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(Your POV)

As what I could only assume was the Chitauri Army flooded down out of the big gaping hole in the sky. Tony and I flew into the fray, firing repulsor blasts at any and all we could hit. Problem was, there were more coming through than we could reasonably take down. What I could only assume here hundreds of these creatures came crashing down upon us, knocking us left and right as we attempted to bring them down on our own.

You: “Tony..”

Tony: ‘Yeah bud?’

You: “If we make it out of this, remind me to add some long range weaponry to my suit.” As I fired my repulsors, Tony fired a multitude of small missiles, taking out more of the army than I could. “Repulsors are great and all, but…” One of the Chitauri riding those flying speeder things crashed into me head on. “Damnit!!”

Tony: ‘I got ya.’ Another missile was fired and connected with the Chitauri, knocking it and the speeder away from me. I flew back into the fight.

You: “My point exactly.” I heard Tony chuckle.

Tony: ‘(Y/N) if we make it out of this, I’LL build you a brand new suit myself from scratch.’

You: “Good to know.” I heard screaming coming from down below as the city crumbled around civilians. “Tony we need to change tactics.”

Tony: ‘What’d you have in mind?’ I turned, shooting back down towards the ground as I blasted more of the creatures out of the sky.

You: “We keep low to the ground and keep the focus on us.. Try to get as many of them as you can to follow you.”

Tony: ‘Roger that.’ I saw Tony speed down past me, blasting more of the Chitauri as he did.

You: “Show off.. JARVIS what’s the status on the Legion?”

JARVIS: “Thirty Legioneers will be ready for deployment within the next fifteen minutes.”

You: “Damn.. Keep me posted, I want them deployed as soon as they’re ready to fly.” I made it into the city, blasting more of the Chitauri as I did.

JARVIS: “Of course sir.”

Tony: ‘We’ll need help if we’re gonna last another fifteen.’

You: “Who’d you have in mind?”

Natasha: ‘Tony we’re on your three headed north-east.’ Why do I even ask?

Tony: ‘What’d you stop for drive through? Swing up park we’ll lay them out for you.’ I flew through the streets, meeting Tony and the group that was following him, my own joining them as we sped away.  As we flew past Park Ave., the rail gun on the Quin-Jet opened fire, taking out the majority of our bogies.

JARVIS: “Sir’s, there are more incoming.”

You: “Everyone spilt up.” We did, all opening fire on the mass amount of flying Chitauri. I sped down the streets, weaving through a multitude of them as I blasted the speeders out of the sky.  More than once they were able to take decent shots at me, but I held fast.

Clint: ‘We’re hit!’ The Quin-Jet flew overhead, spinning uncontrollably towards the city-scape. One of the engines had been shot, bursting into flame. I followed after it, taking hold of the flaming wing to try and stabilize it and maneuver it gently to the floor.  While I was able to stop it from spinning, the gently to the floor part didn’t work out so well. The jet banged against at least three buildings before finally landing, the wing splitting off as it did and sending me flying through a nearby window.

You: “…………..Ow.” As I laid there among the ruins of the window, and what I could only assume was an office before I crashed through. People began popping into my field of vision, shooting quizzical looks at the odd metal man that had just crashed into their lives. “…Hi.” I waved, they ran away screaming. “Risk your life for people and they run… no appreciation.”

Steve: ‘Stark you ok?’

You: “……Just fine.”

Steve: ‘Great, get out here we have new problems.’ I groaned, standing from the rubble and broken glass. As I peeked out the window, I noticed that Rogers, Natasha and Etha… Clint.. Clint were all starring into the sky, currently dumbfounded by the.. oh come on!!

You: “Tony… please tell me I hit my head to hard and that there is NOT a giant flying worm thing currently barging through the city.”

Tony: ‘Sorry to disappoint. Anyone seen Banner yet?’ As the worm flew by, more Chitauri jumped from its underbelly, two of them landing through the windows next to me.

Steve: ‘Banner?’ The two attacked me with some kind of spear weapon, one swinging down on me while the other fired at me from a distance. I pulled one of my shoulder blades, cutting the first across the middle while I blasted the second.

