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(Your POV)

You: “YOU SON OF A BITCH!!” I squeezed as hard as I could, struggling to keep him pinned to the floor. He’d apparently gotten stronger over the years. “Four years! Four years I thought you were dead! Four years I thought I had let you die! And now you show up and all you can say is hi!?” He didn’t answer, likely because he was too busy gasping for air. I let up a bit, wanting to get an answer, one I thoroughly believed I deserved. He coughed a bit, then spoke.

Ethan: “Glad.. glad to see retirement hasn’t slowed you down.” He grinned.. I squeezed.

You: “Did that grenade knock your head loose!? Retirement!? I was D.D.’d because of what happened to you and the team!!” He gurgled, trying to say something through my hands. Again I let up a bit, letting him speak.

Ethan: “Fury.. Fury had you.. discharged.. it.. it wasn’t your.. fault.” I let up more, not because I wanted to. But because I was stunned he knew about Fury’s orders.. wait.. how did he even know who Fury was?

You: “…You’re… you’re S.H.E.I.L.D.?” He gripped my hands lightly, tugging them away from his throat as seriousness crossed his face.

Ethan: “(Y/N).. you’ve been through a lot in the last three hours.. you need to sit down.. you need to..”

Natasha: “Clint is everything ok!?” We both turned, finding Natasha standing in the door of my medical room. Her eyes were darting between us erratically, concern weighing heavily in them.

You: “Clint?” I turned back to Ethan, he didn’t seem anywhere near as confused as I was.

Ethan: “Nat.. It’s ok.. I go this.”

You: “Nat?” Now I was the one darting my eyes between them, then it hit me. “You two know each other.”

Ethan: “Yeah.. we know each other.. come on.” He stood, slinging my arm around his shoulder and helping me back into the bed. “Get you back in bed.. You need something bud?” The world was spinning, my head hurt and I couldn’t focus.

You: “Aspirin would be nice right about now Ethan.”

Natasha: “Ethan? As in Ethan Hawk?”  Ethan turned to her, a nervous laugh in his throat.

Ethan: “Yeah… Guess he told you huh?” Natasha started rubbing her temples, sitting in one of the chairs in the room.

Natasha: “I’m gonna need an Aspirin to Clint.”

You: “Ok.. First things first.” I called sternly, getting them both to focus on me. “You..” I pointed to Ethan. “Are you Ethan? Or Clint?” His nervous chuckle came back, handing Natasha and myself both an Aspirin pill.

Ethan: “I’m Ethan… and Clint.” My head fell into my hand, the other shooting palm out, asking for another pill, he quickly provided it. “(Y/N)..” I looked up, finding he had taken a chair opposite Natasha. “My name.. my ACTUAL name is Clint Barton.. I was assigned to Crimson Squadron by Nick Fury to keep an eye on you. I needed a cover in case things went south.. so while I was running with you, I was Ethan Hawk.” I looked into my hands again, suddenly finding it very difficult to swallow, both figuratively and literally.

You: “So… it was a cover.” I looked up, a deathly serious look on my face. “Fury put you on my team so you could what? Convince me to join up?” He sighed heavily.

Ethan/Clint: “Fury felt an inside man would be able to help the process along.. that if a friend was the one pushing you.. You’d be more willing. Obviously…” He gestured broadly to me. “.. That wasn’t the case.”

You: “Just another pawn in Fury’s game. Did the years we toured together mean a damn thing to you?” There was significant anger in my voice. And could I be blamed at this point? I had every right to be angry with quite a few people currently sitting in this floating death trap right now.

Ethan/Clint: “If you have to even question that… then you must not have considered me much of a friend to begin with.” I scoffed. “Hey… when I first met you I’ll admit.. you came off as really pretentious, narcissistic, egotistical, all-around A-hole..”

You: “If you’re trying to tick me off you’re doing a wonderful job.”

Ethan/Clint: “My point is…. You grew on me. Frankly I was rather impressed at how well you led the team.” He smiled widely before continuing. “I respected you for what you did.. you made sure the rest of us never did anything you wouldn’t.. you led us on one hell of a tour.. I STILL respect that. You were a good friend, so I decided to forgo Fury and I never, ever pushed you into joining S.H.E.I.L.D. I respected you too much for that.” I snorted, shaking my head lightly. I still had that serious look on my face.

