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I didn’t sleep. I was too busy reading over the information Coulson had left. Learning about the ‘Big Four’ as it were.

Thor and Loki were easiest to learn about, and the most difficult to swallow. The idea that god’s like this actually existed, it wasn’t exactly calming. Norse mythology was one of the subjects I had read up on growing up, so there weren’t many surprises when I was reading on the brother’s themselves. If anything it was just coming to terms with their existence. Loki, as expected was the target Fury wanted help locating, while Thor was currently off planet. Leaving us to clean up after him, wonderful. Exactly how I expected some self-absorbed, self-proclaimed warrior to be.

Rogers was easiest to swallow, but was most annoying to come to terms with. I didn’t even need to read up on his file if only because dad never, ever shut up about him. It was always ‘Captain America’ this, and ‘Captain America’ that with Howard.. If anything looking over Roger’s file just dug up bad memories about dad.

Then there was.. the big guy. I had heard Tony mention Dr. Banner on occasion over the years, praising his mind and research on Gamma radiation. It was the ‘other’ him that concerned me. According to the file, The Hulk was an absolute ‘No Breach’ situation. He was simply not allowed to be let loose. Half the file was pretty much the same. ‘Don’t piss off Banner’. Something I adamantly didn’t want to do. I may have had Stane’s I.M.R. Mark 1 suit in storage, but I doubted the Monger could stand up to the Hulk for very long.. Maybe Vanko’s W.L. Mark 2 would have a better shot?

I rose from my misused bed when morning came, dressing in my full suit again. Apparently Tony had had a similar night as when I came down to the kitchen, I found him already awake in a suit and tie of his own.

You: “Sleepless?” His looked up at me, finding me leaning hard on my cane.

Tony: “Lookin like you’re in the same boat.” He raised a mug. “Coffee?” I nodded. “Irish?” I sat at the table.

You: “Not today Tony.. too much going on I think.” He looked into his own mug, eventually tossing it down the sink. Then poured himself a fresh one and myself a new cup.

Tony: “So what’s the C.B.?” I shot my head from the table, he handed me the coffee casually, never flinching at my surprised look. He pointed to one of the monitors. “JARVIS saves everything.. you should know that.” I laid my head on the table, lightly banging my fist against the surface. “I thought you were done with that part of your life?”

You: “I am done with that part.” I lifted my head from the table, threading my fingers as I propped my elbows up. “I’m done taking orders.. this is for me.”

Tony: “So you’re not done then.. you’re just.. freelancing now?”  I sipped from my mug.

You: “Tony.. if you think I’m gonna go rogue….” He shook his head.

Tony: “Hey, I’m just happy to see you taking an interest in the armor game. I thought you hated Iron Man.” I chuckled.

You: “How could I hate Iron Man? He’s my big brother after all.” I smiled at him, and he smiled back. “The C.B. Armor was a project I took on after the Expo incident.. same with the Legion Project.”

Tony: “Yeah, JARVIS mentioned you decided to drudge that up again.. why?” I eyed him cautiously over the rim of my mug.

You: “You saw the same file I did.. Monsters, super-soldiers, god’s. We’re not exactly in our league Tony.. We need back up.” He set his mug down on the table, taking the seat opposite mine.

Tony: “You think it’ll come to us versus them?”

You: “I certainly hope not.. but if it does.. I’d rather be ready.”

Tony: “So C.B. is… you being ready then?” I shook my head.

You: “The Legion is me being ready… C.B… C.B. is me being tired of sitting on the side lines.” He cocked his head in question. “Tony you saw what I could do while I was in the special forces.. I was good. The best.. but after…” I gestured to my leg. “I was benched… It was one thing when Obadiah ran crazy. You handled it pretty much on your own. But you needed help with Vanko.. I mean hey if Rhodey gets one why can’t I right?” He stood, coming around the table to kneel in front of me.

Tony: “I never asked you to protect me..” I turned to him.