Tony: ‘Just keep me posted. (Y/N) I need you in the air.’ I jumped out the window, noticing that Rogers had run off into civilian space while Natasha and Clint were currently being flanked by more of the ground troops. That’s three times today I’ve had to save her.

You: “I’m staying low Tony.. I don’t have the projectile weaponry needed to keep those speeders occupied. I’m of better use close to the ground.” I heard him groan as he flew overhead.

Tony: ‘Fine, go save your girlfriend.’ I rolled my eyes, but didn’t respond.

(Natasha’s POV)

After (Y/N) had helped land the jet, the three of us rushed down the street, shooting down any Chitauri speeders as we did. Clint and I found cover behind a taxi as a squadron of them flew down the street, blasting at any and all civilians they could.

Clint: “We’ve got civilians still trapped up here.” Captain Rogers joined us as the squadron flew over.

Steve: “They’re fish in a barrel down there.” We all watched as cars and people were sent flying by the blasts, smoke and ash sent in every direction. While we were distracted, a battalion of ground troop Chitauri flanked us, firing at us from both sides of the bridge we were currently trapped on.

Natasha: “We got this..” The Captain turned to me, concerned that Clint and I couldn’t handle ourselves without him. “It’s good, Go.” He turned to Clint, currently preparing one of his specialty arrows.

Steve: “Think you can hold them off?” Clint turned to him, a smirk on his lips.

Clint: “Captain, it would be my genuine pleasure.” He stood and fired, nailing one of the foot-soldiers directly between the eyes. The arrow then burst, sending more projectiles into the surrounding group. I stood and fired into the battalion as Rogers jumped off the bridge, headed into the civilian area to try and evacuate. As he did, Clint and I worked on evacuating any civilians still left on the bridge, evacuating a bus and at least three of the cars before we were overrun and forced to find cover. Clint rejoined be behind a squad car, firing off more of his arrows.

Natasha: “Just like Budapest all over again.” I commented, trying to lighten the situation. Clint shot me a quick, concerned look.

Clint: “You and I remember Budapest VERY differently.” He ducked, then turned, finding another battalion of Chitauri coming up our back. He began firing into the second battalion as I kept firing into the first.

Natasha: “Come on this is EXACTLY like Budapest.” I head-shot two others while getting another in the arm.

Clint: “Budapest was the assassination… your thinking of Iran.” He fired and arrow over my shoulder, sending another Chitauri over the bride railing.

Natasha: “No, Iran was the assassination. Budapest was the one where we were trapped in that bath house surrounded by that drug ring.”

Clint: “Wasn’t the drug ring in Greece?” I shot him a confused look.

Natasha: “You and I have never gone to Greece.” He was about to argue.

Clint: Nat on your six!” I turned, finding one of the Chitauri had managed to get behind me, raising its spear above its head to strike down. Until two blades rammed through its chest, killing it instantly.  It was lifted into the air, then tossed aside into another solider. Leaving (Y/N) standing in its place.

You: “She’s right.. Greece was you and me Ethan.. Clint, Damnit!” Clint chuckled as he walked up to us. “And it wasn’t a drug bust, it was a uranium depot.”

Clint: “RIGHT…. I forgot about that. Behind you!” Clint shot another arrow over (Y/N)’s shoulder, taking down another Chitauri speeder. He was about to pull his bow away, until (Y/N) snatched it from him.

You: “The hell is this?” He gestured to the bow.

Clint: “It’s my bow… duh.” Clint snatched it back.

You: “Where’s your sniper?”

Clint: “Sniper?” Clint looked to him confused, then knocked his palm to his forehead. “OH right! I was the sniper on the squad! Yeah no I don’t use one.. Bow all the way.”

You: “…..You’re kidding.”

Clint: “Nope.” As they argued, I took out more of the flanking battalions, firing on any and all that came near us.. Neither seemed to take notice.

You: “But it’s so ineffective..”

Clint: “OH… like you’re one to talk?” Another three down. One nearly caught Clint in the back, but I spun-kicked it across the jaw. And they were STILL arguing.