You: “I watched you die.” His smile fell.. “I watched.. as your Hummer was hit.. by an RPG.. as it flipped over and crashed.. As it killed you, Jack, Joey, Spencer and Charlie.” His eyes fell, remorse filling them. “I visited your grave.. countless times.. I mourned all of you.. for years.. and now you’re telling me you’ve been alive this whole time?”

Ethan/Clint: “(Y/N).. I..”

You: “Were the others S.H.E.I.L.D.? Was Sarah? Was Jimmy? Were you all Fury’s lap dogs just sent to look over my shoulder the whole time?” He stood immediately.

Ethan/Clint: “No.. the others weren’t agents, I was the only one.” I scoffed. “Hey… I’m being serious here.”

You: “You’ve never been serious.. was that part of the cover to?”

Natasha: “No he’s just naturally that way.” We both looked at her. I had actually forgotten she was in the room. I was still furious with her.. so I didn’t respond, choosing to ignore her for the time being.. I had a much bigger, brunette fish to fry as it was.

You: “How did you make it out?” He sighed.. sitting back down in his chair while rubbing the back of his neck.

Ethan/Clint: “I wasn’t ever in the truck.” He paused, giving me a chance to interrupt or ask a question. When he saw I wouldn’t he continued. “The day Tony landed, I got a call from Fury.. he wanted me to work something else...  He pulled me out and sent a doppelganger to take my place until I could make it back.. when.. well.. when IT happened.. Fury had me pulled permanently.” His eyes fell to his threaded fingers, sighing heavily before continuing. “When I heard, I wanted to come see you.. I’ve wanted to visit countless times.. to give you SOMETHING.. let you know it wasn’t your fault but.. National security and all that.” That headache was getting worse.
You: “And yet another reason to hate Fury.” I held my hand out, silently asking for another pill.. he didn’t give me one.

Ethan/Clint: “I think two is enough for you today.” I narrowed my eyes at him.

You: “Do you see this?” I gestured to my leg, only now noticing that my pant leg had been rolled up and the shin had been bandaged heavily. “I’ve been running around with this thing for four years.. you think I could have handled it on just two Aspirin?” He started chuckling.

Ethan/Clint: “Can’t imagine you did much running.” I inhaled deeply, pinching the bridge of my nose. Same old Ethan… or Clint or.. whatever.

You: “Give it.” I stated flatly.. he sighed, but relented, handing over a third pill for me to take. “Thank you.” I swallowed the offered pill. “Moron.”

Ethan/Clint: “Same old (Y/N).. four years and you haven’t changed a bit.”

You: “Still like birds?” I flipped him off. “Another for the scrap book.” He stood, walking up to me to slap me on the back.

Ethan/Clint: “I missed you too.. you jackass.” I tired.. God knows I tried to stay mad.. but I couldn’t, I was just happy to see my best friend again, apparently he felt the same. “Come here you little prick.” He leaned over, wrapping me in a tight hug. I hugged him back, but only briefly.

You: “Oh god.. get off me you reek!” I smacked him away as he laughed loudly. “You think in four years you would have picked a better cologne than ‘Fenway park bathroom’.” His eyes shot wide in offense, his hand resting over his chest. At least Natasha was laughing.

Ethan/Clint: “What are you laughing at!?” He turned to her violently, throwing an exasperated gaze at her. She never stopped laughing, clearly not afraid of him in any way.

Natasha: “What? It was funny.” She rushed it out between her laughs, earning a heavy sigh from Eth.. Clint.. God it was Coulson all over again.. wait.

You: “Where is everyone? Did everyone make it out ok?” Natasha’s laughter died as Clint looked away in shame. “What? Who’s hurt?”

Natasha: “After Thor knocked you out.. he went after Loki. Somehow, Loki tricked him into the cell, and hit the release. We have no idea where he is. Rogers and your brother are fine, a bit bruised but.. their alive.” She finished with a heavy sigh.. there was still one person I wanted to know about though.