You: “I never asked you to protect me either.. yet here we are.. I need this Tony.. I need to be back in the action.. I’m tired of Board meetings and jet-setting.. I’m tired of being the boss behind the desk… I’d rather be C.B. again.. and If it means turning C.B. into an Iron Man knock off, then well that’s what C.B. is gonna be.” He laughed a bit.

Tony: “Not like I can sue for copyright..”  I laughed along with him. He hugged me tightly. “Welcome to the team then bud.”

You: “Thanks Tony.” He let me go, returning to his seat and coffee.

Tony: “So when does the Mark 4 show?” I sipped at my own drink.

You: “Today, hopefully. Once the leg support is done, JARVIS is having it boxed up and shipped here. Pretty much the rest of it is ready but I need the support system before I even consider taking it on a test run. Hell, one of the defensive systems isn’t even going to be operational when it shows.” Tony stroked his chin.

Tony: “I’ll give it a look over once it shows.. See if there’s something that can be done.. I saw the model.. You didn’t do too bad considering you barely bounced off mine.” I chuckled lightly.

You: “You should have seen the Mark 2.. I swear it was literally a direct rip-off.”

Tony: “Oh I saw it… Had JARVIS pull the records.. THAT I would have sued you for.” We shared a good laugh as we sipped our breakfast.

We spent most of the day discussing two things. The file Coulson had left us, and the C.B. Armor. I wasn’t worried I would be able to use it given my history. If anything my biggest concern was going to be flying… without the plane. Tony.. being Tony.. decided to give me a crash course. At least as much as he could given the situation with my leg. Later in the day.. The suit itself did in fact arrive. Two men wheeled the box containing my own armor into the observation floor, much to Tony’s ire.

Tony: “Again with the sweaty workmen in my elevator.” He shook his head. I just rolled my eyes. As the workmen left (Through the private elevator) Tony and I opened up the shipping crate, revealing the C.B. Mark 4.

The C.B. resembled The I.M. in aesthetic. But aesthetic alone. It was thinner then Tony’s given the lack of hidden projectile weaponry. Opting instead to hide only a pair of folding Ninjato blades in the shoulder blades and a collapsible titanium cane in the hip. Additionally, instead of Tony’s choice of Hot-Rod red and gold color scheme. The C.B. Sported a Metallic black and Crimson Red. Red filling out the face-plate and bicep areas while the rest was black. Speaking of the face-plate.. Unlike Tony’s that sported a pair of glowing ocular cameras, mine had none. Instead, the ocular cameras were hidden behind a bulletproof one way crimson glass piece. I had wanted it to look like my old tactical visor from my special forces days.. and I had to say I had succeeded. The armor of course sported the repulsor system that allowed it to fly. But additionally, the Reactor in its chest powered the Secondary system.. which unfortunately was not functional at the moment. I was rather proud of my work, and judging by Tony’s face, so was he.

Unfortunately we didn’t have much time to revel in my moment of pride before JARVIS alerted us of a situation.

JARVIS: “Sir’s, Agent Coulson has alerted me that they have identified the target known as ‘Loki’. He has been spotted in Berlin.” Tony turned to me, a smirk on his face.

Tony: “Ever been to Germany?” I mirrored his smirk.

You: “I find it to be wonderful this time of year.” Tony stepped aside, headed for his landing platform to suit up while I activated my own. The suit opened up in places, allowing me to literally step into it. I tossed my cane to the couch, allowing the leg support system to take over, compressing my shin and distributing the weight into the thigh. I walked out of the box, my head’s-up display jumping to life, tinted red by the crimson glass.

JARVIS: “You look rather intimidating sir. Just as before.” I heard JARVIS in my ear, my own armor of course hooked into his system. I looked down at my armored hands, smirking under the visor.

You: “I feel.. like my old self again.”

Tony: “Let’s hope you can handle yourself like your old self then. Come on.. we gotta fly.” I found Tony hovering just outside the window, waving at me in his own armor. I waved back, walking towards the landing platform he had taken off from. I stood at the end and let the repulsor system take over, lifting me off the ground. I was a bit shaky at first, but I got the hang of it. Tony came to hover in front of me. “Wanna race?” I chuckled, then took off as fast as I could.