You: “At least my swords never run out of ammo.. how many arrows can you carry in there Robin Hood? FIVE?”

Clint: “Oh MY apologizes Mr. Montoya.. but at least I don’t have to be within two inches of the guy I’m killing.” I shot down another three, sighing angrily when I noticed the two still arguing back and forth.

You: “Yeah, so they KNOW who cut them down, and are not wondering as they die, ‘OH who was that COWARD that shot me!? And with a wimpy ARROW no less’!”

Natasha: “Girls, Girls you’re both pretty.” I broke them up, coming to stand between them as they looked down at me shocked. “In case you didn’t notice there’s a war going on around here.” They looked around, apparently realizing for the first time that there was in fact, a war. Clint blushed deeply in embarrassment, and while I couldn’t see (Y/N)’s face, I imagined he was the same shade of red.

Clint: “Call my bow ineffective..” He mumbled.

You: ‘It IS Ineffective.”  Clint turned back to (Y/N)

Clint: “You wanna go Stark!?”

Natasha: “Were you two like this when you worked together?”

You/Clint: “Yes!” They turned to me in unison.. then. “Look out!” They both fired their respective weapons at the advancing group behind me. As Clint started firing off arrows, (Y/N) jumped in to the group, slicing away at various body parts along the way. Fifteen had advanced on us, and fifteen were knocked down, dead. As they fell, (Y/N) turned to the both of us, arms at his side, standing proudly.

You: “Eight to your Seven Clint.” Clint shook his head.

Clint: “Hate to break it to you but you only got seven, I got eight.”

You: “Wow that RPG really messed you up.. I. Got eight.” One of the Chitauri stood from the ground, raising its spear to attack, only to be knocked back to the ground by an arrow.

Clint: “Eight.” Clint was smirking victoriously. “Kazakhstan all over again.”

You: “You know what?” There was screeching to our right, another three Chitauri coming to attack us. Both Clint and (Y/N) moved to attack, only to have the three taken down by Rogers, knocking the three down with his Shield. Another four came up behind us, and here electrocuted to death as Thor came crashing out of the sky.

Steve: “What’s the story upstairs?” Rogers pushed past us as he addressed Thor.

Thor: “The power surrounding the cube is impenetrable.”

Tony: ‘Thor’s right, we gotta deal with these guys.’

Natasha: “How do we do this?”

Steve: “As a team.”

Thor: “I have unfinished business with Loki.”

Clint: “Yeah? Well get in line.”

Steve: “Loki’s going to keep the fight focused on us, and that’s what we need. Without him, these things could run wild.”

You: “Rogers is right, we need to organize ourselves and make sure Loki knows we’re not out of the fight. I have back-up on the way and once it’s here they’ll handle civilians but until then we have to make sure to keep the fight away from them.”

Rogers: “The Stark brothers can stay up top while..
You: “Clint I want you perched near the tower dead-eyeing as many as you can..

You/Rogers: “What do you think you’re doing?” They had both started spouting orders over the other, clearly thinking they were both in charge.

Rogers: “I’m taking charge, we need good leadership if we’re gonna win this.”

You: “Exactly, that’s why I’M taking charge.”

Rogers: “No offense but you’ve been out of the game for a while and…”

You: “Offense taken. Sorry gramps but this isn’t WWII. It’s 2012 and we need a modern..”

Rogers: “Do you think they pulled me out of the ice yesterday?”

You: “Frankly yes.”

Natasha: “Boys.” They both turned to me, and I re-directed their attention behind them. Dr. Banner was riding up on a rather rusted looking motorcycle. He dismounted and approached us.

Bruce: “So.. This all seems…. Horrible.”

Natasha: “I’ve seen worse.” He chuckled nervously.

Bruce: “…Sorry.”

Natasha: “No, we could use a little worse.”

You: “Good to have you back Bruce.” (Y/N) approached him quickly, the visor on his suit popping open to reveal his smiling face. Bruce took his out-stretched hand, albeit rather cautiously.

Tony: ‘Banner’s back?’ Tony called into the comm, having heard his brother.

Steve: “Just like you said.”