You: “What about Coulson? Did he make it out ok?” Natasha looked away..

Natasha: “Phil.. Phil didn’t make it.” My breath hitched, my chest tightened and I could feel the color leave my face. “Loki.. got him.”

You: “How? How’d he get out?” Natasha looked away, unable to answer..

Clint: “…I let him out.” My head whipped, finding him looking into his lap. He didn’t have the courage to look at me directly.

You: “What?”

Natasha: “He was under Loki’s control.. he didn’t know what he was doing. It wasn’t his fault.” Natasha was quick to jump to his defense. “Loki… Loki’s taken a lot.. from all of us.” She reached over, trying to put a comforting hand on my shoulder, I shook it away. Instead I stood on shaky legs from the bed, and walked out, cane in hand.. All I heard was a deep sigh as the glass door closed behind me.

(Natasha’s POV)

Clint: “Well… talk about a cold shoulder.” We watched as he walked out and away from the medical room to only he knows where.

Natasha: “I can’t blame him… I wouldn’t want to be around me either after what I’ve done.” Clint looked to me, confused as always. I spent the next 30 minutes or so explaining to him what had happened. Fury’s orders, the past three and a half days, the time (Y/N) and I had spent together. All of it, all the while Clint’s face remained stoics and unreadable. “After he found out.. he kicked the crap out of Fury, then stormed out… then he saved me from the Hulk.. now we’re here.” As I finished, I slumped back in the chair, unsure what to do with myself now. Clint just sat there, stoic as ever.

Clint: “…. So.. he told you the stabbing was my fault?” I eyed him, flabbergasted.

Natasha: “That’s not the point Barton.” He sat back in his chair, an offended look on his face.

Clint: “… wasn’t my fault he wasn’t paying attention.” He mumbled.

Natasha: “Clint.” I clapped my hands in front of his face, gaining his attention back. “What do I do?”

Clint: “You’re asking me?”

Natasha: “Hey you have a wife and kids… I figured you’d have SOME idea.”

Clint: “I lucked out with Laura… honestly Nat I’d think your better at this than I am.”

Natasha: “Yeah well clearly I’m not..”  I huffed.

Clint: “You want my advice?” I nodded, wasn’t that what I was just asking him for? “Be honest with him.. tell him the truth.”

Natasha: “I was going to but then…”

Clint: “No, no, no not about the mission Fury assigned you to, about how you feel.. tell him the truth about how you feel.. I knew him a long time Nat.. trust me, he’ll come around.”

(Your POV)

I didn’t know where I was going. All I knew was that I needed to be away from her right now… Eth… Clint.. wasn’t exactly making things easier on me either. Eventually, I found my way to the bridge. Nearly empty, save for a few crewmen, it looked utterly destroyed. Bits of metal and wire strewn about chaotically. People battered and beaten with bandages here and there.. The glass table we had all sat at our first night had a light blood stain on it. Part of me could only hope it was Fury’s.

Fury: “There’s something you and I need to discuss.” So much for that hope. I looked up from the stain, finding the one-eyed wonder standing on the opposite end of the table, his arm wrapped around his side, holding his ribs. There was heavy remorse in his eye. “Now before you start swinging that cane at me again I need you to listen to…”

You: “Why?” I hardened my gaze. “What possible reason do I have to listen to a damn thing you have to say Nick?” He snorted.

Fury: “I think that’s the first time I’ve ever heard you call me by my actual first name.” He started chuckling, but it quickly died when he saw my deathly glare.

You: “Nine years.” I started again, moving to sit at the table, my eyes never leaving his. “You and I have known each other nine years now. Long time to do nothing but lie to someone don’t you think?” He sighed, then followed my lead and sat at the table as well. Being sure to sit as far as possible. “Since I’ve met you… You’ve sent not one, but three agents after me.. all in the guise of friendship. All for your own ends.” He opened his mouth but I stopped him. “No.. I’m talking now.. YOU are going to sit there and LISTEN because you have cost me to fucking much to cut me off now.” He closed his mouth, then diverted his eye to the table, like a child being reprimanded for a mistake. “I know about Barton. I know you sent him to me to try and convince me to join up. Then, when you saw the opportunity, you decide it’s a grand idea to cost me my LIVELYHOOD. Again, to try and get me to join. That was FOUR years ago Fury.. but you didn’t let it die then.. Instead, you sent Coulson after me.. again, and again, and again. But now It’s because you want my technology.. my Family’s legacy. Four. YEARS. Fury. Now here we are again, and you’ve sent yet ANOTHER of your agents after me.. I could accept Coulson.. He was only doing his job. I can forgive Etha… Clint.. He turned out to be a great friend.. But this.. you went over a line Fury. I only have one question.” His eye finally came back to meet mine. “Why?”