You: “New flyer gets a head-start!” I yelled into the intercom, hearing Tony crone back with a ‘no fair!’. I couldn’t help the laughter.

Surprisingly soon after take-off we were flying over the France/Germany border, heading into the heart of Berlin and Loki’s last known location.

Tony: “JARVIS, any friendlies on sight?”

JARVIS: “There is a Quinn-Jet currently headed to the last known location of the target.”

You: “Start hacking the P.A. system JARVIS.. Get ready to play Tony’s ‘Intro-Music’.” I looked over to my Iron-clad brother, finding his own face plate staring into mine. I couldn’t see it, but I knew he was smiling.

Tony: “You DO know me.” He touched a hand to his chest.

You: “Yeah Tony.. I know how BIG your ego is.” The hand fell away. “Do we have any visual?”

JARVIS: “Street cameras show the target currently standing over a large number of hostages.” A video feed of the camera popped into my display. “Wait.. there’s movement.” Just then, a large Blue clothed man jumped down out of the sky, carrying a large shield.

You: “Great.. Dad’s bromance is there.” I heard Tony chuckle. “You go from the front I’ll come from the back?” I asked.

Tony: “You got it.” He sped ahead, rushing down into the middle of the fight between the god and super solider. “JARVIS… Intro Music.”

JARVIS: “Playing ‘Shoot to Thrill’ by AC/DC.” I rolled my eyes.. Tony just loved his Rock Music. Tony landed in front of the fallen Soldier and began showing of, pointing every barrel he had towards the antlered god. I flew around, landing just behind the god.

Tony: “Make your move Reindeer games.” Loki’s armor faded as his hands came up in surrender. “Good Move.” I didn’t buy it. As soon as Tony’s system disengaged, Loki reached for his fallen weapon. I sprang into action, pulling one of the hidden blades from my shoulder. I gripped one of Loki’s arms, twisting it around his back as I laid the blade against his throat.

You: “Wrong move…” He chuckled.

Loki: “Seems my intelligence is lacking.. I wasn’t aware of another ‘Iron’ solider.”

You: “I’m new.. Drop the spear.” He hesitated, but did, dropping the arched spear to the ground. I tossed him to Tony, sheathing the foldable sword into the shoulder of my suit. “Bag and Tag Bro.”

Steve: “Bro?” He turned to Tony who was currently slinging Loki over his shoulder.

Tony: “Captain Rogers.. Meet Lieutenant Stark.” My face plate opened up.

Steve: “Good to meet you Lieutenant.” He walked up to me as I scooped up the spear. I forced a smile for the man out of time.

You: “Just (Y/N) would do Captain.. I haven’t been ‘Lieutenant’ Stark in a very long time.” He reached out his hand for me to shake.

Steve: “You keep your rank even after you retire sir.” I took his hand, shaking it quickly.

You: “Not when it’s dishonorable discharge.” My plate closed again as I release his hand. “You want a ride back up?” I pointed to the still hovering Quinn-Jet, he looked to me and nodded.

Steve: “Would be appreciated…(Y/N).” Well at least he learned quick. I held out my arm, waiting for him to take it. Once he did I flew us both up and onto the loading ramp of the jet. “Thank you.”

You: “Don’t mention it.” I walked inside to sit next to my brother. He himself currently pulling off his helmet and sitting across from the captured deity. I mirrored his action, pulling my own helmet off my head. He chuckled. “What?” Tony pointed at my head.

Tony: “You need to start looking into hair-gel… Helmet hair.” I reached for me head, looking around for some sort of reflective surface. Tony continued to chuckle.

You: “Damn-it Tony.. Anybody got a mirror?”

Natasha: “Here… I got it.” I turned to the front of the jet, finding a woman I didn’t recognize sauntering up to me.. She had a head of the reddest shoulder length hair I had ever seen. Flawless cream colored skin and a set of emerald gems for eyes.   Her one piece body suit did nothing to hide her figure. I was so transfixed, I didn’t even notice the S.H.E.I.L.D. emblem on her shoulder. I stood quickly to greet her, wanting to be as polite as I could. She walked up and ran her fingers through my hair, fixing it for me, I just stood there stunned. “There.. that looks better.” She removed her hand then offered it for me to shake. “Natasha Romanoff.” I took it gently, shaking it lightly.