Tony: ‘Then tell him to suit up. I’m bringing the party to you.’ Tony came around the corner behind Banner, that worm thing following closely behind him.

Natasha: “I.. I don’t see how that’s a party.”

You: “When it comes to Tony… it could have been worse.” He chuckled at his own joke was his visor snapped closed. However unlike the others, he didn’t raise his hands.  Banner began walking towards the massive creature, taking slow, tentative steps towards it.

Steve: “Dr. Banner, now might be a really good time for you to get angry.” Banner turned back, a small smile on his face.

Banner: “That’s my secret Captain… I’m always angry.” He turned back to the beast, and as he did, he quickly morphed into the monstrous thing that had tried to kill me not four hours ago. It punched the worm,  causing the thing to begin collapsing in on itself. Crushing metal and.. flesh? Let’s go with flesh, in on itself. As the creature began to flip over, a small missile connected with it, sending bits and pieces of the creature everywhere. Chitauri could be heard screeching all around us, angered by the destruction of the thing. We all just stood tall, the Hulk roaring in return as the seven of us stood with each other, ready to fight back.

(Your POV)

It felt good working with a team again, to be standing shoulder to shoulder with some of the best. Never in my wildest dreams though did I think it would be with people like this. Too bad it was so short lived.

Natasha: “Guys..” She pointed to the portal, where two more of those worm creatures and dozens more Chitauri speeders where pooling out.

You/Rogers: “We need too..” I turned to the captain, and sighed. There wasn’t any time for this.

You: “Call it Captain.” He smiled, then extended his hand.

Steve: “I submit to you…. Lieutenant.” Ooff. Been a long time since I’ve heard that.

You: “Alright.. Until we can close that portal, first priority is containment. Clint, I need you
on the roof. Prove to me you still have those Eagle-eyes, patterns, strays, I want you calling it all. Tony, you’re on perimeter watch. Nothing gets farther then three blocks.”

Tony: “Yes Sir.” He saluted me mockingly, but only slightly. I couldn’t help but laugh.

Clint: “Give me a lift Stark?”

Tony: “You got it, better clench up Legolas.” And they were gone..

You: “Thor, you’re on portal duty. Light the bastards up and slow ‘em down.”

Thor: “Gladly Sir Stark.”

You: “Rogers, you and Romanoff are staying down here, take out as many foot-soldiers as you can… and Hulk.” The creature turned to me. “Smash.” It grinned, then jumped into the air to go off and do what it does best.

Rogers: “What about you?” I turned to the tower.

You: “I’ve got some unfinished business with a demi-god.” I took off, headed for the observation floor of the tower, taking out as many of the speeders as I could. As I expected, he was still there, grinning mockingly, almost triumphantly. “Find something funny Rudolph?” He chuckled raising his arms grandly.

Loki: “The war has hardly begun and you already struggle to fight.. Your city will burn, and soon so will your world.” He aimed his scepter and fired, I dodged it, flying forward to tackle him to the ground. I knocked him inside the room. Pulling both swords as I came to stand before him.

You: “I will enjoy dispatching you personally.” I brought both blades down on him, which he blocked with his scepter., knocking them both to the side as he spun to stand. Again I swung, first aiming to his side then for his neck. He blocked both then spun his scepter to knock my legs out from under me. I jumped and spun-kicked toward his chest, connecting and sending him back. He crashed into the bar, shattering the glass shelves and nearly every bottle. “Ooo. Tony’s gonna make me pay for that.” He recovered, jumping toward me, scepter held over his head. I crossed my blades to block, catching it.

Loki: “You won’t live long enough to do so.” The scepter charged, I charged my chest RT in return. Both fired, sending their respective targets back. He recovered first, again bringing the scepter down on my head. I kicked out my leg, causing the end to bury into the floor. My other leg swung, connecting with his shoulder. He was sent to his knees, clutching the shoulder in pain.

You: “Having trouble your Majesty?” He stared daggers at me, his eyes shifting between me and the Scepter. “This what you want?” I pulled it from the ground, then tossed it out the broken window. “Go and get it.” He huffed, then stood, but made no move to go after the thing.