Fury: “… you were supposed to be the first.”

You: “…what?”

Fury: “You were supposed to be the first Avenger.”

You: “…………….. What?” He turned in his chair, tenting his fingers above the table before starting again.

Fury: “You know about the Avengers initiative.. you know I approached your brother some years ago regarding it after he announced himself as Iron Man. You know that since then we had been accumulating a series of enhanced individuals that we felt would be best situated to handle crisis situations S.H.E.I.L.D. just couldn’t handle.. When you started with the Marines.. you showed initiative.. you showed a willingness to lead, that you had the spirit… of a hero.” He stood, cautiously making his way across the table towards me. “So yes.. I sent agent Barton to convince you to take the opportunity to join S.H.E.I.L.D. So yes, I made General Ross issue your discharge papers when Operation Stark went to Hell. So yes, I sent Coulson to talk to you regarding the ARC tech knowing it wouldn’t be all he would talk to you about.. And yes… I ordered agent Romanoff to befriend you, knowing full well you could fall for her romantically.” He sat on the table, leaning forward towards me. I gripped the neck of my cane, fully ready to break him in two again. “But I did it for a reason.. I did it because we needed you.”

You: “Why not tell me then?”

Fury: “…. Believe it or not. I have superiors too.” He straightened up, but did not stand from the table. “People that make my life and my job very difficult on a daily basis. People, whose orders have cost me more than a handful of good agents. And more than a few good, close friends.” He turned back to me, a pained expression painted across his face. “Phil Coulson was a good friend. And if it wasn’t for my superiors.. He may not have had to die today. If it wasn’t for them.. I wouldn’t have had to be so secretive with all of you.. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have ever needed the Tesseract, or the ARC reactor for the arsenal in the first place.. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have had to lie to you in the first place.”

You: “How’s that?”

Fury: “The Avengers initiative never got very far off the ground.. In fact it was scrapped well before I even got to talk with Tony.. The Council wanted something we could control.. something that was CERTAIN not to go a-wall. They wanted weapons.. They’re the reason I pestered you so much for the Reactors.. and the reason behind Phase 2 of the Tesseract project. They didn’t want ‘Super Hero’s’ running rampant… I made a different call.” I scoffed.

You: “You? Nick Fury.. Went behind your superiors backs?” He smirked.

Fury: “I’m not a total stooge after all. Yeah, I went behind their backs and decided to start the Avengers without their approval. But because it wasn’t sanctioned.. I had to do it quietly. I had to have Coulson go to you to ask for the Reactors officially, whatever else he talked to you about was of his own free will. I had to group you all to find the Tesseract and that was it. Whatever else happened while you were together was of your own free will. I had to ask you to join S.H.E.I.L.D. as an agent and as an agent only, whatever happened while you were here, that was of your own free will.” He stood, then made his way towards the platform with the screens. “Despite what you may believe, I don’t control every little thing that happens. I put pieces in place and hope for the best.” He collected something from the platform, A file, then made his way back. “I am truly sorry about what I have done to you. When I sent the order for your discharge, I wasn’t aware that Tony was MIA.” He set the folder on the table. “When I went to see you.. I truly did want to help you find him, and to fix your leg.” He slid the file over. “I know it’ll take far more than a simple apology for you to forgive me.. hell you may never be able to. But, I want you to know that every choice I made.. It was because I saw something in you Stark.” He started to walk off, headed down the hall and away from me. “I saw an Avenger.”

You: “Fury.” I called after him, causing him to pause and to turn back. “What’s in this?” I lifted the file for emphasis.