You: “(Y/N) Stark.. a pleasure Ms. Romanoff.” She smiled at me again, her green eyes meeting my (E/C) ones. She then turned, returning to her seat next to the pilot. Someone chuckled to my right. “Find something funny Rudolph?” I turned to the chuckling god, hardening my stare. He raised his hands in surrender yet continued to chuckle. I sat back down next to my brother who himself was giving me a hard stare. “What?” He waved me off.

Tony: “Later.” I sighed deeply, sitting back in my chair.

(Natasha’s POV)

I knew who he was from the moment he landed on the jet.. (Y/N) Stark, Tony Stark’s younger brother. Current C.E.O. of Stark Industries. Formerly Lieutenant Stark of the United States Marine Special Forces. He had an impressive track record up until the incident that cost him his leg. I just didn’t expect him to.. look the way he did. I don’t know what possessed me to offer to fix his hair for him, but I did none the less. At least he was more polite then his older brother. Had it been Tony he would have made a dirty joke out of it. (Y/N) just stood there, letting me fix it then politely shook my hand. I saw the look in his eyes as he did. He liked me instantly, which was good. It would make the assignment Fury tasked me with that much easier. Fury wanted me under his skin, that was fine… Wouldn’t be the first time I’d done it. I didn’t know what Stark Inc. had that Fury wanted but having (Y/N) attracted to me would make it that much easier to get for the Director.

Fury: “Agent Romanoff.” Speak of the devil.

Natasha: “Director Fury.” I answered curtly.

Fury: “Status update?”

Natasha: “Loki has been captured and detained; we’re currently headed back to your location for containment.”

Fury: “Is he saying anything?” I looked back over my shoulder, finding Tony conversing with Rogers. (Y/N) was currently sitting across from Loki, eyeing him down.

Natasha: “Not a word.. probably doesn’t help that Stark is eyeing him down.” Fury chuckled.

Fury: “Didn’t take Tony for a stern looker.”

Natasha: “Not Tony.. the other one.” There was a pause.

Fury: “He’s with you then?” The tone was stern and serious.

Natasha: “Yes… (Y/N) Stark is currently on board.”

Fury: “Have you started?” I was.. hesitant to tell him for some reason.

Natasha: “He started for me.. I think he likes me.”

Fury: “Be SURE he likes you… we need him on our side. Get them both here, we’re low on time.”

Natasha: “Yes sir.” I cut the comm off. Suddenly.. a lightning storm began lighting up the sky. “Where’s this coming from?” I looked back, making sure it wasn’t something Loki was doing. He seemed rather surprised too.

You: “What’s wrong Rudolph? Afraid of a little lightning?” (Y/N) was smirking across the jet.

Loki: “I’m not overly fond of what follows.” Something heavy landed on the jet. Tony picked up his helmet, sliding it on and heading to the loading ramp at the back.

Steve: “What are you doing?” As the hatch opened, the other Asgardian landed on the opened ramp. Tony tried knocking him off but was knocked back by his hammer. (Y/N) stood to catch him but was knocked to the floor by the force. Thor ripped Loki out of his seat, then jumped back out of the jet.

Tony: “And now there’s that guy.” Tony stood, heading back to the edge of the ramp.

Steve: “That guy a friendly?”

Tony: “Doesn’t matter. If he frees Loki or Kills him, the Tesseract’s lost.”

Steve: “Stark, we need a plan of attack.”

Tony: “I have a plan.. Attack.” And with that he jumped out. (Y/N) took up his own helmet, muttering something about his hair as he slipped it on before jumping out after his brother. Steve looked out, then turned to grab a parachute.

Natasha: “I’d sit this one out Cap.” He was slipping the parachute on.

Steve: “I don’t see how I can.”

Natasha: “These guys come from legend. They’re basically gods.”