Loki: “I do not require a ‘stick’ to break you Stark.” I huffed in return, raising my swords in the air, then tossing one to him. He caught it, then shot me a confused look.

You: “I refuse to fight an unarmed man. When I kill you, I want to be able to look back and know I gave you a fair chance.” He smirked, raising the blade to the ready.

Loki: “How very noble of you.” I raised my own sword.

You: “En Garde.” I lunged at him, bringing the sword down on his head. He parried then countered with a lunge of his own, which I blocked. I swiped at his neck, he back flipped. He swung at my shoulder, I blocked, then scrapped my blade against the length of his, looking to take his hand off. He moved swiftly, dropping his sword into his other waiting hand, then slashed across my chest. I backed away.

We went on, back and forth, lunging, striking, kicking blocking, until finally I was able to knock him away. His borrowed sword skidded across the floor as he slid towards the open window.

You: “Last words?” I held the blade to his throat. He just huffed, then rolled out, landing on one of the speeders as it flew by. “Damn.” Collecting my fallen sword, I jumped out after him, coming up to blast away any guard squad he accumulated.

JARVIS: “Sir. The Legioneers are at the ready.” Finally.

You: “JARVIS you’re a life saver. Send them in. Civilian extraction is objective number 1. Attack all Chitauri is objective number 2.”

JARVIS: “Yes sir. Legioneers deployed.”

You: “Ok everyone, cavalry is on the way.”

(Natasha’s POV)

The Chitauri had knocked me on my back, connecting with the hood of the car I had been using of cover. It tried to stab me, but I knocked its spear from its grip, then used the ‘Spider Bite’ electric gloves to shock it off me. I took its spear, then shot it down. I turned, aiming it around me in a mad panic until I found the only other one standing, Rogers. He raised his shield in defense, expecting me to open fire on him. I breathed deeply, and put the spear down. He lowered his shield, and made his way over to me.

Natasha: “Captain, none of this is gonna mean a damn thing if we don’t close that portal.

Steve: “Our biggest guns couldn’t touch it.”

Natasha: “Well maybe it’s not about guns.” Screeching. We turned, finding a dozen more Chitauri charging at us.

Steve: “If you want to get up there, you’re gonna need a ride.”

Natasha: “I got a ride.” Confusion crossed his features as he turned, finding the same speeder squad I had seen. “I could use a boost though.” He prepped himself, kneeling down with his shield out in front.

Steve: “Are you sure about this?” No.

Natasha: “Yeah. It’s gonna be fun.” This isn’t gonna be fun. I ran at him, jumping onto his shield as he boosted me higher. I grabbed onto one of the passing speeders, cutting the chain linking the gunner to the platform then knocking it off. I climbed onto the back of the one piloting the thing, then stabbed into its shoulders. “Ok.. ok turn.. TURN… Less, LESS.” I was gonna die, I was going to die trying to pilot this thing. It wasn’t long before I gained a tail, two other speeders coming up on my back and opening fire on me. Thankfully Tony was flying by and was able to knock them out for me, then flew off to take out another group of the speeders. As I flew down the street towards the tower, I saw something fall out of the upper windows, then catch itself on one of the passing speeders. Closely followed by another something flying after the first.

You: ‘Ok everyone, cavalry is on the way.’

Tony: ‘Finally! Took you long enough to send them out.’

Steve: ‘I’m sorry, what is being sent exactly?’ As he questioned the announcement, another two speeders came charging at me at full speed. I thought they were going to blast me out of the sky, until they themselves were. Coming seemingly out of no-where, were five black and silver Drones, all closely resembling Tony’s Mark 4 Iron man suit.

Tony: ‘You ripped off the Mark 4!?’ My thoughts exactly.

You: ‘Of course not Tony, they’re reproductions of the C.B. Mark 2.’

Tony: ‘(Y/N)…’

You: ‘Yeah Tony?’

Tony: ‘When this is over… I’m suing you for copyright.’ I sighed, not being able to help the smirk crawling across my face. Men and their toys. Suddenly, I was bombarded by laser fire.