Fury: “My orders.. Should help shed some light on this messed up situation.”  And with that he left.

I sat, looking at the manila folder in front of me, unsure if I should open it at all. This was Nick Fury after all.. anything in this folder could very well be falsified.. there was of course a chance that it was all completely true. Either way.. If I open this folder.. I’m.. trusting Nick Fury *gag* that hurt. *gag*. Why should I trust him? What reason had he given me to trust him at all? How do I know he even has superiors? What if he’s just making this all up to keep me from hitting him again? Oh but that folder was tempting. I mean, everyone has superiors right? Well maybe not EVERYONE but most every government agency has one.. No, nope not doing it…. No…

You: “Screw it I’m looking.” I opened the folder.. Nothing explosive.. good start. Let’s see.. Fury’s Professional Profile, his letter of promotion, his psychological evaluation…. That might be interesting for later.. Supervisory reports… Here we go… declaration of… cease and desist? “It is the will of this, the World Security Council that Nicholas Joseph.. Joseph? Nicholas Joseph Fury scrap the Avengers Initiative effective immediately.. The inclination that a collection of enhanced individuals that would operate above National and International law and Jurisdiction without any known limitations is not only unlawful, but immoral.” Well.. fuck you too.

I continued to shift through the short stack of papers until I found an older one. Signed by… Howard Stark.

You: “No…” I read it over, once, twice, thrice.. Unsure of what it said until I read it out loud. “In order to ensure the safety and security of these United States of America and all Nations that would join it hand-in-hand to defend us.. I.. Howard Stark hereby order the immediate start of the ‘Avenging’ Initiative. If Captain Steven Rogers has proven anything with his heroic sacrifice.” Ok.. Fury didn’t make this up.. only dad would praise spangles like that. “It is that the world needs hero’s. Hero’s willing to go above and beyond not just the call of duty.. but the call of Human morality.. those that know the true meaning of fighting for your fellow man and are capable of doing something about it.. This initiative may come well after my time.. but as Founder of the Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division..” Jesus Dad could you have written a bigger mouthful? “I can only hope that those that lead the charge in the future will take this to heart, and bring those men and women together.. so that one day, they may defend us from the threat we cannot hope to defend ourselves from.”

I shifted some more, eventually coming across something I hadn’t thought I would see.. My enlistment papers. Stapled to a photo of myself when I was eighteen, were my initial enlistment papers, alongside my promotion orders, a handful of de-briefing packets.. and a sheet with the word APPROVED stamped across the front..

You: “Candidate for Avengers Initiative… (Y/N) Howard Stark.. Approved… 2004… Son of a bitch, Fury was actually telling the truth.”

Tony: “There’s something I never thought I’d hear out of your mouth.” I jumped, sending a few of the papers to the floor. Tony was sitting next to me, smirking lightly. “Gotcha.”

You: “You dick are you trying to kill me?”

Tony: “Me? What about you? You’re the one that took on Big Green and Point Break in that outdated piece of garbage.”

You: “I thought the Monger’s size would have had a better chance against the Hulk.”

Tony: “Yeah… and how’d that work out for you?”

You: “Shut up Tony.” I turned back to the papers, wanting to continue reading it over.. I didn’t get to. Instead, Tony tackled me, gripping me tightly to his chest.

Tony: “…. I thought I lost you..” It took me a moment to register, but eventually understanding did come. As it did, I wrapped my own arms around my brother, now realizing he was feeling now what I had felt all those years ago.. after Afghanistan. “Bad enough about Coulson.. but you.. I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you..”

You: “…I’m so sorry Tony..”  We sat like that for a while.. just wrapped up in each other and the silence. Eventually, we did separate. Both a bit misty eyed and thankful our brother was still alive.

Tony: “Ok.. now that the sap-hour’s over.. what’s all this?” He waved his hand over the file.. clearly deflecting from the fact that he still had a tear or two in his eye. Had it been anyone else, they would have pointed it out.. but I let me brother have this.. I’d make fun of him later.

