should know every secret S.H.E.I.L.D. has tried to hide in.. what is it Tony three days?” He nodded.

Steve: “Yet you’re both confused about why they didn’t want you around.”

You: “An intelligence organization that fears intelligence? Historically speaking that isn’t the best thing.. You of all people should know that Boy Scout.”

Steve: “I think Loki is trying to wind us up. This is a man that means to start a war, and if we don’t stay focused, then he’ll succeed.”

You: “Then it’s a good thing we’re ready.” He turned to me.. “My brother and I have our own way of dealing with this.. in fact we were just talking about it yesterday morning.” I shot him a hard look. “Us versus them.”

Steve: “We have orders. We should follow them.”

Tony: “Yeah.. we aren’t all that big on following orders.. him especially.” He gestured to me.

Steve: “So I’ve figured.. guess that’s what the discharge was about right?” I narrowed my eyes at him.

You: “I wouldn’t talk about things I don’t know about Rogers. You’ve been trained not to question orders, let that slip over into other people’s business would ya?”

Bruce: “Steve.. tell me none of this smells funny to you?” He paused.. there was a look in his eye like he wanted to say something else.

Steve: “Just find the cube.” He left instead.

Tony: “That’s the guy dad never shut-up about?” I chuckled.. I was thinking the same thing. “I’m wondering if they shouldn’t have kept him on ice.” I couldn’t help but agree with him.
So... apparently I've grown really fond of this story.. To the point that I'm pumping out chapters basically every other day. I hope I can keep this up cause I'm really enjoying writing this.
As Always let me know what you think in the comments.
I don't own Marvel, the Avengers, the images used, or you
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I've been wondering for a while now, how did we get kicked out of the Marines? Wounded to the point of incapacitation is usually a cause for a Honorable Discharge, Insubordination usually doesn't result in dishon. Unless it puts other soldiers lives in jeopardy or is done continuously and constantly.
There is a reason ive had planned for a bit now, it'll come
in time. I just hope it makes sense when it comes to pass
TheEaglesLegion Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2017
Alright then, thanks, I was wondering.
The-Authors-Library Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2017
I know. I'm still trying to work out the kinks to the rest of the story.. Once I get to the reveal though... It'll be interesting
TheEaglesLegion Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2017
Alright, I'm gonna have fun guessing.
The-Authors-Library Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2017
You may not have to guess for very long 
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I'm on team Captain America 
The-Authors-Library Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2017
Why? What's the reason?
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I think he's right about the superhuman registration act
Tony has a point though. If the powers go unchecked then what makes them better then the ones they fight? At the very least registering is a show of good faith. That they are willing to work with the people they protect and be held accountable for the damages their powers may cause
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Never trust the government
The-Authors-Library Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2017
Always trust your brother though 
XxxDeadshotxxX Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2017
I guess I can agree to that
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Loving this more and more! ^^
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Always glad to hear!
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