Natasha: “Oh… you.” As I made my way closer to the tower, another three speeders had made their
way behind me, the leader, was Loki. I maneuvered as best I could, avoiding the laser fire coming in from behind me. Problem was all three of them were better shots then I was a pilot. “Hawkeye.”

Clint: ‘Nat what are you doing?’

Natasha: “Uh… a little help?”

You: ‘Wish Granted.’ Two of the speeders went down instantly, blasted out of the sky by (Y/N) and two of his Legioneers. ‘I’m on the leader.’ Repulsor fire began to barrage Loki’s speeder, his own laser fire ceasing as he attempted to out maneuver (Y/N). ‘The Force is strong with this one.’ Oh my god.

Natasha: “Star Wars references… seriously?”

You: ‘There is no escape.’  The tower loomed closer.

Clint: ‘The least you could do is reference somebody other than Vader.’

You: ‘….Use the force Natasha?’

Natasha: “You are such a dork.”

You: ‘See? Vader quotes are the only ones that work in this.’ We began flying up the towers side, headed towards the roof. ‘I have you now.’

Clint: ‘You know what..’ Silence, then.. Bang. Loki’s speeder was destroyed.

You: ‘WHAT!?’ The god himself was sent flying into the tower, the Hulk jumping in after him. ‘You
stole my shot!’

Clint: ‘You were getting annoying.’

You: ‘Screw you, everyone loves Star Wars.’

Tony: ‘I thought it was clever.’

You: ‘Thank you Tony.’

Steve: ‘What’s Star Wars?’ If I make it out of this, I’m sitting Rogers down for a marathon. As the speeder cleared the roof, I jumped down, landing with a quick roll. To my right, was this odd, unseemly device, the Tesseract at its center.

Selvig: “The scepter.” I turned, finding Dr. Selvig leaning over the side of the tower.

Natasha: “Doctor.” He turned to me, remorse in his eyes. He had a large gash on his head, he must have hit it at some point, knocking Loki out like I had with Clint.

Selvig: “Loki’s Scepter, the energy.” He seemed to still be trying to collect his thoughts, his words in a made jumble. “The Tesseract can’t fight, but you can’t protect against yourself.” I leaned down, extending a friendly hand.

Natasha: “It’s not your fault, you didn’t know what you were doing.”

Selvig: “Actually… I think I did.” I cocked my head, confusion filling my mind. “I built in a safety to cut their power source.” The confusion lifted away, understanding replacing it.

Natasha: “Loki’s Scepter.” He nodded.

Selvig: “It may be able to close the portal.” He turned back over the tower. “And I’m looking right at it.” I leaned over, finding the Scepter leaning over the side of the railway extending out from the tower.

(Your POV)

You: “Damn Ethan.. Clint.. whatever, take my shot.” I and my two cover drones flew out and around
the city, covering as much ground as we could and taking out as many speeders as we could along the way.

Clint: ‘We got civilians locked in on 12th and Madison.’ At least he was good for something.

You: “You heard the man JARVIS.”

JARVIS: “Indeed, three Legioneers are on the way now.”

Tony: ‘Need back up on 8th.’

JARVIS: “Sending seven.”

Steve: ‘We have civilians blocked in at the bank.’

JARVIS: “Sending twelve drones to assist with evacuation.” Everything was going surprisingly smoothly, the Legion drones were preforming spectacularly and not a single one had been dest.. “Legioneer 15 has lost signal.” Ok only one.. “Legioneer 22 and 4 have lost signal.” Ok, so just three… “Legioneer 12, 7, and 29 have lost signal.”

You: “Ok JARVIS I get it.. have the drones close ranks, I don’t want any more taken out then necessary and seven down is enough.”

JARVIS: “Closing ranks.”

Fury: ‘Stark.’ Just what I needed today.

You: “You know Fury now isn’t the best time to call.. can you try again never?”

Fury: ‘You have a missile headed straight for the city.’ …. Ok so maybe this was important enough to call about.

You/Tony: “What!?”

Fury: ‘The Council has ordered a nuclear strike against the city, the bird just left with the package and is headed your way.’