Steve: “There’s only one God ma’am, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t dress like that.” He jumped out, following the Stark brothers. I sighed, turning to the pilot.

Natasha: “Turn us around and get ready for pick-up.. again.”

(Your POV)

You: “And she just fixed my hair too.” I slipped the helmet back on and jumped out after Tony. Following the blonde Asgardian down to the ground. “What’s the ACTUAL plan Tony?” I called into the comm system. He didn’t immediately respond. “You don’t actually have one do you?”

Tony: “You’re the ex-militant you come up with something.” I rolled my eyes, taking a moment to think.

You: “You got the bigger suit.. Take the blonde one head on.. feel him out.. I’ll be sure to grab Rudolph and back you up if needed.”

Tony: “Roger that.” Tony kicked his suit into gear, charging head first into the Asgardian with the Hammer. Well.. it was certainly effective. I landed on the mountain top they had left Loki on lightly. Coming to face him directly, he just smirked at me.

Loki: “Ah.. the ‘bro’ is it?” He mockingly quoted me. I rolled my eyes at him, pulling the sword from my shoulder and holding it up to him.

You: “Come on Rudolph, back to your seat.” I made to grab his arm.. but he vanished..

Loki: “How do you handle being the ‘other’ one?” I turned, finding him sitting on the rock behind me. That was.. interesting.

You: “What?” I questioned, confused by what he had asked me.

Loki: “Well you are Stark’s younger brother are you not?” He wasn’t running.. he wasn’t fighting back.

You: “What game are you playing at?” I questioned, never disengaging the blade in my hand. He shook his head.

Loki: “There is no deception here.”

You: “I find that hard to believe ‘God of Mischief’.” He chuckled.

Loki: “So you are aware of me… then you know who that is.” He pointed out to the forest below, where I found Tony and the blonde one trading blows.

You: “Yeah.. I’m aware of Thor.” I turned back to him, still sitting on the rock. “Why?” He threaded his fingers together.

Loki: “It is rare to find another that stands in the shade of greatness.. shadowed by the achievements of another.. while your own go unnoticed.” ..was he trying to relate to me?

You: “Wouldn’t know.. Our parents are dead.. both of them.” I disengaged the blade.. he wasn’t running.

Loki: “My condolences.” I scoffed. “Truly.. It is hard.. losing the ones that look after you.”

You: “Tony looked after me.. Then I started looking out for myself.”

Loki: “Is that why you wear his armor?” That struck a nerve. I marched up, grabbing him up by the arm. He didn’t disappear on me this time.

You: “Back in the plane.” I dead-panned. I flew him back into the jet, strapping him into a chair that hadn’t been ripped out. “Tony.. I got Loki back on the jet.. how are things going on your end?” There was light static on the comm. “Tony?”

Tony: “Yeah.. Things are great.. Got my ass handed to me by Hammer Time down here but everything’s great.”

You: “I sense sarcasm.” He scoffed in my ear.

Tony: “Really? You really are perceptive. Next time.. YOU handle the big guy and I’ll babysit.” The line fell silent for a moment before he returned. “I’m flying Cap up right now.. and we’re bringing a friend.” Friend? As he finished, Thor landed on the ramp, a hard look of anger shot at his brother before his eyes fell on me. Ah.. that friend.

Thor: “You are the brother the Metal man spoke of yes?” I nodded my head slowly, silently charging my repulsors in case he tried something again. He walked up, clapping me on my shoulder. I actually felt it through the suit. “Then you have nothing to fear from me.”  I blinked behind my visor, unsure of what had just happened.

Eventually the Jet found it’s home, coming to land on a.. a flying battle ship was really the only way I could describe it. I was standing behind Natasha, a look of awe on my face.

Natasha: “Impressed?” I looked down, finding Natasha smiling up at my astonished face. I smiled back genuinely.

You: “Very.. can’t imagine the kind of tech they got running around in there.. Tony ‘s gonna have a field day.” She chuckled at my joke.. I couldn’t help but think how lovely it was.