You: “This...” I collected the letter Dad had signed, along with the desist order from the council. “Is the Avenger’s initiative incarnate.” I handed him the papers. “From beginning to end. Apparently Fury was following Dad’s orders.” Tony shot me a confused look before reading over the likely eighty year old sheet of paper. Then switched to the newer one.

Tony: “Leave it to dad to surprise me… twenty years dead.. still pulling the wool over my eyes.”

You: “Pretty much.. apparently he’s the one that put the idea forward in the first place.. Fury’s the one that’s been trying to make it happen, behind the world’s back apparently.”

Tony: “I see that.. So all the crap he’s put us through has been to jump start this?”

You: “Pretty much.”

Tony: “….You gonna forgive him?” I pondered his question for a moment.

You: “I think this definitely sheds some light on what’s been happening.. shows why Fury did what he did a lot of the time… I’m not as mad at him as I was earlier.. but no.. I’m not going to forgive him.. Tolerate him is a more acceptable word I think.” Tony nodded in agreement.

Tony: “I think that’s pretty much deserved on his part.. intentions or not.. It’s not the destination after all.”

You: “It’s the Journey.” I finished. “Yeah.”

Tony: “Well..” He stood, patting me on the back. “Fury aside.. we got other things to deal with.”

You: “Loki.. Any ideas where he might have gone?”

Tony: “Yep… He’s setting up shop at the Tower.”

You: “…. That son of a bitch.”

Tony: “My thoughts exactly.. come on.. we need to take care of this.” We headed off together, making our way to the carrier’s hanger and towards our suits. “My suit’s kinda beat… I’m gonna need you to keep the angry reindeer distracted while I trade in for the upgrade.”

You: “Of course you have another one ready to go.”

Tony: “You know it.” We suited up. My armor, unlike Tony’s was thankfully unharmed. Once we were suited up we took off. Headed for New York and possibly to the end. As we arrived, Tony spotted something on the roof.. Dr. Selvig and some kind of large, unsightly device.

JARVIS: “Sir the device is drawing power directly from the ARC Reactor.”

Tony: “Then cut it.”

JARVIS: “I have… I’m afraid the device is self-sustaining.”

You: “Selvig!” The Dr. Turned to me, finding my brother and I hovering above him. He narrowed his eyes at me, then grinned widely.

Selvig: “Mr. and Mr. Stark!! How good of you to come!!” He turned back to his device, gesturing madly to it. “Still consider me a crack pot!?”

You: “Not at all.. mad scientist seems a more appropriate term right about now.”

Tony: “Shut it down Selvig.. or we will.” He laughed.

Selvig: “It’s too late! She can’t stop now! She wants to show us something! A new Universe!”

You: “Yeah.. I’m not too keen on seeing it.” I fired a repulsor shot at the device, only to have it backfire, sending all three of us flying in different directions.

JARVIS: “Sir the barrier is pure energy. It’s unbreachable.”

Tony: “Yeah we got that. Plan B.” Tony made his way to his landing platform. As he did, I took notice of what he already had. Loki was standing on the other platform of the tower, arms crossed behind his back and a smug grin plastered across his face.

You: “JARVIS, prep Tony’s Mark 7.”

JARVIS: “Sir’s I’m afraid the armor is not ready for deployment.”

Tony: “Then skip the spinning rims we’re on the clock.” As Tony landed and began the process of his suit removal. I flew inside, letting my own suit open up to allow me to step out. I collected my cane, my wooden one from the couch, still left there after I had tossed it aside.

Loki: “Always so pleasant to see siblings working together.” Loki had made his way inside as well, his grin still wide across his face. “I am certainly pleased you were able to make it Stark.. I would have hated to see you miss this.” He was addressing me, Tony had yet to make it inside. I was happy for the few moments alone with him.

You: “Wouldn’t have missed it.. I wanted to be sure I was here to see your face when everything you built came crashing down around you.”

Loki: “And here I thought you were going to appeal to my humanity.”

Tony: “Actually we were planning on threatening you.” We turned, finding Tony had finally made it inside, currently coming down the stairs, sans suit.

Loki: “You two should have left the armor on for that.”

You: “I think we both know I don’t need a suit of armor to threaten you don’t we?” His eyes fell back to me, a brief flicker of anger crossing his face.