Tony: ‘How long do we have?’

Fury: ‘Three minutes, MAX.’

You: “JARVIS put everything we have into the thrusters.”

JARVIS: “I just did.” I sped away, my cover drones breaking rank and heading into the city to continue standard civilian evac. As I flew out towards the bay, someone knocked me aside.

You: “The hell Tony!?” Tony had side-swiped me, veering me off course as he sped towards the missile himself.

Tony: ‘Like hell I’m letting you near that thing.’ I flew out, side-swiping him in return.

You: “I’m not letting you near that thing either. I know you Tony and I know EXACTLY what’s running through your mind.” He tried to knock me aside, but I linked with his arm, keeping him from knocking me away.

Tony: ‘The same thing that’s running through your mind. I’m not letting you do it either.’

You: “Tony get out of the way!” We struggled with each other, coming up fast on the missile as it sped towards us.

Natasha: ‘I can close it. Does anyone copy? I can close the portal.’

Steve: ‘Do it!’

You/Tony: “Wait!”

Steve: ‘Stark these things are still coming.’

You: “We have a nuke coming in, it’s set to blow in less than a minute.” The missile passed us, Tony broke the link and was first to bank.

Tony: ‘And I know just where to put it.’ I banked after Tony, speeding as quickly as my armor would allow. As Tony came up under the missile, I latched to the top. ‘What the hell do you think you’re doing (Y/N)!?’

You: “I’m not letting you do this Tony.”

Tony: ‘This isn’t up for argument, get off the missile now!’

You: “Don’t you give me orders! You get off!”

You/Tony: “I’m not watching my brother die!” As the tower loomed closer we both lifted, turning the missile upwards and towards the portal.

You: “You get off!”

Tony: ‘(Y/N).’ He had stopped arguing, his voice falling quiet. ‘You’re the best thing that ever happened to me.’

You: “You’re not going in that portal!”

Tony: ‘I hope that when you look back, you know I did the best I could, and that I always tried to do right by you.’

You: “Shut-up Tony you’re not doing this!”

Tony: ‘I love you (Y/N), and I have always been proud of you.’

You: “Tony that’s enough!”

Tony: ‘JARIVS shut down the C.B. Armor.’
You: “JARIVS shut down the Iron Man suit!”

Tony: ‘Stark Override code I.M. 1970.’
You: “Stark Override code C.B. 1985!”

There was silence for a brief moment before JARVIS finally responded.

JARVIS: “Override code accepted.” My display shut off instantly, my arms releasing the missile as I fell back and off the thing.

You: “Tony!” The last thing I saw before my ocular cameras cut was Tony being sucked into the portal.
The war has begun!! I couldn't find a good breaking point so I decided to drop the entire war into one extra long chapter.
As Always let me know what you think in the comments below!
I don't own the Marvel, the Avengers, Natasha Romanoff, the images used, or you
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Great chapter, and is the next one the finale or are you continuing through out winter soldier, ultron, and civil war?
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Over the time that I've been writing this, that's a question I've heard more than a few times. I KNOW I'm going to be wrapping this up, but whether or not I'm continuing on to the rest of the MCU isn't really clear to me right now. If I would though, I'd probably write through Iron Man 3, Dark World, Winter Soldier, Ultron, Civil war, maybe even Spider-man. Yeah this has been first and foremost a NatashaxReader fic. But I think it's also been a TonyXReader and AvengersxReader. Yeah I'd probably re-write some of the stories to wiggle the reader and Natasha into them (Iron Man 3 and Dark World for example). But whether or not I do continue? Just gotta keep on reading :) 
BraveVesperia1 Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2017
Oh ok, I was just wondering this is a great story so I was wondering if this would just go beyond the avengers and throughout the mcu. If it doesn't it's still a fantastic story.
The-Authors-Library Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2017
If I'm being honest? Yeah... it probably will keep going. I have more than a handful of ideas bouncing around regarding the next few films. And some in between fluff to go with it
you heard it here first. UMH is gonna keep going! 
Im really glad you like the story so much, and that you really want to see more gives me the confidence to keep going
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