Natasha: “I could give you a tour.. If you’d like me to.” I eyed her questioningly, then finally noticed the emblem on her shoulder.. oh. She must have followed my eyes because she quickly waved it off. “Fury won’t say anything.. If anything he’ll stay away from you.. tired of the ‘eye’ jokes I think.” I chuckled lightly.

You: “So he told you about our.. squabble then?” She nodded.

Natasha: “Enough to get the gist.. You don’t like him, he doesn’t like your sense of humor.” I nodded in agreement. That pretty much sums it up.  The pilot landed the jet on one of the ramps near the bay doors. We all stepped out, myself and Rogers man-handling Loki until a squad of armed soldiers came to collect. “If everyone could follow me.. We’ll all head to the helm and meet with Director Fury for debriefing.” She turned and led everyone away. I was about to follow until Tony stopped me.

Tony: “Go on ahead.. we’ll catch up.” Natasha nodded her agreement and led Thor and Rogers away, I looked back to my brother confused. “Helmet on.. we need to talk.” I was still confused, but complied. “JARVIS cut the external vocals.. comm only.” There was a beep in my helmet, then Tony spoke again. “Don’t do it.”

You: “Do what?” I turned to meet his face-plate.

Tony: “I know she’s hot.. I know she seems sweet.. But I’m telling you now.. Do NOT go for Romanoff.” I sighed loudly.

You: “Are you serious right now? THAT’S your problem right now? Whether or not I’m attracted to the red head?” He nodded quickly.

Tony: “YES.. Because I KNOW you (Y/N). You fall fast and you fall hard.. Always have, always will. And I’m telling you.. The Black Widow is NOT someone you want to get involved with.” I paused for a moment, rather surprised at the revelation.

You: “Hold-up a sec.” I waved my arms a bit. “THAT.. was the Black Widow? The chick that broke into Hammer’s place and hacked Vanko’s drones?” I pointed back to the bay door afore mentioned agent had just walked through. “Damn.. I owe her a thank you.” Tony slapped me upside my helmeted head.

Tony: “No. You. DON’T! You don’t owe her anything.” He started tallying off fingers. “Not a thank you. Not a date. And definitely not the ARC tech.” I slapped him upside the head in return.

You: “THAT’S what this is about!? You think Fury is using her to get to the ARC tech? Tony come on. NickEYE Fury is a lot of things.. but he’s not that much of an ass.” He slapped me back, much harder.

Tony: “YES he IS. Fury does anything and everything to get what he wants. And if it means making you think a cute piece of tail likes you.. He’ll do it.” I punched him in the cheek, sending him to his arms and legs.

You: “You’re paranoid.” He stood and punched me back.

Tony: “You’re Naïve!” I kneed him in the gut

You: “You’re an Ass-hole!” He back handed me across the face

Tony: “You’re a Dumb-ass!!” I finally had enough. I gripped his neck with both hands, spinning and flipping him over onto his back. I stood above him, finger pointed dangerously at his face.

You: “I’m not a kid anymore Tony.. I don’t need you looking over my shoulder all the damn time. Just because Natasha didn’t fold to you, doesn’t automatically make her a deceptive bitch. Just means she saw through your crap just like everyone else does! She wants to be friendly with me I say let her. That’s my choice Tony. Not yours.” I held my arm out, helping my brother to his feet. He took it. “Don’t let my choices get in between us.. You’re my brother.. but you gotta let me live my own life.. Stark or not.” He huffed, but extended his arm, I took it.

Tony: “No chick gets in the way.. ever.” We shook. Chuckling in each other’s ear.

You: “Never.” I turned to walk after the others, hearing Tony get in the final word.

Tony: “Just.. be cautious.. Your choice aside she is still a S.H.E.I.L.D. spy.” I turned back to him and nodded, if only for his piece of mind. I didn’t buy it.. after all, what kind of person does that to people?
Natasha X Male Reader
So... This came out A LOT faster then I thought it would. Not gonna be a regular update... But I think I'm gonna upload as the chapters come.
I may come back to it sometime in the future.. but for now I'm happy with it. Let me know what you think in the comments.
I don't own Marvel, the Avengers, or you
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