Loki: “There is no glass wall separating us this time Stark.”

You: “Don’t need it.. Not to deal with someone like you.”

Loki: “You have never dealt with someone like me.” I narrowed my eyes at him, my hands folded over the head of my cane.

You: “I’ve dealt with plenty of people like you, self-righteous man-children that think they’re better than everyone else just because they carry a big stick.” He chuckled.

Loki: “Perhaps, but this scepter is more powerful than any ‘stick’ you have ever encountered, and you will see that power soon enough.”

Tony: “Tensions rising.” Tony was making his way around the bar, fixing himself something to drink. “Need a drink to take the edge off. Either of you want one?” Loki rolled his eyes as he made his way to the bay window. Tony started fixing himself a scotch and I just stood firm in the middle of the room.

Loki: “The Chitauri are coming, nothing will change that. What do I have to fear?”

You/Tony: “The Avengers…. Jinx.” We turned to each other, smirking lightly as Loki turned back to us confused.

Tony: “It’s what we call ourselves. We’re sorta like a team.”

You: “Earth’s Mightiest Hero’s kinda thing.”

Loki: “Yes, I’ve met them.”

Tony: “Yeah… takes us a while to take any traction I’ll give you that one. But…” Tony turned to me, nodding lightly. Time for a distraction. “Let’s do a head count shall we?”

You: “Gladly..” Loki turned to me, eyes off Tony as he did, whatever it was he needed to do. “Let’s see, we’ve got your brother, the Demi-God. A Super-Soldier, a living legend that kinda lives up to the legend. A Man with BREATHTAKING anger management issues. A couple master assassins, a pair of billionaires with way too much time on their hands and YOU my friend have managed to piss off every single one of us.”

Loki: “That was the plan.”

Tony: “Not a great plan.” Tony came back around the bar, now wearing a pair of bracelets. “When they come, and they will, they’ll come for you.”

Loki: “I have an army.”

You: “We have a Hulk.”

Loki: “I thought the beast had wandered off?” We circled him, coming to stand shoulder to shoulder against him.

Tony: “You’re missing the point. There IS no throne.”

You: “There’s no version of this where you come out on top. Now maybe your army comes and maybe it IS too much for us, but it’s all on you.”

Tony: “Because if we can’t protect the Earth you can be damn sure we’ll avenge it.” Loki approached us, we didn’t move, refusing to back down from him.

Loki: “How will you’re friends have time for me when they’re so busy fighting you?” Loki lifted his scepter to Tony’s chest, the crystal in the center glowing briefly. He tapped it to Tony’s chest reactor… and nothing. Nothing happened. He tried again, the scepter glowed, tapped it to the reactor… nothing. “This usually works.” To easy.

Tony: “Well performance issues aren’t that uncommon. One out of five..” Loki gripped his throat, tossing him to the ground. I swung up towards his jaw with my cane, but he caught it, tearing it from my hands then snapping it over his knee.. crap.

Loki: “You will all fall before me.” He Picked Tony up by the throat again, kicking my legs out from under me in the process.

Tony: “Deploy… DEPLOY.” Then tossed him out the window.

You: “Bastard!” I didn’t even think, I just moved, jumping to tackle the god while something whizzed past my head, knocking us both to the floor.

Loki: “Release me creaton!” He knocked me aside, sending me to the floor with a twist of my bad leg. The pain blinded me momentarily, and when my vision returned, he stood above me, his scepter pointed at my throat. “I will enjoy dispatching you personally.”

Tony: “Oh.. and there’s one other person you pissed off.” We both turned, finding Tony hovering outside the busted window. “His name was Phil.” Loki thrusted his Scepter, but was knocked away by Tony’s repulsor fire before he could do anything. I took the moment of reprieve to limp over to my own suit.

You: “Thanks Tony.”

Tony: “Don’t thank me yet.” As the suit closed around me, I noticed him looking up into the sky. I
flew out, wanting to find out what he was talking about.. I really shouldn’t have.

You: “Right… Army.”
It's the begining.. the begining of the end! Just a few more chapters left!
As always let me know what you think in the comments below!
I dont own Marvel, the avengers, the images used, or you
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